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Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update

Posted: 01/23/2013 10:21 AM

Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update 


This is football, not track and field, you win football games with disciplined team play led by an intense relationship between coaches and units of your team. All of that is built in practice, and all of that takes time.

You mentioned the Foothill game, which came a few days after some of these guys just met for the first time, the Sac City game where special teams breakdowns led to a defeat. A bunch of guys who barely know each other can't cover kicks if they don't play as a unit. They can't play as a unit until they practice their assignments and cover their lanes.

I think the CCC coaches are building a program by bringing in players to a place that could not win anything, it takes time to build effective football teams and compete against well-coached opponents. Look at the games with Hartnell, Mendocino, Redwoods, where solid well coached teamwork matched up with the athletic Comets.

Also look at the overall reality of JC Football today --where a high quality program right next to the Contra Costa District closed.

I believe the CCC coaches deserve credit for bringing in players, I do not believe they have had enough time to coach them into effective teamwork yet. Let's see what is going on in off-season and pre-season programs. If we are going to judge them as football coaches, let's give them the time on the practice field with their guys.

Also, let's include being sure these athletes coming in are qualifying academically. At this level, that is a primary responsibilty of the coaching staff.
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Posted: 01/23/2013 11:25 AM

Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update 

At best a coaching staff has a 2 year exposure with the athletes........ the turnover rate at a JC program is on a 2 year cycle. So, teaching players lane assignments on KO coverage is done in practice as well as offensive and defensive assignments.....


That is the coaching staffs job !!! Recruitment at the JC level is unlike that at a 4 year college in the fact that out of district and out of state players at a JC must make the first contact......... A good coaching staff as evidenced by the Butte , CCSF , Mt Sac programs has to reload on an annual basis probably more than others, but continue in their winning tradition. I suggest this is done because of their coaching staffs ability to get the best from their athletes talents and form them into a team..........

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