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Re: SEC Fans

Posted: 11/26/2012 11:07 AM

Re: SEC Fans 

GrizzlyFan77 wrote: Is this still a juco message board? I keep reading threads with SEC. is this a new juco conference or something?

I'm not sure if the people rambling on in this thread pay more attention to NCAA football or the juco game. You guys realize that a majority of the games are played on the same day in both leagues, right? Sounds like you are so busy watching the FBS games that you aren't watching any juco games on a Thursday/Saturday night.

I'm a Butler fan, which means I root for the guys from our program that move on -- whether it be the SEC, Big 11 (and Kansas), Big 10, PAC 11 (and Colorado), Big East, Mountain West, Sun Belt or the MAC.

And how do us Midwesterners not know about the SEC? I know it's hard for you southerners to figure out, but there's this invention called TV and they have multiple channels and they pretty much show all the major conference games these days. If your hamster isn't too tired from running in his wheel to power your house, you can stay up late and watch the PAC-12 games too. You should check it out sometime. They've even got this DVR thing, where you can record games if you aren't in front of the TV watching it. It's really neat...... Like we don't know about the SEC. ESPN is still in bed with them and talks about them non-stop.... am I right? Or is that Tebow?
Everybody wants to be in bed with the best.. ESPN just lucked up to be the ones to get in bed with them.

Yes this is still a juco board and Iowa Western will take care of Butler soon enough. This is not meant as an insult Im just making my prediction based on sizing up the two teams as best I can having seen neither play.

My hamster never gets tired of powering my house.. he's juiced up. Your ignorant statements like that are what keeps fueling "southerners" to post on here. I don't read any "southerners" posts that belittle the socioeconomic status of anyone in the midwest so if that is the best way for you to try and win an argument then I feel sorry for you and any kids that look up to you.
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