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Re: SEC Fans

Posted: 11/13/2012 9:57 AM

Re: SEC Fans 

jhcfan wrote: A&M had a losing record in the Big 12 last year, and that was with a QB that now starts in the NFL.  The SEC is now touting Manziel for Heisman because they think he is more special than he is.  The SEC is getting a taste of something other than "old man" football.  The A&M offense, with Manziel, is not as good as Oklahoma State's let alone Oregon's.  One of the reasons the SEC defenses look so good is that the offenses give in to them.  When LSU played Forida they ran on 3rd and 12 from their own 10.  They wouldn't let Mettenberger throw.  That is the definition of old man football. 

The top five teams in the SEC are very good but they would all have multiple loss seasons if they played real offenses week after week, just like the other good teams in the Big 12  and Pac 12.
This year Kentucky lost to both Louisville and W. Kentucky.  Old Miss was hammered by Texas and struggled with FCS Central Arkansas.  Florida barely escaped Lafayette and Bowling Green.  Auburn lost to Clemson and was taken to overtime by Monroe.  Arkansas lost to Monroe and Rutgers.  Vandy lost to Northwestern.  The only notable SEC non-conference win this year was Alabama over Michigan, and we now know that Michigan is a team that can skim by Air Force by 5.  South Carolina and Georgia haven't played a quality non-conference opponent.  LSU did beat a lower level Pac 12 Washington.  Is that supposed to give them credibility?  Last year Georgia started with Boise State and lost by 14 at home.  No wonder they haven't wanted to play anyone tough outside the conference this year.   

The SEC has been passed by time.  A&M is showing that with a rookie QB and one of the lesser teams they have had in years.  They see it and will all be getting on the modern bandwagon now.  Urban Meyer was told he couldn't have a QB run in the SEC but he proved them wrong.  They said that was just Tebow.  Now it is because Manziel is "Heisman special".  The SEC was able to duck a real offense when Bama was voted ahead of Oklahoma State last year (OSU had a higher computer rating).  Earlier in the year West Virginia put up 550 yards on the vaunted Tiger defense but lost on turnovers.  LSU wanted no part of an OSU offense that was much better than West Virginia's.
Game results do not lie. 6 national championships in a row. Texas was the top Big 12 team and had their chance to take down the top SEC team and well we all know how that ended up. 6 teams in the top 10 for the SEC right now. 2 in the top 5. Big 12 has what... K state? I guess that gives Big 12 fans something to keep their heads up about. According to ESPN Texas A&M may get a Fiesta Bowl invite so the Big 12 will again get their chance at an SEC team and everyone will SEC that Texas A&M would haven been top 1 or 2 in the Big 12 this year. This is not even really an argument because it will all pan out at the end of the year. Results don't lie. K state is a good team but that's it. The teams in the Big 12 put up video game numbers on offense because there is NO defense. 

As for the Pac 12... HA get real. Overrated year in and year out. Oregon had their chance to beat a top SEC team the last two years and got embarrassed both times.

Like I said this isn't even a debate because it's so pathetic. Just look at the link below. 4680706/aggies-upset-no-reason-for-big-12-pride
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