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Detroit Sports

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Detroit Sports Writing Opportunity

Hey Detroit sport fans Do you want to cover the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, or Red Wings for a

0 4 TSRDetroit 7/28/14 10:58 PM
by: TSRDetroit

University of Michigan fans... Good news.

It looks like we fired Borgs to hire Bama Offensive Coordinator. >>>

7 863 CaptainObviou5 1/9/14 11:08 AM
by: anonn

ISO - Detroit Pistons "Bad Boys" era games

Does anyone collect Detroit Pistons games on vhs or dvd?  I am looking to add to my collection.

5 1434 bobprobert 12/31/13 5:28 PM
by: sonof3m

Michigan Panthers Games (1983 & 1984)

Looking for copies of any Michigan Panthers Games from 1983 and 1984.  If anyone recorded games,

0 74 sonof3m 12/31/13 5:24 PM
by: sonof3m

Fister Gone...Nathan In?

Fister trade was something of a head scratcher, picking up Nathan could mean World Series

2 152 LyingFan 12/18/13 3:28 PM
by: 45Colt

CF: Austin Jackson on the market

Deetown Tigers shopping Austin Jackson. >>>

4 732 CaptainObviou5 11/28/13 9:21 PM
by: 45Colt

Being a U of M/Detroit Lions Football fan...vent thread.

Anybody else just feel beat down by these two teams?  My gawd, being a die-hard fan of these

3 265 apex07 11/23/13 8:29 PM
by: sheslion

Prince Fielder Traded

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Many got your wish..Looks like Prince for Ian Kinsler straight up. Tigers now can resign max and

42 1465 FireMillen05 11/21/13 10:47 PM
by: socko

OT: BCS Standing

>>> THE TOP 16 1. Alabama

1 238 CaptainObviou5 11/18/13 10:20 AM
by: Walterscott


I am looking for original broadcasts that Isiah Thomas played in. If you recorded any games

3 863 sonof3m 11/4/13 8:37 PM
by: sonof3m

Wings v.s. Blackhawks Playoff hockey

I really feel the winner of Lord Stanleys cup will come out of the West this season. Probably

1 217 TigerLionWings 5/23/13 8:05 PM
by: iTopher

TIGER TIXS FOR SALE.................


1 967 lionsjim 5/4/13 1:20 PM
by: iTopher

2013 DRAFT

1) Dee Milliner CB 2) TRADE DOWN -   BEST AVAILABLE SAFETY -  Swearinger, Reid, Cyprien,

1 215 Jigga 4/25/13 5:34 PM
by: Jigga

WANTED - 1988 Playoffs (Washington Bullets vs. Detroit Pistons)

Did anyone record or does anyone have copies on beta, vhs or dvd of any of the 5 games from the

2 825 sonof3m 3/14/13 10:19 AM
by: sonof3m

Michigan Wolverines Basketball and Football (Betamax, VHS, DVD)

I was wondering if anyone recorded any Michigan basketball or football games from 1985-1999?  If

0 197 sonof3m 2/8/13 4:40 PM
by: sonof3m

Fruits of the Curtis Granderson trade on display

Max Scherzer Phil Coke Austin Jackson all acquired in that trade--looking better all

1 312 Freebird22 1/1/13 4:46 AM
by: Liontology

OT.. Wisconsin HC takes Arkansas job

Interesting.. cant take the heat from Meyer at OSU.. cant blame em

12 732 snoilOG1 12/7/12 1:25 PM
by: bucktigerlion

OT: The Governor got SUH'ed

0 525 a2lion 11/27/12 11:21 PM
by: a2lion

Tigers & Torri Hunter agree to a 2 yr deal

2 650 Freebird22 11/14/12 8:16 PM
by: notfishinsunday

If Oregon can get thier O going...

Oregon can win it all, but they need to figure out how to run an offense...gain some yards,

9 750 humberto20 11/4/12 7:37 AM
by: dndlion

so, how many of you still think leyland is an awesome manager?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

tigers will probably lose this game, down 0-3 in the series.  berry in the 2 hole with a DP, and

26 1288 xxdeadheadxxx 10/30/12 8:56 PM
by: socko

sorry if already posted...

Michigan beats Michigan St...first time since 2007.

14 929 wolfcub36 10/21/12 7:07 AM
by: notfishinsunday

Sweep... The brooms are out

Someone said the Tigers could not sweep the Yanks.. Where are you now..

4 676 dndlion 10/19/12 8:19 PM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed

CC? No thanks, I prefer a shot of Triple Crown!

Tigers to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 750 FarmerTed 10/18/12 10:46 PM
by: FarmerTed

T I G E R S ! ! ! (sweep yankees, maybe inspire lions?)

Multiple Pages 1 2 

lol @ Stankees!   Yankees are the Cowboys to

21 1608 Me4LionsPresident 10/18/12 10:12 PM
by: scottallen222


Get out the brooms... Go Tigers....

16 1092 dndlion 10/18/12 5:43 PM
by: dndlion

Get out the brooms!

We sweep the Yankees tonight!

9 603 PlayForTheWin 10/17/12 1:59 PM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed

***************Bama vs. Michigan Game-day Thread************

My money is on Michigan, literally!

16 869 TryinTaStack100Racks 10/13/12 11:12 PM
by: Rebelyankee


i have nothing else to say.  refer to subject.

17 1782 xxdeadheadxxx 10/12/12 12:48 PM
by: Emerson01

Just pulled Miggy

Standing ovation from the KC Fans Classy

6 1108 Jadedandnolongerdissappointed 10/4/12 10:56 AM
by: Wolfhound32

With Miguel Cabrera approaching the Triple Crown

I thought it made sense to take a look back at the trade that brought him here.  The Tigers

0 260 Freebird22 9/20/12 11:25 AM
by: Freebird22

Fernando Rodney's amazing season

The closer for Tampa Bay has 43 saves and a 0.66 ERA.  Wow.

0 309 Freebird22 9/20/12 11:13 AM
by: Freebird22

Central Michigan looks horrible!!

Dan must be rolling over.

6 733 berzinspeter 9/8/12 9:23 PM
by: berzinspeter



15 719 weaselpuppy 9/4/12 6:09 PM
by: Rebelyankee

Detroit sports feeds..

Hey guys, I stumbled across a pretty cool app that lets you stay on top of all the sporting

0 246 detroitguy 8/16/12 3:21 PM
by: detroitguy

OK guys this is funny...

I am working at the Call Sam studios tonight I have am cutting up the Royals/Orioles game. Manny

6 1300 BigWillieStyle 8/12/12 2:08 PM
by: sgtricc

OT: Dwight Howard to Lakers

Link =

4 647 skipbl92 8/10/12 9:59 AM
by: gdetg

Pistons #9 Pick

Who didn't see the hornets getting the #1 pick with the league owning the Hornets getting ready

1 343 irishfury6 6/28/12 11:09 PM
by: irishfury6

OT: When is enough enough in DET TIGER Town?

The Det Tigers are miserably under achieving this season, with only A JACKSON and P FIELDER

7 671 Phthntr 6/17/12 9:31 AM
by: dndlion

Seven-time Norris winner Lidstrom retires after 20 seasons

Thursday May 31, 2012 - 11:15 AM Seven-time Norris winner Lidstrom retires after 20

0 287 AzLionsFan 5/31/12 11:50 AM
by: AzLionsFan
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