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Re: SEC Fans

Posted: 11/19/2012 10:33 AM

Re: SEC Fans 

disbelief  Man, neeze Kansas boys are like a bunch of cry-babies in high-chairs. It's amazing! They can't even accept the obvious. Saying the Big 12 is better than the SEC is like saying pee wee herman is better looking than Miss America.

Just like a post on another topic I read earlier.....Kansas juco is 2-6 in non-conference play? Hmmmm. What have I been telling yall for 5 years about the big bad jayhawk league? noidea But yet, Irish (from his high-chair, with sippie cup in hand) pounds on his high-chair platform; "You Gotta Include Air Force Junior Varsity Pee Wee in there!! They're a non conference matchup!"flushed

Yeah, let's be sure and add ferocious AF Prep in there for them boys. Yeah, oohh yeah, uh huh, yessirrreee!!! That makes it so much more strong looking! Umm Hmm!! disbelief

Alabama simply got slipped up on; that's all. I mean hey, they hadn't lost a game since last mid-season against LSU.
Just watch what happens to Notre Dame if both The Tide and The Gold get to the N.C.
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