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Re: 2012 Bowl Picks

Posted: 11/26/2012 6:37 AM

Re: 2012 Bowl Picks 

Louisburg - pure guess on my part, since I know little about either team. 


Co-Lin -- although I'd like to see GC put up a good fight, this is not an even matchup.


NEO -- DuPage has no chance.  NEO is going to slaughter them.


Glendale -- beat Mesa in a close one last week, so I'll pick them to do it again.


Nassau -- only because I pick defense over offense most of the time, and I don't put much stock in AZW's defense.


Hutch -- no brainer


Snow -- ASA hasn't played anyone as good as Snow all year.

Kilgore -- This should be a good one.

Navarro -- I don't think the final score will be very close.

Butler -- who else?  Jk, this will be a good game.



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