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What Radio station will play the lions game tonight? i live near lansing please help me

3 138 NorthernSig 8/28/14 6:54 PM
by: NorthernSig

Interesting or not But....

I walked out got todays Local Biggest paper "around Flint area" I live in country

2 293 wolfcub36 8/28/14 6:01 PM
by: wolfcub36

Can we trade Stafford for Carson Palmer???

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Palmer is CLEARLY the greater back and before Matt sinks this team again....I think we should

24 1174 wolfcub36 8/28/14 4:32 PM
by: kylionsfan4life

Great place to stay for home games

I get on Hotwire and give them the dates, and then don't book. Why, because they will email me a

0 188 LyingFan 8/28/14 2:38 PM
by: LyingFan

How is Broyles not a lock for this team?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

This past week, articles about how Ryan Broyles is a tough call for the roster keep popping up

57 1478 GreggyJ 8/28/14 2:26 PM
by: LyingFan

What's the Trade Market for a 6 time Pro Bowl Guard

apparently a third string TE and a 4th round draft pick. Patriots today traded Logan Mankins

17 993 SportyCliche 8/28/14 9:57 AM
by: BigWillieStyle

Ryan Broyles story (for those of you who like fantasy)

Well yesterday was my Auction! Last year I did not fair so well, so I had to announce the

13 875 knoxlionsfan 8/28/14 8:23 AM
by: lionking299

Did Chris Houston ever get picked up?

I can't seem to find anything on his whereabouts now, is he out of football that quickly?

8 949 Crodley 8/28/14 8:04 AM
by: edjames01

Need to fill FF league the OTT League

Just need at minimum one person (league is odd numbered at 7 teams currently), preferably 5 new

2 152 xxdeadheadxxx 8/28/14 6:56 AM
by: edjames01

National Writers Never Pay Attention to Us

Multiple Pages 1 2 

From Tuesday Morning Quarterback on ESPN.COM Detroit: The Lions have spent lavishly on

26 1074 superbowloneday 8/28/14 2:44 AM
by: BrownPride1

Tate - You have to like this kid more as he shows his stuff

6 625 abject 8/27/14 10:12 PM
by: wolfcub36


Just some fun numbers from Vegas Over/under total passing yards for quarterback

3 220 BSLIONS 8/27/14 8:56 PM

Gordon lost for 2014 Season

I would be very careful re who we might try and "hide" on our PS.

2 257 LyingFan 8/27/14 1:31 PM
by: LyingFan

Would you play Stafford and Calvin in Thursday's Game?

I'd play 'em one series, if at all.   Plus Dom, Sims, Bush, Bell, Tate, Suh, Quin, Tully, Levy,

11 450 Wiseacres 8/27/14 1:28 PM
by: wolfcub36

Matt admits mistakes in game

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

50 2166 abject 8/27/14 11:54 AM
by: 3RDRGR

Scott Mitchell, the Biggest Loser

Ex-NFLer Scott Mitchell, Damien Woody join 'The Biggest Loser' By Will Brinson | NFL Writer

9 484 scottallen222 8/27/14 4:46 AM
by: Crodley

Preseason = Nothing in predicting Reg. Season

12 570 abject 8/27/14 3:57 AM
by: BrownPride1

Get to know George Winn

I like his contributions more than I enjoy anyone outside of Bush and Bell. >>>

8 287 CaptainObviou5 8/26/14 11:42 PM
by: misterhyde49

Winn, Leshoure or Riddick?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

One of these guys won't make the Roster. My guess is Riddick is a lock but we really never

29 1024 Air2theThrown 8/26/14 10:03 PM
by: kalamazoo317

More bad lip reading....

2 270 notfishinsunday 8/26/14 10:02 PM
by: LionsSlashWings

George Johnson feel good story How do you not root for this guy? I

6 532 Air2theThrown 8/26/14 9:09 PM

Any players you want from another team...

That is possibly on the chopping block?  Someone who realistically may be released. I am a

19 1290 JasonBlanchard 8/26/14 2:03 PM
by: BigWillieStyle

Peyton Manning's liquored up kicker part 2!

Wow!!! &nbsp;For those that don't remember, the old Colts kicker (Vanderjagt) blasted

13 884 wesleysh21 8/26/14 1:16 PM
by: Me4LionsPresident

Lions claim Two TE's

Lions claimed TE Michael Egnew off waivers from the Dolphins. He was a rd 3 draft pick in 2012

17 1183 coyote12 8/26/14 11:33 AM
by: WhoCares1

2014 draft class

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1.  Ebron - has show flashes.  May start at some point during the season but hasn't stepped up

26 1443 WestCoastLionsFan 8/26/14 10:13 AM
by: gqkings21

Week 1 or last preseason game?

Watching Tate, Dom, Durham and Ogletree in their interviews today I noticed the first 3 are

4 515 Me4LionsPresident 8/26/14 9:59 AM
by: Me4LionsPresident

Shaun Hill--starting QB

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Sam Bradford is now confirmed to have torn his ACL according to Mort. This opens up a

41 1334 GreggyJ 8/26/14 8:57 AM
by: Fangdog

Paul Noonan hates Matt Stafford

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 If it has Lions

62 1958 DingDongLions1134 8/26/14 7:06 AM
by: gitchee

Kyle Van Noy out?

according to Mlive, Kyle Van Noy  is concerned that he has a Sports Hernia with shooting pains

11 834 wolfcub36 8/26/14 1:33 AM
by: misterhyde49

Schwartz to have an Impact on the Lions Monday night game. With all the finger pointing towards

5 1042 Air2theThrown 8/26/14 12:32 AM
by: NeoLion

Stupid Announcers - Gomes was the real victim.

The raiders game is gnawing at me. I remember the Oakland announcing crew insinuating that the

4 622 BrandyFan 8/25/14 10:35 PM
by: dollarsandsense

If you were the Rams, what would you give for Kirk Cousins?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If you were the Rams, what would you give for Kirk Cousins? Bradford is due 16 million next

22 767 scottallen222 8/25/14 10:00 PM
by: RickOShea

Kyle Van Not Maybe a Possible Sports Hernia? Bummer if

7 908 MyLions 8/25/14 6:46 PM
by: wolfcub36

So long Jonte Green, Freese wins kicker job

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Second wave of cuts have gone through, I think we are at the 75 we need to be: Lions

24 1400 SportyCliche 8/25/14 6:04 PM
by: socko

Let's talk

The score of the Jax game doesn't count, but the quality of play and execution  does.   I would

13 916 Wiseacres 8/25/14 3:35 PM
by: 3RDRGR

Reggie Bush run...

I was watching Sandmans slow lights. I missed

15 1039 irishfury6 8/25/14 10:23 AM
by: wolfcub36

6 Players Released.

The Detroit Lions release G  Alex Bullard , G A.J. Dalton, DT Greg Hickman, RB Steven

2 393 CharlesRoyKev 8/25/14 9:32 AM
by: wolfcub36

First round of cuts from the

OL Alex Bullard & AJ Dalton, DT Greg Hickman, RB Steven Miller, DE Kris Redding, WR

13 1302 coyote12 8/25/14 12:32 AM
by: notfishinsunday

Jim Schwartz bringing his special kind of magic to the Bills

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Jim Schwartz is having an even bigger impact on the Bills then I expected....

45 2109 socko 8/24/14 11:23 PM
by: 3RDRGR

Man that game was HARD to watch

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I'm just lost on what positives I can take from it..happy we won but GAWD I've never seen so

68 1815 wolfcub36 8/24/14 9:52 PM
by: misterhyde49
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