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Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update

Posted: 01/02/2013 11:50 AM

Re: Contra Costa Recruiting Update 

NCoast65 wrote:

That school you are looking for is just down the road from you......... ha ha ha... not saying they have 100% local talent BUT they have more local kids than most !!!! And they win with it on a consistent basis .............. plus they have a great stadium and tremendous community support as they also have more fans in attendance at their games than any program!!! They draw far more to a game than 400-599 fans that say COS has !!!!!!


Bakersfield College Renegades................ Oh, and 2012 State Champions

Show me proff that they have "less" then most? I know for a fact that they have more...just becasue they dont make it on the game day roster, does not mean they are NOT part of the Bakersfield Football program. You might want to get better contacts about a team that you have info on then assuming NC.
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