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Re: Humble Pie has been served

Posted: 01/02/2013 4:00 PM

Re: Humble Pie has been served 

I never once claimed any of this to be "my" accomplishment for starters. That program was built by quality people and quality athletes. In four short years they have built themselves in to a force. All the credit goes to the administration and staff for building the program in the right way.
Also, don't lump all fans together, I am one individual not our fan base, so direct your comments accordingly. Sorry for wanting to talk about a sore subject. Most posters on here are grown men (I assume) and should be able to handle it.
Since the questions I pose will obviously not get answered I'll throw another interesting one out there...
Any truth to the rumor that the day after the title game bcc admin contacted the njcaa requesting a roster audit of IW?
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Posted: 01/03/2013 8:30 AM

Re: Humble Pie has been served 

Alright, I've stayed outta this one--for several reasons; Mainly because, no matter how hard you try you can't convince a child that's crying because he came in last that he just wasn't the fastest one in the race.

He throw's a tantrum, pounds his sippy cup on his highchair, and accuses the other runners of cheating; hence(the roster investigation). OR, he claims he had a hurt toenail or something and just wasn't 100%; hence(Red Raven Field 04).

Reivers, I am not saying that Morrell wanted the audit cause I don't really see that in him. I know; you said the Administration; Well, when you're a coach with the supposed caliber and the record of Morrell, You ARE the administration.
BUT, I AM saying that 'if' Troy is ANYTHING like 98% of these Buco Boyzz on this board, then Yes, I'm sure they did request an audit; ANYTHING to show that the other guy cheated.

P.S. Bucos; remember that towel that guy handed one of the guards in 'The Longest Yard'?  cool

Last edited 01/03/2013 8:42 AM by SureofSouth

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