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PinnedLions - Packers highlights from Sandman

2 252 LionsFans Today 6:18 PM
by: midaryl

PinnedHotBirkett: Lions signing Henery today

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Tweeted by Dave Birkett. Will be official later.

38 2034 GreggyJ Today 11:30 AM
by: kalamazoo317

PinnedHotLions sign Josh Bynes - MLB off Raven's PS

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Looks like we are signing him from the Ravens P squad. Discuss.

35 1866 Mufasa Today 4:35 PM
by: 1mathis

PinnedHotTully to IR

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

@ttwentyman: Tulloch is going to IR with ACL

87 1849 Jadedandnolongerdissappointed Today 7:55 PM
by: socko

PinnedDomestic Violence in the NFL <- KEEP IT HERE

Hey guys and gals, We've let these posts go for a bit, but it's time to trim them down and

19 413 WinnipegFan 9/21/14 4:33 PM
by: socko

Pinned***** Help BETA Test The Den! ******

Hi friends, I want to share with you access to the BETA version of The Den. This is exciting

16 1868 LionsFans 9/6/14 2:55 PM
by: LionsSlashWings

Pinned and LockedThe Den: Code of Conduct (Please Read!)

CODE OF CONDUCT Mission Statement (it's not a memo):  The Den is the longest-standing

0 4795 LionsFans 5/6/14 1:48 PM
by: LionsFans

PinnedLION DEPTH CHART Updated Sept.23 sign DB J Victorian to PS

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Pos No Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5 Offense

50 14147 coyote12 9/5/14 8:52 PM
by: WestCoastLionsFan

HotWhere the heck is Ebron??!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

We won the game, so not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but what the heck?!  Lombardi is scaring

66 1914 3RDRGR Today 8:58 PM
by: 1mathis

Packers @ Bears this week

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Big showdown in the NFC North this week? But who do you "cheer" for to win? Falling to

22 676 fury91 Today 8:58 PM
by: mug00

The great Stafford Debate

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I often read that Matt isn't this or isn't that, or he can't do XYZ. Stop me when I'm lying here

25 514 wolfcub36 Today 8:54 PM
by: RickOShea

Does anyone else feel like we lost?

I keep having to remind myself that we beat the Packers and that we're sitting atop the NFC

7 352 Carcajou Today 8:51 PM
by: mug00

Great D or just a balanced O?

I know there are plenty of factors that go into the makeup of a great defense,  and ive seen a

10 283 DETROIT4LIFE Today 8:38 PM
by: mug00

Is Teryl Austin a D Genius? We are No. 1

I know this has been talked about a bit already, but ESPN updated their stats this morning so we

19 819 BrandyFan Today 8:36 PM

Miami Dolphins considering benching Ryan Tannehill

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Miami Dolphins considering benching Ryan Tannehill 320

22 778 scottallen222 Today 8:36 PM
by: iggy14

Week 4 Pick em + tally from week 1-3


0 24 CaptainObviou5 Today 7:36 PM
by: CaptainObviou5

HotJaws is right

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On "Mike and Mike" he is talking about Cutler and decision making, and he just

27 1329 LyingFan Today 7:19 PM
by: 1mathis

Lions workout veteran LB Pat Angerer today.

Aaron Wilson , citing a league source, reports that the Detroit Lions are working out free

10 666 jluke112 Today 6:56 PM
by: LyingFan

10 greatest RBs of all-time

Where does the incredible Barry Sanders sit?

13 423 Jamie Newberg Today 6:20 PM
by: nexttime

Did not realize this, but our D...

leads the league after 3 games in yards allowed.  Just being able to type this feels kinda

0 64 Hazer Today 6:20 PM
by: Hazer

Inside Detroit's safety against Green Bay

DETROIT &ndash;&nbsp; Jason Jones &nbsp;and&nbsp; DeAndre Levy

2 256 Freebird22 Today 6:14 PM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

Lions sign DB Josh Vitorian to PS

Michael Rothstein ‏ @ mikerothstein 35m The # Lions sign Josh Victorian, a

1 250 Winger2 Today 6:12 PM
by: Wiseacres


It seems like now a days lots of teams are going to a no huddle offense. Everyone always says it

3 120 Timthelion Today 6:06 PM
by: Timthelion

HotSame ole Lions? I don't think so.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Sunday.   2nd half.   The time when the old Lions would give up a lead if they had one, and the

25 748 Wiseacres Today 5:33 PM
by: gqkings21

This power ranking has GB ahead of DET?

This power ranking makes little sense. **************.com/articles/21...-week-4/page/33

2 510 Air2theThrown Today 5:30 PM
by: FarmerTed

K, Rob Bironas dies in a car crash... R.I.P.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

26 1378 Dahardknockden Today 4:58 PM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed

How does Joique Bell get called for a low block

on a play where he's tackling the interceptor (Ha Ha Clinton-Dix)? 3-14-GB42 (3:55)

15 712 Freebird22 Today 4:18 PM
by: sheslion

Ray Lewis' painted skull.

Anyone else notice the black paint shining on his bald spot in the back of his head?

10 710 ej1888 Today 4:05 PM
by: sneedsha

I hope we don't try to 'establish the run' against the NYJ

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Can't afford to get behind the chains on early downs. Stafford needs to be chunking it all over

23 731 MJKlions88 Today 3:52 PM
by: sgtricc

Lions getting some respect

It's amazing what a Monday night win will do for your national recognition.

19 1514 Air2theThrown Today 3:26 PM
by: iTopher


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Get to get a feel for a division rival and a team we play next week. I will be tuning in for

65 820 FireMillen05 Today 1:47 PM
by: BigWillieStyle

South Park vs. the Redskins

That's the plot this Wednesday.  Should be interesting.  I suspect that in a few week, they'll

4 267 sid11 Today 11:21 AM
by: ej1888

Jet's game

Who else is going to make the journey to the Meadowlands for the game Sunday? If so, big

0 52 lionking299 Today 11:20 AM
by: lionking299

PollMost frustrating, unnecessary injury

5 149 snoits Today 10:43 AM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

Question to Fans at the Game

Ok I have a suspicion Stafford is not seeing the whole field. Is Golden Tate getting

4 251 RunTuWin Today 10:01 AM
by: Hmslice57

If the season ended today - Week 3

If the season ended today – The Lions would win the division based on a better win

0 64 lionskickarse Today 8:48 AM
by: lionskickarse

Notes from the game

Great game to go to yesturday! Drove up from indianapolis with a fellow lions fan and a packer

2 373 mike06181 Today 8:44 AM
by: mike06181

HotLB Depth

Multiple Pages 1 2 

It seems like the sky is falling in regards to the Tully injury, and I understand the initial

27 966 ljwphotography Today 7:58 AM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed

HotDrew Stanton

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Just the beat the 49ers. I always felt that the Lions mishandled him when he was here. Seemed to

34 1236 Flee1 Today 7:50 AM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed

Hanson and Henery side-by-side on paper

1st season Hanson - 5 for 5 from 20-29 Henery - 10 for 10 from 20-29 Hanson - 10 for 10

5 452 CaptainObviou5 Today 7:11 AM
by: wolfcub36
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