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Re: Butler/Hutch

Posted: 10/25/2012 5:08 PM

Re: Butler/Hutch 

The only stat I see that sticks out is the number of sacks Butler has this year, and it points out to the same topic that we had at the beginning of the season -- the defensive line. There's probably a few reasons why the sacks aren't there, but mainly it's because Butler doesn't have the same playmakers on the front line as we've had in the past. Does that mean the defense isn't as good as in year's past? Not at all. I still will take this defense above any in the conference. Butler has shut down the opposition week in and week out and I expect nothing different on Saturday at Hutch.

I've heard every year that Hutch can do this and that on offense and then when they play Butler, they get shut down. The only time I've seen Hutch's offense have any life is the first half of last year's Region VI game. They ran just about everything through Patterson, but then when the defense started pounding him, he checked out and the offense sputtered. Hutch is going to need more than one Patterson to beat Butler.

Right now, the best offensive player I've seen this season is Javess Blue. He does something every week that makes me in awe. He can beat the defensive back deep or he can beat him underneath. This kid should be playing on Sundays. He's that talented. If I were Hutch, I'd be worried about how they plan on stopping him and the Butler offense and if they can't, then I'd be trying to figure out how to keep pace with them scoring against the Grizzly defense. Good luck with that....

The only way Hutch has a chance of winning this game is if Butler shoots itself in the foot with turnovers... and if Hutch gets the gifts, they better finish them off with points on the other end.
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