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PinnedLION DEPTH CHART APR /22/14 Sign DEGeorge Johnson

Left Isles off he signed to play Rugby not sure he will even make camp if he does will add him

7 3551 coyote12 4/9/14 12:36 PM
by: 1mathis

Pinned and LockedRoar Digest Forum User Rules and Code of Conduct: Reread Guys!!

Stuff has been getting out of hand the past couple days, Everyone reread and think before

12 6104 canucklehead74 8/28/13 6:14 PM
by: canucklehead74

HotSuh on the Trading Block? Let the Rumors begin!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Well, in my opinion all the signs in the past few months have pointed to Suh leaving.  Let me

39 1088 canucklehead74 Today 1:05 PM

Gregg Rosenthal's take on NFC North...

Seems to believe Lions have smallest margin of improvement...

16 1760 dalemotown Today 12:44 PM
by: lifetimelion

Drew Sharp calls the Lions players and coaches soft...!

He thinks Suh has them all scared. I'm not much of a fan of what Drew Sharp says, but is he on

19 855 jluke112 Today 12:41 PM
by: DiehardWisdom

Suh will play out his contract, and hand pick his next team.

He's a great player. We need to find a way to keep him. but... There can only be

5 212 BarrySandersAllTimeBest Today 12:41 PM
by: chriskzoo

Lions to host the NY Giants on MNF?

With the 2014 schedule to be announced tonight at 8pm, early reports that have leaked out claim

13 533 LionsSlashWings Today 12:33 PM
by: BigWillieStyle

With the Draft Coming Up...

With the draft upcoming and the speculation arising about what our choice may be at 10 (keeping

1 115 superbowloneday Today 12:21 PM
by: 1mathis

HotReport: Ndamukong Suh will not attend Detroit Lions' minicamp

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 


47 1221 everyniciuseistaken Today 11:49 AM
by: wolfcub36

What Is Your Pre-draft Season Record Forcast?

With the schedule released and knowing how the team is thus far. What do you think the Lions

6 125 jluke112 Today 11:19 AM
by: jluke112

Who are the "good hands" people?

Some WR info from twitter: Was asked about drop rates for some WRs I hadn't published,

10 387 Freebird22 Today 10:26 AM
by: wolfcub36

Lions 2014 Schedule

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Brutal finish @ Chicago and Green Bay Lions 2014 regular season schedule Week 1: vs New

23 890 SargeMarinelli Today 8:39 AM
by: dalemotown

For those who haven't seen the new concept NFL jerseys...

Pretty sweet looking.

6 464 jluke112 Today 8:05 AM
by: sheslion

Tate And Stafford Seem To Be Gelling Well.

Nice to read articles and see how players are communicating well. Good news.

0 120 jluke112 Today 7:32 AM
by: jluke112

Lions bring Jason Hanson back!!!

To help find a new kicker for the Lions...! Sorry... Had to do it.

0 80 jluke112 Today 7:19 AM
by: jluke112

Former Lion Mike Cofer

I was reading an article on his son, who committed to play hoops for Tennessee.

2 173 Hazer Yesterday 11:32 PM
by: VinceLombardisGhost

Lions Big Board: You're the GM

If you were the Lions GM, how would you rank your top 10 overall players in the draft based on

8 403 rci21455 Yesterday 11:04 PM
by: beanflicker

Crazy Story Here....

5 717 VinceLombardisGhost Yesterday 10:01 PM
by: VinceLombardisGhost

If we stay at #10

Who is the pick? Not who do you want to be the pick but who deep down do you believe the Lions

11 411 FearTheLionRoar Yesterday 9:29 PM
by: dollarsandsense

Ebron vs Evans

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Chances are Evans won't drop to us, but would Ebron be a bad consolation prize?  So one guy is a

23 965 rci21455 Yesterday 4:07 PM
by: 1mathis

Time to Cut Chris Houston?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

He's still not healthy and played awful last year.  We are paying way too much money for this

20 788 stephenboyd57 Yesterday 4:05 PM
by: Jigga

Lions hosting LB Khairi Fortt and S Jerome Couplin

0 167 Freebird22 Yesterday 1:19 PM
by: Freebird22

Georgia QB Aaron Murray: Your Thoughts

Murray could be a good late round snag. Or is he Stafford 2.0?

18 919 jluke112 Yesterday 1:11 PM
by: Freebird22

My mock draft (2 and a half weeks out)

1st pick: D. Dennard CB 2nd pick: Martavius Bryant WR 3rd pick: Marcus Martin C 4th pick: CJ

8 398 CaptainObviou5 Yesterday 1:04 PM
by: Freebird22

Marcus Martin

Lions host USC Center Marcus Martin. He's being compared to Alex Mack.

11 680 CaptainObviou5 4/22/14 9:16 PM
by: CaptainObviou5

McShay Mock, has us taking HaHa

Multiple Pages 1 2 

In the newest McShay mock, he has us taking Haha.  He has Mack going #3 and Watkins going #5.

26 1577 rci21455 4/22/14 5:44 PM
by: 1mathis

Eric Ebron says he will be a Lion.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Ebron thinks Detroit will take him. It does bring up an interesting topic I had with friends

22 1568 QBHATER90 4/22/14 5:06 PM
by: dalemotown

Why are Lions fans high on Allen Robinson?

Is it because he is a local guy? I really dont get the love honestly. I see a lot of mocks with

16 953 FearTheLionRoar 4/22/14 12:28 PM
by: FearTheLionRoar

If Millen had drafted as well as we did last year

The Lions would not have been the laughing stock for all those years.  But is it that simple?

9 477 catx5 4/22/14 12:21 PM
by: 1mathis


Height: 6' 3" -KhalilMack  Weight: 251 Arm Length: 33¼" Hand Size: 10¼" 10

1 357 1mathis 4/22/14 12:18 PM
by: 1mathis

Iowa TE C.J. Fiedorowicz visiting Lions today.

16 1007 jluke112 4/22/14 11:41 AM
by: 1mathis

Lions sign DE George Johnson

Filling out the training roster...

0 192 jluke112 4/22/14 10:50 AM
by: jluke112

OMW ... this would be a SICK draft!

Round 1 Pick 10:  Sammy Watkins , WR, Clemson (A) Round 2 Pick 13:  Kyle Van Noy , OLB,

1 556 vanhoti 4/21/14 9:56 PM
by: 1mathis

Poll18/17 days until the draft... Mock pick #8

1st pick: Houston select Clowney 2nd pick: Rams select Robinson 3rd pick: Jags select Bortles

1 330 CaptainObviou5 4/21/14 9:45 PM
by: 1mathis

Poll19 days until the draft... Mock pick #5

1st pick: Houston select Clowney 2nd pick: Rams select Robinson 3rd pick: Jags select Bortles

6 696 CaptainObviou5 4/21/14 8:37 PM
by: vanhoti

Justin Gilbert scheduled to meet with Lions.

3 348 jluke112 4/21/14 8:03 PM
by: WhoCares1

Poll3 weeks before the draft, in the First Round, the Lions will...

10 852 Hazer 4/21/14 6:42 PM
by: BigWillieStyle

New Rumor: Lions trying to trade picks with Raiders

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Take it with a grain of salt...

91 3968 jluke112 4/21/14 6:12 PM
by: 1mathis

Lions work out Raiola's hopeful replacement   Lions work out hopefully Raiola's

4 650 jluke112 4/21/14 5:50 PM
by: everyniciuseistaken

Poll18 days until the draft... Mock pick #7

1st pick: Houston select Clowney 2nd pick: Rams select Robinson 3rd pick: Jags select Bortles

1 412 CaptainObviou5 4/21/14 4:21 PM
by: CaptainObviou5
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