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Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update


Posted: 01/02/2013 12:49 PM

Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update 

Tularecaraider:  I enjoy your posts and I'm not trying to butt into your argument. But out of resentment toward BC’s 6 losses in a row to Mt SAC and other teams that carry a lot of OOS players, I have done a lot of OOS bean counting of the different teams in the south in the past.  Most SoCal teams (and key northern teams) are now normally carrying 20+ OOS players.  Of the major competing teams in the south, the teams carrying around 10 or less OOS are Cerritos (6), Riverside (11) and BC (9). 

No CA JC team, that carries less than 20 OOS players, has won the JC CA Championship in the last 12 years (at one time I counted all of the beans).  BC finally broke that spell this year winning CA carrying less than 10 OOS.  I’m done with the OOS bean counting for a while, but if you want to check, go to the SCFA site then go to rosters and count away.  In the same way the CCCAA provides the roster lists for the north teams.   

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