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Re: Central Valley Confrence - 4 teams at 2-1

Posted: 10/28/2012 2:28 PM

Re: Central Valley Confrence - 4 teams at 2-1 

A number of years ago there was a three way tie in the North.  The ultimate tiebraker was which team beat the highest ranked non league team.  CCSF won because they won that tiebreaker.  I have no idea if that is how it still works.

Looking at highest ranked non league win if three tied with one loss.
American River beat Chabot
Fresno beat Santa Rosa
Delta beat San Mateo and Chabot.

It looks as though things would favor Delta.

Up North you could have the same setup.  If DeAnza and Butte win out and CCSF splits you would have three teams with one loss.  DeAnza beat Butte who beat CCSF who beat De Anza.  It ultimately comes down to Butte @ CCSF.  If CCSF runs the table it is over.  If DeAnza loses a game the Butte?CCSF winner moves on.  Could be interesting.
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