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2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced

Posted: 11/11/2012 1:16 PM

2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 


Sacramento, CA . . . The California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) Football Bowl Game Selection Committee has announced the participants in the 2012 football bowl games.

Final regular-season record and final poll rankings are in parenthesis.


November 17:

American Championship Bowl, host Southwestern College, location TBA

Santa Monica College (9-1, #13S, American Pacific Conference champ) vs. Southwestern College (9-1,#10S, American Mountain Conference champ)


Beach Bowl, host Ventura College, 6pm

Bakersfield College (8-2, #3S) vs. Ventura College (10-0, #2S National Northern Conference champ)

Bothman Bulldog Bowl, host College of San Mateo, 1pm,

Sierra College (5-5, #11N) vs. College of San Mateo (6-4, #8N)


East Bay Bowl, host Diablo Valley College, 1pm

Laney College (5-5, #14N) vs. Diablo Valley College (6-4, #9N)


Golden State Bowl, host Riverside Community College

Los Angeles Harbor College (6-4, #6S) vs. Riverside Community College (8-2, #4S)


Living Breath Foundation Bowl, host Monterey Peninsula College, 1pm

Contra Costa College (7-3, #13N, Bay Valley Conference champ) vs. Monterey Peninsula College (5-5, #19N, Co-Coast Conference champ)


NCFA Central Division Bowl, host College of the Siskiyous, 12pm

Chabot College (6-4, #10N, Golden Valley Conference champ) vs. College of the Siskiyous (9-1, #6S, Mid-Empire Conference champ)


National Bowl, host Mt. San Antonio College, 6pm

Saddleback College (6-4, #5S, National Southern Conference champ) vs. Mt. San Antonio College (10-0, #1S, National Central Conference champ)


Patriotic Bowl, host Mt. San Jacinto College, location TBA

Los Angeles Pierce College (8-2, #16S) vs. Mt. San Jacinto College (9-1, #12S)


Silicon Valley Bowl, host Foothill College

San Joaquin Delta College (7-3, #7N) vs. De Anza College (8-2, #5N, Co-Valley Conference champ)


Southern California Bowl, host Santa Ana College, location TBA

College of the Canyons (6-4, #11S) vs. Santa Ana College (7-3, #9S)


State Center Bowl, host Fresno City College

Butte College (9-1, #1N, Co-NorCal Conference champ) vs. Fresno City College (8-2, #4N)


Western State Bowl, host Fullerton College

Fullerton College (6-4, #8S) vs. Citrus College (7-3, #7S)


November 24:

San Francisco Community College Bowl, host City College of San Francisco, 1pm

American River College (8-2, #3N, Co-Valley Conference champ) vs. City College of San Francisco (10-0, #1N, Co-NorCal Conference champ)


Southern California Football Association Championship at TBD


December 8:

California Community College Athletic Association Football State Championship

at TBD


In Northern California, the San Francisco Community College Bowl will serve as the Northern California championship contest.


In Southern California, the National Bowl and the Beach Bowl will serve as the semi-final playoff games. The Regional Championship (November 24) will be hosted by the higher seed.


The winners of the Northern California and Southern California championship playoff games will advance to the California Community College Athletic Association Football State Championship on December 8, 2012.


The team advancing to the state championship from the South will host.

PS:  CCSF 10-0 record isn't correct, I posted the pairings as shown.

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Posted: 11/11/2012 8:41 PM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

Hartnell got robbed of a bowl game today.
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Posted: 11/11/2012 9:07 PM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

I would agree with you, if a team got in with a 5-5 record any team with a 6-4 record should get in. Not sure why they didn't get in but would like to hear the answer.
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Posted: 11/11/2012 10:02 PM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

My opinion about Hartnell:
  • the Coast Conference is aligned with Bay Valley into one Bowl Game set up for the 2 north state "C League" Conferences
  • Coast Conference has three schools tied for first place- 4-1 conference record
  • in non-conference MPC beat Los Medanos and lost to ARC, Foothill, Reedley and DVC ( 1-4)
  • in non-conference Cabrillo lost to Los Medanos, DeAnza, Redwoods and Chabot, and beat Mendocino (1-4)
  • in non-conference Hartnell beat Mendocino and Contra Costa and lost to Laney, Modesto and Los Medanos (2-3)
So against the top two leagues MPC was 0-2, against the B League MPC was 0-2, and 1-0 vs  Bay Valley team, LMC.

As for Cabrillo, they were 0-1 against A league, 0-2 against B League, and 1-1 against C league

Hartnell went 0-1 against A league, 0-2 against B league, and 2-0 against the C league, the BVAL.

So on strength of schedule, MPC grades out higher --plus, MPC is the host school for the game event.

I saw Hartnell play Laney, they are deserving, but in this particular case, you can see why MPC is the Coast Conference Bowl Game representative. RTS/311120009/Loss-MPC-costs-Hartnell-bowl-bid

Last edited 11/12/2012 2:54 PM by glenpark

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Posted: 11/11/2012 10:31 PM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

I agree but 6 wins used to be the requirement to make a bowl game unless you didn't have enough 6 win teams. Not a big fan of a team going to a bowl game at 5-5 over a 6-4 team. Just my thoughts.
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  • smopt
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Posted: 11/12/2012 9:28 AM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

Actually none of the teams beat a "B" league team.  MPC beat los medanos who is a "C" league team.  Hartnell battled with laney and cabrillo competed with Chabot (Golden Gate champ).  Anyone who followed these teams would say that Cabrillo or Hartnell were the deserving teams.  Cabrillo allowed less than a TD per game in conference play.  Plus Cabrillo smashed MPC! 

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Posted: 11/12/2012 11:18 AM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

Thanks for correcting my mistake, Los Medanos is of course Bay Valley Conference.
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Posted: 11/13/2012 1:02 PM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

Laney went 5-5 but played 3 A teams right off the back @CSM,CCSF,and then Modesto. Finished strong in leauge losing one game to chabot in OT by a point.
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Posted: 11/13/2012 2:04 PM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

This September schedule mismatch also happened for DVC, Chabot, Siskiyous, Reedley, West Hills. Let's hope next year produces much fewer " 0 for Septembers".
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Posted: 11/13/2012 9:55 PM

Re: 2012 Football Bowl Game Participants Announced 

Did Chabot file an important form with state? A friend of mine said that they didn't complete a title 9 form and have to forfiet games after november?  Any truth to this?

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