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Re: Butler/Iowa Western -- who wins?

Posted: 11/19/2012 11:20 AM

Re: Butler/Iowa Western -- who wins? 

NJCAAfootballfan wrote:

I've not seen either of these two teams play this year.  But just looking at the stats on paper, in my opinion if Butler can't put this one away early, this could be anyones game.  I think Butler is probably favored to win just because their defense is pretty rock solid, but if IWCC smells blood in the water come the 4th quarter, I wouldn't put it past them to run off 2 quick scores and a field goal to come from behind and steal one.  They certainly have enough offensive firepower to pull something like that.   Especially if their kicker is as good as they say...   I think it all comes down to whether their defense can stop Butler long enough to give their offense a chance. 

Interesting perspective, but, having seen Butler play, I can tell you that Butler is a slow starting team.  Before the KJCCC playoffs, I'm pretty sure Butler hadn't allowed any second half scores (maybe against Dodge City early in the season -- I didn't watch that game). 

In my opinion, Butler has to keep it close in the first half.  If IWCC doesn't build an early lead, I don't think they'll win the game.

Did anyone see the Hutch/IWCC scrimmage this year?  I would love to get a Hutch fan's thoughts on IWCC.

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