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Posted: 12/05/2011 6:42 PM


Cornholer1 wrote: That is what makes this defense so unique and dominating. They didn't have that "one" player necessarily. They had 11 BAMFs flying to the ball on every down. But I will say Tommy and Zach are ballers.
This is correct.

This defense shut up Hutch twice after much bragging about the playmaking of its trio.  Hell, TVCC averaged over 40 points per game and Butler D surrendered only 10 points.  TVCC was not just beating up on the chumps of the SWJCFC... TVCCC put up 55 points on Blinn and over 37 points on Navarro... this offense was the most potent the Grizzlies saw all year and yet the Cardinals could only manage 10 points plus the defensive score.

Until someone can figure out how to score massive points on Butler this team is going to be good year in and year out, and this year (a year everyone has said the D has no superstar) this year the whole defense was a superstar.  

Zach Miller was a straight up BALLER in the secondary.  Why anyone threw his way near the end of the season was a complete mystery.  Dude was a ball-hawk.  But so were Cortez Webb and Dylan Schellenberg who each had 3 INTs this year.  

For the front 7, Tommy certainly was captain bad @ss.  But Demarcus Lawrence, Jeff Page Bruce Campbell, Rahman Swain... they were all stellar.  Plus, Tommy Sanders, Tate Omli, Rahman Swain, and Bruce Campbell are all Freshman.  Don't know how many of them are transfers in or which ones are non-qualifiers, but I expect to see many of them back next year.

On a related note... damn, it's the (juco) offseason.  8 months to go.  Ugh.
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Posted: 12/06/2011 3:19 AM


i was kinda surprised with the selection of zach miller for defensive mvp of the bowl game.he did have 8 tackles but also 2 costly penalties.tate omli also had 8 tackles and he dont even pick would have been jeff page,he led the team with 12 tackles and 0 penalties.he also led the team all yr in tackles.i thought the linebackers really stepped up and didnt miss a beat after rahman swain got will be moving on but swain and sanders will be back and the plan is to move bean in the middle but as we all know butler will bring in new competition at every the defense i know that chaquille reed,jeff page,demarcus lawrence,and zach miller have received d-1 offers.does anyone know of any others? what about off the offense?
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