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Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update

Posted: 01/02/2013 2:04 PM

Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update 

First, I would like to say CCC is doing a great job of getting guys out.  Secondly, this conversation has reached an interesting topic of OOS, local guys, and winning.  I checked out the numbers of OOS kids like one of the posters suggested and actually counted (yes i'm bored) all of the two "A Leagues" to see who has what.  I also counted CCC because this whole conversation started about them.

Here's what I counted:

NORCAL                          Valley                       
Butte 37      (10-1)          ARC 10       (8-3)             CCC 54    (8-3)
CCSF 25      (10-2)          COS 33       (4-6)
CSM 7         (7-4)            FCC 14       (8-3)
DeAnza 8     (8-3)            MJC 2         (4-6)
Foothill 13    (3-7)            SJD 6         (8-3)
SRJC  23      (3-7)            Sierra 19     (5-6)

Obviously by the numbers and records some teams did better than others with OOS kids and some schools did not do so well even with OOS kids.

What is everyone's thoughts on the use of OOS guys?
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