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PinnedWhere were you, Sept. 11 2001??

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

i was sleeping, peacefully.  my ex girlfriend, an obnoxious and slightly obsessive cheating

67 2571 xxdeadheadxxx 6/25/14 5:58 AM
by: sleats

PinnedThe (new) OTT - Expectations

Ok, fellas ... With the refresh complete, you'll find a similar layout and even a handful of

7 2053 LionsFans 8/4/10 4:01 PM
by: AzLionsFan

Pinned10 years: We've come a long way, baby ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm a bit embarrassed by this, but it's almost too good *not* to show you guys. This is the 10th

32 4256 LionsFans 8/24/11 6:42 PM
by: dalemotown

PinnedBeer thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

I have to ask, if there is a stuck wine thread why no beer thread? Currently driking Oberon.

168 3874 jvitale6231986 7/22/14 3:39 PM
by: TigerLionWings

PinnedWine Thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

OK fellas, we'll pin this up and see how the traffic goes.... Not quite the wine lover some are

260 4096 weaselpuppy 7/24/14 7:07 PM
by: TigerLionWings

PinnedThe Den Picture Album *Updated 9/20/11*

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Thought I would save all of your beautiful mugs from the dust bin. If you would like your

126 10971 ReLion 10/27/11 1:13 PM
by: notfishinsunday

Hobby Lobby

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Still reading about this ruling. When it came out yesterday, I believe I was empathizing with

44 649 pdono Today 1:22 PM
by: TheRea1Wags

Your Thoughts On the Stock Market

For those that follow the markets: Where do you think the stock market goes from here? I cant

0 12 RedDbackWing Today 12:51 PM
by: RedDbackWing

How much of your income is OT?

Was having this discussion with some friends the other day.  I will make about 55K this year

13 217 FireMillen05 Today 12:00 PM
by: RedDbackWing

The Engines That Came In From The Cold! (The Soviet Moon Program The story speaks about the Soviet Moon program

0 43 1mathis Yesterday 7:19 PM
by: 1mathis

Credit & Identity Protection Services

Has anyone here bought any kind of credit or identity protection services? I am looking for a

6 148 pdono Yesterday 2:27 PM
by: weaselpuppy

The Solution to Border Disorder

The Solution to Border Disorder July 23, 2014 8:12 PM The best antidote to illegal

15 342 Dan01 7/26/14 5:12 PM
by: pdono

Why Conservatives Are…Conservative

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Ten years ago, it was wildly controversial to talk about psychological differences between

35 662 pdono 7/25/14 6:45 AM
by: sheslion

Rick is for Rubio...

I think there are many that are skeptical that there is a strong enough GOP candidate out there

27 517 3RDRGR 7/24/14 7:40 PM
by: 3RDRGR

OTT Fantasy FF League

Any interest in restarting this league?

5 173 xxdeadheadxxx 7/24/14 6:46 AM
by: iTopher

One of the best headlines of all time.....

Man builds 'biggest fart machine ever,' plans to aim it at France Colin Furze, who rose to

0 52 3RDRGR 7/23/14 1:15 PM
by: 3RDRGR

How's Lionmom doing?

Haven't been on here for a while. Last I saw she had the big "C". Any other word on

10 686 leosfangs 7/22/14 8:11 PM
by: leosfangs

Why employees are a bad idea

Heard a great segment this morning on my way to work. In short, a very successful businessman

16 412 pdono 7/22/14 8:56 AM
by: pdono

New to "town"

Hey just thought I would stop in and say hey. I have been a member here for a long time,

2 102 matchingsilver 7/21/14 7:56 PM
by: FireMillen05

Time for Leaders that Know How (And Want) To Grow the Economy

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

This is very scary. We have a government and media that is creating a facade over the economy.

66 707 RedDbackWing 7/19/14 11:53 PM
by: Wiseacres

Detention centers overflow with kids crossing border

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The next time any political group or candidate starts throwing around the topic of amnesty, they

86 759 pdono 7/16/14 8:08 PM
by: 3RDRGR

The case for Romney in 2016

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Oh boy The case for Romney in 2016 By Emil Henry - 7/2/14 @ 10:01 PM ET No

71 622 Dan01 7/15/14 3:17 PM
by: 3RDRGR

What's the car you have, and what's the car you want?

My current steed is a 2009 Ford Escape. It's a somewhat basic but very practical car for a young

28 502 BrokenGlass284 7/15/14 2:20 PM
by: iTopher

Utash beating

Why wasn't this a hate crime?

29 530 LyingFan 7/14/14 11:04 AM
by: BigWillieStyle

The 35 Most Powerful Militaries In The World

5 202 pdono 7/13/14 11:45 AM
by: BrokenGlass284

Unions define themselves once again

The Koch bothers make a big donation to the united negro college fund.  In reply to that, AFSCME

19 348 sid11 7/12/14 3:56 PM
by: Wiseacres

Do Conservatives Care About Issues?

The GOP has devolved into a group of people that want the security of a job without having any

12 360 JRLIONS 7/11/14 12:52 AM

The Nerd Who’s Trying to Save Detroit

Interesting read on Governor Snyder. The Nerd Who’s Trying to Save Detroit Rick Snyder is

14 351 Dan01 7/8/14 10:03 PM
by: WestCoastLionsFan

Walmart CEO makes 9 mil/yr. Is that too much?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 If so, why?  And

90 811 sid11 7/8/14 12:12 AM
by: Wiseacres

Any updates on the 'updates'?

Just checking in to see if there are any updates on the 'modernization' of the Den, er Lions

0 60 TheRea1Wags 7/7/14 3:01 PM
by: TheRea1Wags

The Gay marriage evolution and what I see as the next step

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Gay marriage from a national perspective is a done deal.  There are enough Federal Judges who

100 543 3RDRGR 7/7/14 1:34 PM
by: TheRea1Wags

Dammit! I said I wasn't gonna...and I did.

I actually watched the last 30 minutes of Fantastic Four Two and now wish I had stuck forks in

2 150 weaselpuppy 7/7/14 1:02 PM
by: canucklehead74

The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats

An interesting, though long, piece. The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats By NICK

14 409 TheRea1Wags 7/7/14 12:18 AM
by: Wiseacres

Religious freedom in the marketplace

Where does it end?   A cake baker, florist, or photographer is asked to provide their services

17 298 Wiseacres 7/6/14 9:39 PM
by: Wiseacres

To whichever of you suckers was thinking about buying a house

Me so far this summer: Replace refrigerator - $1400 Replace air conditioning unit and

24 490 REMRebound 7/4/14 12:46 AM
by: weaselpuppy

Why John Boehner is really suing Barack Obama

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It will be very interesting to see how the courts sort this out. I haven't had a chance to dig

51 640 Dan01 7/3/14 6:35 PM
by: 3RDRGR

Reason # 43678 why sanctions are useless-workarounds...

So Turkey is running a huge trade deficit and it's causing their currency to weaken, right

5 198 weaselpuppy 7/2/14 8:08 PM
by: LyingFan

Glen Beck: "Liberal were right about Iraq..."

Multiple Pages 1 2 yep, and guess what Glen?

39 732 apex07 7/2/14 7:02 AM
by: WestCoastLionsFan

Honest Trailer of Game of Thrones

These guys put out some funny stuff.  I'm a Game of Thrones nut, so I found this particularly

0 100 3RDRGR 6/30/14 1:48 PM
by: 3RDRGR

Republican EPA chiefs to Congress: Act on climate WASHINGTON (AP) — Top environmental regulators for four Republican

14 300 Albert Wesker2 6/30/14 12:28 PM
by: sid11
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