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RE: Let's Go Northwestern Mississippi!

Posted: 10/19/2012 9:48 AM

RE: Let's Go Northwestern Mississippi! 

Butler79 wrote: 

These defenses are two of the worst defenses I have ever seen.  It will be a travesty and an injustice if EMCC jumps Butler in the polls.  NWCC is the first good team that EMCC has played, and NWCC ran wild over EMCC's defense.

The tackling was HORRIBLE, the defenders were constantly out of position, etc.  It was just really obvious that both defense were really poorly coached and sloppy. 

The second half was only worse.  I hope some of the voters in the polls took the time to watch this game.  The offenses were good, not great.  They weren't any more potent than Hutch had been with four headed tandem of Alford, Dinwiddie, Patterson, Stewart who torched teams yet failed to accomplish anything against Butler. Patterson's only TD in four games over two years was a late kick return in his last game against Butler - he should have never been kicked to, anyways.

Nothing about the game last night impressed me.  The offenses didn't look like all-Americans, the defenses just looked abysmal.  The talent level was nothing mind blowing and there were coaching calls that just made no sense (including a half-back pass by EMCC when they were up 14 with only about 4 minutes left and at midfield... which was picked off and led to NW's score that put them down 7 with a chance to recover onside kick).
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