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PinnedSandmans Slowlights..Week 1

Will be adding this week by week assuming he has no problem with it again. I will reach out to

3 784 FireMillen05 Yesterday 8:57 AM
by: theBIGnatural

PinnedFantasy Football & Mock Draft Championship Games

Fellas, Mothership update regarding fantasy football and something called the "Mock

0 458 LionsFans 8/29/14 7:16 PM
by: LionsFans

Pinned and Locked** POSTING UPDATE ** Redskins name posts are OFF TOPIC

Hey guys, The mod team has discussed this, and while the topic is certainly football related,

0 694 WinnipegFan 8/23/14 2:27 PM
by: WinnipegFan

Pinned***** Help BETA Test The Den! ******

Hi friends, I want to share with you access to the BETA version of The Den. This is exciting

16 1526 LionsFans 9/6/14 2:55 PM
by: LionsSlashWings

Pinned and LockedThe Den: Code of Conduct (Please Read!)

CODE OF CONDUCT Mission Statement (it's not a memo):  The Den is the longest-standing

0 4513 LionsFans 5/6/14 1:48 PM
by: LionsFans

PinnedLION DEPTH CHART KVN put on Temp IR add Darryl Tapp

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Pos No Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5 Offense

50 13449 coyote12 9/5/14 8:52 PM
by: WestCoastLionsFan

HotRelax kids - take a deep breath

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Its a long season and this was 1 game on the road against the second best Defense in the NFL.

26 757 PoisonousWang Today 4:45 AM
by: WhoCares1

HotRothstein - Lions were predictable and Carolina figured them out

Multiple Pages 1 2

29 978 FarmerTed Today 4:42 AM
by: WhoCares1


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Freese keeps choking. Can't handle the pro game. That 53 yarder in preseason was luck.

33 977 iTopher Today 4:38 AM
by: WhoCares1

HotSeeing the end of the Mayhew era

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

We are in the final stages of this mess. Mayhew has done little more then Millen to right this

43 901 SamHayne Today 4:11 AM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

On the Hot seat....

Detroit Lions will explore all options after kicker Nate Freese misses 2 more field goals ●○ I

5 418 CaptainObviou5 Today 4:10 AM
by: HonoluluBlueAttack

Anybody know if Broyles is playing against the Panthers??

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I don't think I've heard a thing about Broyles OR Ebron playing....

44 1184 wolfcub36 Today 4:05 AM
by: HonoluluBlueAttack

INCOMING!! The sky is falling..

Saints 0-2 Seahawks 1-1 Patriots 1-1 Steelers 1-1 Ravens 1-1 Packers 1-1 49ers 1-1 Chiefs

2 131 StangFreak483 Today 2:50 AM
by: StangFreak483

OT: Charles Tillman.

Enough about Ray Rice and AP.  The media needs to focus on the classy guys of the NFL, and less

5 197 outkasted2006 Today 2:03 AM
by: FireMillen05

HotWhat are we doing at K?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Seriously, this dude was awesome in college and now all of a sudden he's got the yips? This

28 918 jerseylion Today 12:53 AM
by: ljwphotography

Stafford's postgame conference

I know the subject of the night seems to be about how this entire loss is on

4 405 mclionsfan20 Today 12:45 AM
by: ljwphotography

HotThis is why you NEVER buy into the hype with these losers.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

They beat a pathetic team at home and everyone foams at the mouth, then they go on the road vs a

61 1240 beergood Today 12:42 AM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

Disappointed in CJ

Anyone else disappointed in CJ's performance today?  That dropped TD was pretty bad and I hated

14 484 LionsandAves Today 12:41 AM
by: VinceLombardisGhost

Kyle Fuller picks Kap twice tonigt

Good thing we needed another TE. Not a knock on Ebron, he looks like a real high ceiling

11 467 weaselpuppy Today 12:34 AM
by: LionsSlashWings

HotPackers Fumble

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

On first snap. We could be in 1st all alone after today. We will be in first no matter. Hard to

44 551 LyingFan Today 12:26 AM
by: mongoose

Active Panthers community

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

here it is link in new window there talking about us - if you want to read there thoughts

126 3856 PoisonousWang Today 12:20 AM
by: SportyCliche

What We Know So Far

Now that we have two games in the books, we can look at the relevant data from this season and

7 260 LionsandAves Today 12:14 AM
by: wesleysh21

Hot49ers about to get "processed"

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Crabtree did not come up with the ball - just like Calvin in Chicago.  If this is a TD I will

30 742 chriskzoo Yesterday 11:54 PM
by: outkasted2006

willie young

God bless it.  Playing a lot better than Jason Jones

7 264 LionsandAves Yesterday 11:43 PM
by: beanflicker


The day that everyone got hurt: RGIII AJ Green DeSean Jackson Gerald McCoy Jamaal

4 316 SportyCliche Yesterday 11:24 PM
by: wesleysh21

Talked to Jon Tonight...

Just thought I would throw a chuckle in after a tough loss. Let's hope this team rebounds next

2 220 bigroar Yesterday 11:14 PM
by: mongoose

HotStafford got lucky last week.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I thought it when I saw it and today proved it. Watch those two td passes to CJ, and Stafford

31 909 lasvegasbleu Yesterday 11:12 PM
by: SargeMarinelli

7 points...7...discuss...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

so this is all we can get with our "high powered" offense?  There is no single player

21 931 apex07 Yesterday 10:55 PM
by: mongoose

Prized Lions Possession

What is your favorite Lions memorabilia possession that you have? Mine is definitely my

11 267 MurphDer Yesterday 10:48 PM
by: mclionsfan20

Calvin - The Catch 2.0 brings up a perplexing question

By the rules as we have come to know them, I would not argue that Calvin's drop in the endzone

15 684 chriskzoo Yesterday 10:29 PM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed

Marty Mornhinweg Still Finding Ways to Screw the Lions I swear we are cursed. There

6 325 BrownPride1 Yesterday 9:55 PM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

HotSo say the Lions do turn into the Saints of the North....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

What do you suspect would be Schwartz thought process when he's all alone in his dark place with

39 982 lionpiles Yesterday 9:02 PM
by: SirLion

lawson in surgery following game

From Michael Rothstein -

12 794 zacprice Yesterday 8:29 PM
by: BrownPride1

Were Carolina's 2nd quarter penalties enforced correctly?

2-12-CAR 26 (12:43) (Shotgun) 16-C.Brown right end to CAR 37 for 11 yards. PENALTY on

5 410 superloser Yesterday 8:11 PM
by: sneedsha

Hot***Official Lions @ Panthers Game Day Thread***

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...55 56 57 

Welcome to NFL Game Day, Lions fans!     Our Detroit Lions are in Charlotte, North Carolina,

1124 1809 PontiacSilverdome Yesterday 8:04 PM
by: apex07

Week 2 Pick em + tally from week 1

Multiple Pages 1 2 


24 719 CaptainObviou5 Yesterday 8:03 PM
by: CaptainObviou5


I don't think anyone can dispute that. Say, isn't Suh suppose to be a decent kicker?

1 246 45Colt Yesterday 6:09 PM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

same old lions no DIbs no qb or offense

Will the ever learn that we need dibs not more offensive players.

8 400 bigleo18 Yesterday 6:01 PM
by: kalamazoo317


Can someone please share Lions offense vs Panthers Defense also Lions Defense vs Panthers

1 112 MurphDer Yesterday 4:39 PM
by: lionsfanstuckincheeseland

If you could have a beer with a Lion Player who would you?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I hear on the Radio a Chrysler dealership is giving away a prize to watch Monday night football

23 423 Air2theThrown Yesterday 4:34 PM
by: Jadedandnolongerdissappointed
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