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Re: Humble Pie has been served

Posted: 12/19/2012 9:29 AM

Re: Humble Pie has been served 

Awww that's cute...looks like BUCO sent a boy to do a man's job.

First off, it's nice to see that you continue to use the same trash talk that your cheerleaders use over Twitter. "Wait, you only have one? I have 6...haha." Or maybe you're a male cheerleader? In that case, congrats on your life choice, you're braver than I am. That argument alone is EMBARRASSING. In fact, that argument is about as dumb as a grown man using the word "trillness." We don't have 6 and have not played in 11. Let me repeat: WE ARE IN OUR FOURTH YEAR OF EXISTENCE, and am already better than your "powerhouse" team. So when we have existed for 11 years, I'll be sure to jump on here and see how many times Butler's beaten the mighty Reivers of Iowa Western.

"Show that IW can develop a program that is successful year in and year out?" 4 years, overall record of 35-8, 2 MFC championships, 3 bowl appearances, and a National Championship. That looks like a successful program year in and year out to me. Anyone else?

Learn to stay classy huh. Seems to me like class would include admitting you were wrong when you come on here "popping off" about how Butler is superior to Iowa Western because of their weak defense and strength of schedule. By the way, if you scroll up a little you'll see that I gave Butler and its fans high praise. And I still feel that way despite morons like you.

You can continue to try and play the war of words game with me, but you'll never win. Just like Butler vs. Iowa Western (note: Butler women's basketball lost to IW a week before the NC game. Not my proudest moment to be talking about women's bball, but a win over BUCO is always sweet). So no need to pucker up and kiss our ass. The trophy should suffice. But I look forward to being a thorn in your side for many seasons to come. Nice try though, kid.

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