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Re: Bowl season thoughts

Posted: 12/03/2012 2:13 PM

Re: Bowl season thoughts 

Cosh got rolled up trying to make a tackle on the interception right before halftime. Had a 290-pound DL in his way and he wasn't going to win that battle. Had to be helped to the locker room and came out in a wheelchair to support the team from the sidelines. That pick-6 and injury was the game changer. If somebody makes a tackle, at least it's 7-0 at half and we've still got a shot. I know our offense struggled, but our defense as getting to their QB. A turnover in their own territory could have swung the momentum. Their safety had a clear lane 88 yards to the end zone. Nobody was even close to getting him. Great blocking by the Iowa Western team.

I was proud of the way our team still fought in the second half. They knew they were in a big hole, being without our top RB and then losing Cosh. Derrick Thomas ran hard and the defense didn't give up. They could have laid down at the end, but still battled. I also thought Iowa Western did a great job of defending Javess Blue. Taking him out of the equation was key. He did have some good returns, but they blanketed him on defensively.

Our defense kept them from taking shots downfield, so they adjusted with a lot of swing passes to get little chunks downfield. Great gameplan and they executed it perfectly.

As far as Iowa Western and their conference goes, having two teams fold up shop helps the talent level improve. It's helped the conference overall get better. Still though, obviously outside of Iowa Western, I don't think any of their teams are any better than say the top 3 or 4 Jayhawk teams. They'd be middle of the road or bottom feeders in the conference. With the support and $$ they have, Iowa Western will dominate that conference for as long as they continue to have it.
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