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Re: Lost Ft Scott post

Posted: 01/03/2011 8:39 PM

Re: Lost Ft Scott post 

this topic was a witch hunt from start to finish.  flushed  this is based on a newspaper article with very few facts included.  you bring in a bunch of (100+) young men (not kids) there are bound to be some who are not happy with their experience.  there is not a single program in the kjccc that has 100% happy squads or perfect angels on the team. 

judging from the comments on this site, it is all about cheerleading for a few select programs and bashing others.  why is it not acceptable to post positive stories about fscc?  more schools should highlight their former athletes as proudly.  these stories show athletes who, under the same coach, made personal growth and moved on to bigger and better things where they are exceling...and ..what's this,,have postive things to say about their former coach! wink   perhaps the original ft. scott reporter should have spoken to some alum, or other current fscc football players...ones who were actually still on the team.  eek1

thumbs up to the moderator for keeping the forums a positive place to be. 

*anonymity in posting does not grant a license for the assassination of someones character. 

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