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Re: SEC Fans

Posted: 11/22/2012 8:49 AM

Re: SEC Fans 

Like I said, I root for the Butler kids. If you want to tabulate what college football I've watched this year, its very little because I'm usually at a Butler game, but I've probably watched LSU the most because of Mettenberger. I've only seen a few games though. Watched them lose to Florida and caught the 4th quarter of LSU-Bama game. Caught some of the other games. Tomorrow, I'll probably be watching LSU-Arkansas and Florida-FSU (because former Butler DL "Tank" Carradine plays at FSU).

To answer your question, probably the one that is the closest score at the time. When I'm not at a Butler game, I'm flipping channels. I don't pledge allegience to any NCAA football team. I'm not a fan of K-State. Just because I'm from Kansas, doesn't necessarily mean I'm a Big 12 fan. About the only college team/sport I root for is Kansas basketball. Quite honestly, while K-State was getting the beatdown from Baylor, both my TVs were primarily watching Oklahoma-West Virginia and Oregon-Stanford because those games were closer. I've got two TVs in my living room (mainly for NFL Sunday Ticket).

Honestly though, what difference does it make which game I watch?
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