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Re: Josh McCain

Posted: 11/27/2012 10:02 PM

Re: Josh McCain 

Thanks for posting this, Josh earned his Offensive Player of the Year designation.

His football instincts are superb, his athleticism and quickness excellent.  He has the ball skills of a basketball player, and his field awareness is very strong.  He throws into the strength of the pass route and always gives his receivers great chances at the reception.  He does not run his team into "block in the back" or holding flags when he reverses field direction, and is very skilled at making defenders miss tackles on him.  That also helps his durability.  Most of all, his team awareness seems very strong, his leadership is based on his playmaking.  

He comes from a strong family, he seems to be in synch with his coaches,  and I have no doubt, some program at the next level will be very lucky to have him.  DeAnza's entire program stepped up bigtime this year, I think having Josh at QB was a big part of that.

On behalf of all fans from this part of the JC world, thanks, Josh, for the show you put on this year, best of luck in your future.
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