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Re: Watch out for SAC CITY football this year!!!!!

Posted: 01/25/2013 10:46 PM

Re: Watch out for SAC CITY football this year!!!!! 

--- glenpark wrote:

COS had very close games with ARC, Sierra, and Modesto - in other words, they were close to 7-3, but finished 4-6 and 0-5 in conference. And they always recruit well.

Most important, if you move them to Golden Gate, there is no one to replace them in CVC, unless you put Sac City there.


Up by 25 against AR in the first half. And up by 20 at half against Modesto.... Reality is WE need to be better in adjustments!

COS getting kicked out of the CVC lie RCC. and WH? Not going to happen the GIANTS have to much pride to be kicked out! Going 4-0, then 0-6 was a learning tool. NEVER take anyone , anytime for granted!

Sac City has a few good track athletes that play football.

COS has football players that are good at track!

Don't worry bout COS getting bumped, the question is will SJCC sustain the budget cuts for a non improving product ?
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