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Fantasy Football

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Den Godfather Dynasty League final rosters

Congrats again to Starman on taking the 2nd annual Den Godfather Dynasty League championship!

7 391 crowdnoisewinschampionships 7/9/14 8:46 AM
by: nflions20

Fantasy Football 2014

We got about 3 months! September 4th will soon be upon us! In years prior I have at least had a

1 84 DingDongLions1134 7/9/14 7:26 AM
by: nflions20

2014 NFL RB Rookies vs Marcus Lattimore

Hey guys, Need some real FF dynasty league advice. I hold Marcus Lattimore in a league - I

0 57 CanadaLion 3/17/14 10:49 AM
by: CanadaLion

Arian Foster out for Season

Anyone that has Foster as their RB, might want to cut him and pick up another back

1 290 lionking299 11/10/13 4:22 PM
by: nexttime

Year 5 keeper

Actually about to start year 5 now, of a keeper league, if anyone is interested.  Only rule is

1 226 Alumni2k11 8/25/13 9:47 AM
by: Blazinaloe

Reggie Bush

Why Reggie Bush is in my top 5 sleeper picks for 2013 Fantasy Football you ask? Find out here!

0 131 SCHater4lif 8/7/13 2:25 PM
by: SCHater4lif

IDP Dynasty Auction/Cap League - $35 Season 100% Pay leaguesafe

Have a few openings left! IDP Dynasty Auction Salary Cap League - $35 Season 100% Pay – 8

0 162 mydynastyleague 5/29/13 1:12 AM
by: mydynastyleague

Friendly Yahoo League needs 6

I have a friendly Yahoo league that I need about 6 players for. Its a 8 team league. I'd prefer

1 317 Monstermack77 5/4/13 1:25 PM
by: iTopher

Dynasty league rookie draft question

Okay all.....coming to you for advice. I joined a dynasty league this year, and took over a

1 202 CanadaLion 5/2/13 10:04 AM
by: CanadaLion

Fantasy Value - Broyles or Thomas

An article in the Freep yesterday said that Thomas would likely start on the outside and that

9 644 Mufasa 11/20/12 9:19 PM
by: Mufasa

Torrey Smith Ravens or Titus Young Lions

Who would you play?

0 283 irishfury6 11/9/12 4:41 PM
by: irishfury6

QUICK!, Need some QB perspective on who I should start.

Big Ben or Matt Ryan. In battle for first place today.  Both have been solid for me this

0 232 dowjones702 11/4/12 4:01 PM
by: dowjones702

Just picked up Jason Witten off the waiver wire.

Wow! Vernon Davis is on a bye and I didn't have a backup TE, so I go to the waiver wire and

4 680 Megatron2000 11/3/12 8:21 PM
by: wigglesrewind

Who to start question and who to trade question

Who to Start Matt Ryan vs Dallas RG3 vs Carolina Stafford @ Jacksonville Trade

1 234 snoits 11/3/12 8:17 PM
by: wigglesrewind

2 trades - do both? neither? one or the other?

1st trade (on the table): I give Spiller and Mark Ingram I get Adrian Peterson and Toby

4 320 CanadaLion 10/25/12 10:02 PM
by: dex26

roster help

need to start 2 of the following: jason witten nate washington dexter mccluster stephen hill

0 232 brettodie 9/23/12 11:10 AM
by: brettodie

FF lineup question looking for opinions

Debating whether to start Tony Gonzalez over Matt schaub this week. Things to consider: my

0 260 wigglesrewind 9/22/12 2:43 PM
by: wigglesrewind

Andre Brown-NYG

What do you guys think about his fantasy value moving forward? Thinking about dropping Hillis

5 923 KillianHavanna97 9/21/12 8:30 PM
by: mongoose

Trade Question 10 team non ppr

Give  Tony Gonzalez Brandon Lafell Get Larry Fitzgerald Kenny Britt My Team:

3 361 snoits 9/21/12 12:14 AM
by: Wiseacres

Start Saints defense this week?

What do you guys think of starting the saints vs KC.  I just picked them up thinking this could

1 266 dex26 9/21/12 12:13 AM
by: Wiseacres

FF Trade question Richardson for AJ Green?

Really tempted to do it. I put in a request that Spiller and Richardson are for trade and that i

4 317 dex26 9/18/12 7:16 PM
by: dex26

So I don't know much about fantasy football

as my 1-3 record in week 1 will attest. But I do know this: CHRIS JOHNSON IS A GIGANTIC PIECE

5 302 REMRebound 9/16/12 7:46 PM
by: Wiseacres


I have forte. someone else has bush. I have

3 370 DingDongLions1134 9/16/12 12:53 AM
by: DingDongLions1134

Come play against me on Fanduel

Awesome site!  I like how the games are daily/weekly and a winner is crowned each time.  Next

0 226 LionLuv2003 9/13/12 7:32 PM
by: LionLuv2003

Trade - RG3 for Trent Richardson

I was offered RG3 for Richardson.  Richardson is my RB3 (Matt Forte, Steven Jackson) and Vick is

1 556 GroovinYEM 9/12/12 8:59 PM
by: weaselpuppy

FF question MJD or Trent Richardson?

Richardson will start. MJD will play but not start. Who do you go with?

9 865 Wildcat67 9/9/12 11:49 AM
by: Me4LionsPresident

BPA approach to Fantasy Football

If it works for the Lions it could work for me.  I basically used the players Average Draft

16 1428 Wildcat67 9/6/12 4:32 PM
by: Jigga

Is this trade as bad as i think it is?

Granted i really wanted Pettigrew but did I put in too much to get him? Trade is as follows

2 274 dex26 9/5/12 7:33 PM
by: dex26

ot: titus young & fantasy football

For week one would you play titus young over Miles austin, jeremy maclin, or marques

12 1555 DingDongLions1134 9/5/12 3:32 PM
by: snoits

LockedNeed to fill one more spot for OTT FF League

Drafting in 3 and 1/2 hours, mods you can delete this if you want, just trying to get the last

6 522 xxdeadheadxxx 9/2/12 1:59 PM
by: xxdeadheadxxx

OTT Fantasy league *ONE!!!!* spot available

Mods, if you could let this live for a 'few' hours in the main board, then you can delete it or

10 749 xxdeadheadxxx 9/1/12 2:44 PM
by: runningwithscissors

Looking for suggestions for a Fantasy Football "prank"

The owner with the worst record in our Fantasy league is required to wear a "wardrobe"

10 79 KMaris15 8/27/12 11:42 PM
by: JCHeff1979

money league roster added

here is my team in the free yahoo league im in with some buddies:   M. Stafford/J. Flacco A.

1 281 Me4LionsPresident 8/27/12 8:40 AM
by: Me4LionsPresident

2 keeper spots, 3 possibilities...

Okay.....I have Calvin, Gronkowski and Stafford - but I can only keep 2 of them. Normally I

5 63 CanadaLion 8/26/12 8:12 PM
by: wesleysh21

Grandfather League 2012 DRAFT THREAD

I thought I had the #8 pick last night. I like #2 much better. My favorite position to draft.

6 346 JCHeff1979 8/26/12 1:12 PM
by: crowdnoisewinschampionships

Early 2012 Check in - Godfather Dynasty League

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Just making sure we have all our teams returning for 2012 in each Den league.  Please respond if

22 690 crowdnoisewinschampionships 8/25/12 11:09 PM
by: crowdnoisewinschampionships

Early 2012 Check In - Old Schoolers Keeper League

Just making sure we have all our teams returning for 2012 in each Den league.  Please respond if

15 474 crowdnoisewinschampionships 8/25/12 10:56 PM
by: crowdnoisewinschampionships

Den leaguers, check the Yahoo message board

There is an offer to join a new die-hard league.

0 291 crowdnoisewinschampionships 8/25/12 2:04 PM
by: crowdnoisewinschampionships

FANTASY THOUGHTS: CJ vs CJ I have a quandary!

Whether to take Calvin first round or Chris who could possibly be back to old Chris standards.

10 782 dowjones702 8/23/12 1:21 PM
by: dowjones702

Ok, need opinions on my crappy keeper team

I can keep two. Right now I'm leaning toward Victor Cruz and AJ Green. But I am debating whether

3 370 REMRebound 8/22/12 11:04 PM
by: SargeMarinelli
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