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Re: SEC Fans

Posted: 11/15/2012 2:43 PM

Re: SEC Fans 

jhcfan wrote: Somewhere,  I watch the SEC games every week.  It is not just Ole Miss and Kentucky.  The SEC is very good but this year they are no better than the PAC 12 or Big 12.  The scores of the games the SEC played outside the conference do not lie.  If Ole Miss is so weak then why haven't any SEC teams put up numbers against them like Texas did?  (A&M beat them by 3).  No one in the SEC has come close to doing what Texas did.  Texas lost to W. Virginia in the Big 12 and was blown out by Oklahoma.  They have yet to lose to Kansas State. 

So many SEC teams are currently ranked so high because of the past, not what they've shown this year.    Come on,  Florida?  Show some objectivity.  I'm not saying the SEC isn't as good as the Pac 12 and Big 12.  There just is no evidence this year that they are better and lots of game evidence the conference is slipping.  It is not as if the lesser SEC teams have been beaten by powers from the other conferences.  Those lesser and medium teams have lost to and been played competively by medium and lesser teams from other conferences.  W. Kentucky, Monroe, Louisville, Rutgers, Northwestern.  I won't blame them for losing to Texas and Clemson.  If the top 6 teams in the SEC are really deserving of their high national rankings them they should be clobbering the lesser teams in the conference.  Georgia shouldn't struggle with Kentucky.  LSU shouldn't slip by Auburn by 2.  South Carolina shouldn't struggle with Vandy and have to be helped by the officials at the end.  Georgia and S. Carolina should beat Tennessee by more than 7 and 3.  Maybe the league will show its stuff this weekend when they beat up on Georgia Southern, Wolford, Jacksonville St., Sam Houston, Alabama A&M, and Western Carolina.  What is up with the scheduling of all the patsies late in the season, anyway?  Why is the SEC the only conference that does that?  Other conferences (not the PAC 12) schedule the weak sisters as training games early, but not into the season.  What is the theory down there?   

This is not about Julio Jones or Tim Tebow.  This is about this year.  If you have something from this year I'd like to read it.  I just hope K-State and Oregon don't both lose so that the SEC can luck out again and play a lucky but overrated Notre Dame.  The Irish may have beaten Oklahoma but are clearly just a hollow team waiting to get hammered.

I would actually like to see Texas upset K-State and USC beat Notre Dame so Oregon could play Georgia or Alabama.  That would make you and me both happy.  Instead, the SEC will probably arrange some patsy games with the big 10 and pad those bowl records.  
I would love to sit here and give a reasonable argument to yours, but the truth is your post is very respectable and factual. I talk a lot crap on here about how good the SEC is but they really are down this year compared to years past, as they were projected to be. I really do try to sit and compare these teams week in and week out from other conferences with the SEC but it's so hard because the style of football is so different. 

I try to compare the high flying offenses like WV and OK state to the defenses of Alabama, LSU, Georgia, etc. but it's tough. We can all agreed that WV and Ok state would not put up 60 and 70 points on these defenses like they do to other teams they play. Another example of that would be Oregon and LSU last year, I know it's not this year but its just an example.

I couldn't give you an exact answer as to why some weeks top teams down here struggle with bottom teams and some weeks top teams blow other top teams out. I've live down here my entire life and have grown up around college football since we have no professional teams besides the Saints to cheer for and can only give you my perception of why games end up so close.

 it's no secret that the SEC is mainly known for ridiculous defense. With that being said, the offenses have never been known to be flashy by any means. People like to call it ole man football, but I see it as NFL football. The teams usually do just enough to win most of the times, especially on the road, and sometimes those blowout games happen just because they cannot match up. Offensive style is dominantly Pro-Style that rides the backs of their running backs and offensive lines and clock control. The main thing that sets offenses down here apart are the teams that are able to recruit players like Julio and give them another offensive advantage. As for the Auburn-LSU game, it's again no lie that LSU's offense was atrocious at the beginning of the season, but they did just enough to get out of Auburn with a W.

Why do they schedule the stat-padding teams in the middle of the season? This does not speak for all schools, especially some of the match ups that are this weekend, but a lot of it has to do with past rivalries that are no more. Example, LSU plays Tulane and La. Tech every year and neither one of these teams have any business being on the field with LSU.

I would love to see Notre Dame lose to USC and Oregon lose and see a SEC-Big 12 national championship game but I don't see it happening. If all else fails I would love to see Notre Dame get demolished in the Sugar Bowl and the second best SEC teams play in the Fiesta Bowl. Notre Dame should've lost to Pitt.

Oh yea, and just to get this off my mind, Florida is a fluke. They are only a 9-1 team at home if they had to play any of those top teams on the road, they would have 3 losses.

But to say that so many SEC teams are ranked so high because of the past is a false statement. Which 1 loss team would beat Alabama or Georgia? What 2 loss teams would beat LSU, South Carolina, or A&M. Anyone who knows football knows that A&M is not the same team they were last year. They are legit this year.
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