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Central Valley Confrence

Posted: 10/24/2012 5:16 AM

Central Valley Confrence 

Scary situation starting to unfold in CVC. The teams that built and provided the fans with some memeorable games throughout the years, are starting to "move" to other pastures? Or should I say being "removed'?

West Hills.... was a team that was starting to get the "right" players, but for reasons unknown they could not put it together? Mobile QB no WR's? Decent RB no OL, etc..etc..they have moved on to the Golden Gate and have had their share of headscratchig losses. Will they make it back? Can they make it back? Are they "wanted" back? Fresh teams in the league?

Reedley...I was a little shocked whenI heard the "great" Reedey JC being moved out of the CVC due to recent records (wins). I still remember going to the FCC vs RCC championship game and wondering if Reedley would slow down? I believe they are 2-5? 1-6 right now in the GG Confrenece? Slow down, they have simply locked the breaks and put it in reverse? Will they make it back? Are they "wanted" back? Fresh teams in the league?

COS.... with a great 4-0 start, and a schedule geared for an exciting season. They have run into serious problem as of late? It started with a De Anza team that is not the same DA college of old? They have been given the NorCal teams headaches the last couple of weeks. the latest being Butte? No joke.. and could be a serious contender this year and beyond? With a new stadium (recruiting tool) almost completed they will make it serious push in the next few years.
then the Modesto game, that should not hve been close? Up 20-0 and to not go for the knock out Modesto came back with a counter left hook and KO'd the Giants for a wild win! SJD in short is a good solid team has always been a "thorn" in COS side. But you gotta love the way the staff has those young men playing hard hat team, and should be able to win the CVC this year. Beating AR and COS by 20+ points...they ain't no joke!
The powers that be can and will look at COS.... the history, the wins, the losses. And if they too need to step down and let fresh blood into the CVC? Or will they too be removed or sent to "not so green pastures" ? Time will tell and it starts at Sierra. But doesn't get any easier, home against AR and away to FCC! If COS can flip the script and win the next 3 and go 7-3 heading to a bowl (please not another Bulldog Bowl) and have an 8-4 season might be enough to stay in the CVC. If not, and COS go's 5-5, 4-6 ? Like Craig ad Smokey on Friday (movie).......Damnnnnnnnnn! Going to be trouble!

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Posted: 10/24/2012 1:02 PM

Re: Central Valley Confrence 

I think the CVC is very strong, and that the issues dealt with by the powers that be who structure conferences have helped.  CVC needs a strong presence in the Sacramento / Stockton area, and with both ARC and Sierra on the rise, I think the conference will benefit greatly ( just wish the fabulous stadium at Sac City could be included).  Delta is one of the best coached, best organized programs anywhere.  Modesto has a terrific future, and of course, Fresno City and Sequoias are cornerstones.  
I agree, Reedley is in a tough spot, even though they are rebounding.  The Golden Gate Conference is tough for both Reedley and West Hills, but where do you see a better fit?
Being included with Merced, Laney, and Chabot is the only logical place.

Here in the Bay Area, losing Solano was a big blow, I hope somehow the program will come back, so some balance can get back into the scheduling --DVC, Siskiyous, FRC and Sac City are all very good this year, but a 4 team conference is a challenge.

Best of luck to your teams in the balance of the schedule --hope you get big crowds turning out to watch great games.

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Posted: 10/27/2012 10:00 PM

Re: Central Valley Confrence - 4 teams at 2-1 

After results Oct 27, 4 teams are at 2-1 --

Fresno --has games left at Sierra and at home with Modesto
American River -- plays at COS and has Sierra at home
Delta --plays at Sierra and has Modesto at home
Sierra --Delta at home and is at ARC

as for tiebreakers, if teams finish 4-1:

ARC loses tiebreaker to Delta
Delta loses tiebreaker to Fresno
Fresno loses tiebreaker to ARC
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Posted: 10/28/2012 9:45 AM

Re: Central Valley Confrence 

Game write-ups, thanks to Fresno Bee.

CVC has some great games coming up, both Modesto and COS have enough to also spring upsets.

another huge, in game swing for Modesto:

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Posted: 10/28/2012 2:28 PM

Re: Central Valley Confrence - 4 teams at 2-1 

A number of years ago there was a three way tie in the North.  The ultimate tiebraker was which team beat the highest ranked non league team.  CCSF won because they won that tiebreaker.  I have no idea if that is how it still works.

Looking at highest ranked non league win if three tied with one loss.
American River beat Chabot
Fresno beat Santa Rosa
Delta beat San Mateo and Chabot.

It looks as though things would favor Delta.

Up North you could have the same setup.  If DeAnza and Butte win out and CCSF splits you would have three teams with one loss.  DeAnza beat Butte who beat CCSF who beat De Anza.  It ultimately comes down to Butte @ CCSF.  If CCSF runs the table it is over.  If DeAnza loses a game the Butte?CCSF winner moves on.  Could be interesting.
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Posted: 11/02/2012 3:19 PM

Central Valley Confrence--Fresno-Modesto 11-3 

Game Preview --Fresno and Modesto

as the saying goes, Pirates are "one play from being 7-1".
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Posted: 11/02/2012 8:17 PM

Re: Central Valley Confrence--Fresno-Modesto 11-3 

And COS last 3 loses where a combined 8 points! What's the point? Should coulda....COS could easily be 6-2 also? Losing to a much improved DeAnza team and an always tough Delta!
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