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PinnedHot***Official Lions @ Patriots Game Day Thread***

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...58 59 60 

Welcome back to The Den, Lions fans!    Our NFC North leading and 7-3 Detroit Lions will try

1198 6260 PontiacSilverdome Today 5:33 PM
by: iggy14

PinnedStafford is the Greatest/Stafford is the Worst! Keep it here.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...15 16 17 

He puts up big stats on occasion but they come in losing efforts most games. For every game

325 3281 MJKlions88 Today 5:02 PM
by: RegularP

Pinned***** Help BETA Test The Den! ******

Hi friends, I want to share with you access to the BETA version of The Den. This is exciting

16 4178 LionsFans 9/6/14 2:55 PM
by: LionsSlashWings

Pinned and LockedThe Den: Code of Conduct (Please Read!)

CODE OF CONDUCT Mission Statement (it's not a memo):  The Den is the longest-standing

0 6765 LionsFans 5/6/14 1:48 PM
by: LionsFans

PinnedLION DEPTH CHART Nov13 Add J Coup 2 PS release Edwards

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Pos No Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5 Offense

50 18861 coyote12 9/5/14 8:52 PM
by: WestCoastLionsFan

lombardi needs to be FIRED now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Caldwell start calling plays please this is horse s#%t

23 737 Joey2Rogers4TD Today 5:34 PM
by: beanflicker

let me start it off.....

same old pathetic losers

5 167 okielion20 Today 5:32 PM
by: lionfan02

Hang in there. Next 3 are at home, against losing teams...

We were most likely going to lose at Arizona, and at New England.  Most other teams would

0 3 BarrySandersAllTimeBest Today 5:30 PM
by: BarrySandersAllTimeBest

It systemic

Well for the last weeks we have all been bickering about what is the matter with this team.

6 190 booya2424 Today 5:24 PM
by: perturbed

Hey, do you mind stepping back from that ledge?

Personally, I think this team played like a team knowing they were going to lose today.  You may

8 198 Kalspa Today 5:24 PM
by: dalemotown


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Ebron is the new Nate Freese.  Might be cut next season.

30 681 LionsandAves Today 5:21 PM
by: iggy14

3 Dropped TD Passes...!

Fauria, Fuller and Ross.  ALL had two hands on the G-Darn football and dropped it.

12 378 MyLions Today 5:15 PM
by: detchad

the game on Sunday has already been decided.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The Lions should stay home

36 1732 blah637 Today 5:14 PM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed

Would you guys consider *gasp* trading Calvin?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Listen I know this might be taboo to talk about around here and I love Calvin just as much as

82 1687 MJKlions88 Today 5:13 PM
by: MJKlions88

HotStafford was our best player today.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Aside from Tate. Stafford played tough. He took some tough hits, moved in the pocket to make

29 684 iggy14 Today 5:06 PM

Looking back at the draft

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I have often wondered if the Ebron pick was worth it since we drafted him K Benjamin looks

35 1211 gridironbully Today 5:04 PM
by: MJKlions88

2 weeks : Zero touchdowns, zero sacks

A loss to the Cardinals is fine. A loss to the Patriots is fine. But to be held without a

5 227 GreggyJ Today 5:02 PM
by: FireMillen05

It's pretty clear, Calvin Johnson needs to go

We can win without him. We can lose with him.

19 552 PalmeiroHOF Today 5:02 PM
by: scottallen222

IF we miss the playoffs, what happens?

Does Mayhew still have a job?  Does Caldwell come back?  The bar is set high for this team to at

11 300 apex07 Today 4:56 PM
by: VinceLombardisGhost

Cheer up!

Did anyone really think we would go there and stick it to Brady?  Honestly?  This is a great

15 429 Suckerfree Today 4:49 PM
by: FarmerTed

Fox NFL talkin a out the Lions next


0 128 EricALionsFan Today 4:46 PM
by: EricALionsFan

Where is Calvin's leadership when recivers dropping catches

He seems to laugh behind other recivers in the sideline on a 3 rd down.When he is going to

3 153 kochumon5000 Today 4:44 PM
by: kochumon5000

So is it time to finally admit

we need a 3rd (and 4th WR for that matter)? Or you guys gonna keep acting like idiots and being

6 167 Mcabs24 Today 4:41 PM
by: BrownPride1

Not the end of the world...

But the offense/playcalling has looked like hawt garbage for most of the season...regardless of

1 64 apex07 Today 4:40 PM
by: superloser

Calvin Johnson

Is he really the best??? I don't think he is anymore...but when is the last time he has come up

12 320 SamHayne Today 4:40 PM
by: EricALionsFan

What Head Coaches are vailable after this year?

Because we're gonna need one when Mayhew get's canned after this latest incoming meltdown of a

14 405 apex07 Today 4:40 PM
by: VinceLombardisGhost

HotI would give Lombardi 2 more games

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Caldwell was hired/promoted to replace Cam Cameron on Dec 10th for the Ravens. He

26 719 LyingFan Today 4:40 PM
by: BigPlayDre

Another Broyles > Fuller thread


3 143 apex07 Today 4:38 PM
by: MotorCityManiac

Over/Under on holding calls against the Pats?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm going to put the over/under on Pat's holding calls at

33 897 BarrySandersAllTimeBest Today 4:36 PM
by: Albert Wesker2

need an opinion on the defense

maybe it's just me, but it seems like austin is starting to do what schwartz did the last 4

8 256 najacks Today 4:22 PM
by: SamHayne

The following people do not deserve me as a fan...

I won't put anyone on this list for lacking talent --- it's not Vaughn's fault he isn't a good

2 149 Landon Today 4:16 PM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

who say fairly isn't missed


1 58 MotownExpress Today 4:14 PM
by: Me4LionsPresident

cassius vaughn

this guy is terrible. why the hell did we keep him over gorrer?

4 104 najacks Today 4:13 PM
by: najacks

3 TD passes dropped, difference in the game

even though it seems like a butt whoopin, those 3 dropped TD passes are the difference

2 124 MotownExpress Today 4:08 PM
by: SamHayne

"Don't you run on me!"

At least Suh is playing!

0 55 jg729 Today 4:05 PM
by: jg729

Vikings are hanging with GB

1 point game and Vikes have missed several opportunities.

1 50 LyingFan Today 3:59 PM
by: LyingFan

Anyone Who Didn't See This Coming Hasn't Been Paying Attention

This is the result when a decent team goes on the road and plays an elite team.  Our offense is

5 316 LionsandAves Today 3:47 PM
by: pdono

Good teams

Watch the Patriots. And Packers. Any Peyton Manning team. The Saints during their prime.

6 247 LionsFans Today 3:37 PM

Do the Pats Have a weakness?

You look at their roster, and have pretty much no guys with blockbuster contracts. When a guy

2 100 jcw224 Today 3:18 PM
by: socko

Down 21, 5:00 left in the third!

Right where we want 'em! This will be the most historic Stafford comeback to date.

1 54 Roodyrooster Today 3:17 PM
by: jcw224
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