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Re: Sure of South

Posted: 11/05/2012 1:41 PM

Re: Sure of South 

GrizzlyFan is right. PRC down, I just don't have much to act like a kid about on this board. But now that Tim is gone, I can say what I finally figured out at the end of last season.

Pearl River went down when they lost asst OC Buddy Stephens and DC William Jones. Think about it; What has East Ms done since those 2 went up there?noidea It took me 4 years to finally say Duh!! That's the answer.

I just didn't believe that Stephens, or the loss of him, was that much of a factor. But, I can tell you this; Buddy Stephens is a helluva coach AND a great recruiter! So, as they say ahhh....well, wherever they say it, Salahve.

And by the way; How bout dat Butler huh? Man!! They're gonna have a ferocious fight on their hands!! THE IOWA JR VARSITY BLUE DEVILS is it??........Wooooooo!!! SHIVERRRRR!!!!!!!

Last edited 11/05/2012 1:41 PM by SureofSouth

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