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Re: SEC Fans

Posted: 11/22/2012 8:25 AM

Re: SEC Fans 

blah2 what i mean is you guys dont care to watch SEC just like we dont care to watch Big 12 ...for example if OU is playing Texas and UGA is playing S.Carolina at the same time who would u watch....????? I bet my money u gonna tune in to the big 12 game...just like im gonna watch the SEC game over the big12 ....
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Posted: 11/22/2012 8:49 AM

Re: SEC Fans 

Like I said, I root for the Butler kids. If you want to tabulate what college football I've watched this year, its very little because I'm usually at a Butler game, but I've probably watched LSU the most because of Mettenberger. I've only seen a few games though. Watched them lose to Florida and caught the 4th quarter of LSU-Bama game. Caught some of the other games. Tomorrow, I'll probably be watching LSU-Arkansas and Florida-FSU (because former Butler DL "Tank" Carradine plays at FSU).

To answer your question, probably the one that is the closest score at the time. When I'm not at a Butler game, I'm flipping channels. I don't pledge allegience to any NCAA football team. I'm not a fan of K-State. Just because I'm from Kansas, doesn't necessarily mean I'm a Big 12 fan. About the only college team/sport I root for is Kansas basketball. Quite honestly, while K-State was getting the beatdown from Baylor, both my TVs were primarily watching Oklahoma-West Virginia and Oregon-Stanford because those games were closer. I've got two TVs in my living room (mainly for NFL Sunday Ticket).

Honestly though, what difference does it make which game I watch?
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