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Snow vs ASA

Posted: 12/02/2012 12:48 AM

Snow vs ASA 

I wasn't able to catch the game like I was hoping to, but I heard part of the half time report and then saw the final score.  From the half time report, this game sounded closer than the score indicated.  A few things that jumped out at me:

*ASA held Snow (with the nations leading rusher) to just 8 rushing yards total for Snow in the first half.  (Serious? - if that's correct, that's a feat not even Butler was able to match against Snow in previous years)

*Turnovers were a factor in the first half, setting up short fields at least twice for Snow. However, both times only resulted in field goals for Snow.   Sounds like ASA had a pretty solid defense to keep Snow out of the endzone from the red zone where they have typically been pretty good.

*However, despite solid defense from ASA, Snow was still up 26 to 7 at half.  This also showed that Snow's defense was performing well.  And if turnovers only created 6(?) points on field goals, Snow must have been finding other ways to the move the ball besides rushing. 

After the game I learned that Snow blocked a punt to go up 47-7 in the 4th quarter.  This sounds like Snow opened up a little bit more in the second half.  Snow typically has a pretty balanced run/pass attack.  Apparently the running game was better in the second half (Just shy of 90 yards total rushing for the game), but still low compared to their normal averages.  This sounds like a classic case of "take what the defense gives you".  Despite the low numbers from the first half, Snow still finished with over 350 yards of total offense.  However, on the other side, the Snow defense apparently locked down in the second half to hold one of the nations top offenses without another score until game was well out of reach and the the bench was cleared in the 4th quarter befoe ASA finally scored twice more.   

It sounds like turnovers were a factor, but Snow also had 2 turnovers, which canceled things out some, but which doesn't account completely for 40 straight unanswered points by Snow. Especially if at least two of those net three turnovers for ASA only resulted in 6 points for Snow in the first half.

Did anybody else actually watch or go to the game that can share some added perspective?  Would love to hear some additional perspective.

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Posted: 12/02/2012 1:18 AM

Re: Snow vs ASA 

A nice little write up on Snow's talent this year, written prior to the game.

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Posted: 12/04/2012 2:43 PM

Re: Snow vs ASA 

I got to see the game live and I saw again on replay. Most definitely the game was closer than what the score was. Snow capitalized on all of ASA’s mistakes. Snow is a really good team, and for ASA to have had a chance to win, they had to play a nearly perfect game.

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