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Re: Butler/Hutch

Posted: 10/24/2012 3:01 PM

Re: Butler/Hutch 

Thanks for the replies.  I don't know who Wildcat1989 is but I think the same of the defense and Longino. 

I am not ready to bet my life that Hutch will win, but I do think they may have the edge if Smith doesn't play and Stewart and Danzey can play.  I think Butler will see a much better defense than they are expecting.  Butler 79 asked the right question when he wondered if the Hutch D is really better after the first three games or if it is just because they have played lesser teams.  I think it is the former.  Longino is a real addition at LB and Campbell is already a force at LB.  The two D tackles are the best tandem in the league.   Both will be starters at some big time D1 school next year.  The corners are athletic and fast with size.  They made mistakes early in the year in letting people get long or biting on routes.  We will find out if that is fixed when they defend Blue.  Butler will be disappointed if they think the db's will be just outrun.

I think the game will be close and defensive.   Both teams can run the stats up on lesser foes but I don’t see either marching down the field on either defense.  Each team will have to score on big plays or turnovers.        

No one in the league has run on Hutch any more than they have on Butler.   It is highly unlikely that Butler will grind out rushing yards on Hutch and vice versa.  The yards will have to come on big plays. (like they did last year)   How much will the loss of Smith hurt Butler's big play ability?  Thomas broke a long TD against Hutch in the 2nd game last year and will probably need to do it again.

 Will Jatavius Stewart play for Hutch?  He has missed the last couple games with a knee injury.  He is the Dragon's most explosive big play guy.  It will be a factor if he doesn’t play or can’t play near his norm.  Chief’s Fan for Life do you know anything about this?

Hutch has the best throwing QB the program has ever had ( and that includes the Lions backup QB, Shaun Hill)  He throws like the kind of guy usually seen at Butler.  Hutch now has a running back that has power as well as shiftiness.  They still have the dart around speed guy as a backup.  (their no. 2 is out)  Butler will see a different kind of QB and different kind of RB than they have seen in the past from Hutch.

The O-line has gotten better at Hutch every year that Rhoades has been there and this is the best yet.  They have protected the passer well until last week when Ft Scott just hammered the pass protection.  Is Butler as good defensively on the pass rush?  This will be the key offensive issue for Hutch.

 Hutch doesn’t have Cordarrelle Patterson but has 4 fast, dangerous receivers.  Still, I don’t expect Hutch to ‘matriculate’ down the field but will have to score on big plays.

I see the big task for Butler as the ability to break big plays.  The big task for Hutch is to defend the big play.  Like last year the big plays will come, if they do, on defensive mistakes not because Butler receivers outrun the coverage or the line blows a big hole for the RB.  3 of the 4 Butler scores came last year when    1.    ( 2 Hutch tacklers had a receiver bottled up on the sideline and just kind of got in each other’s way)   2.  (A db fell down)   and 3.  (The RB was stacked up behind the line but made an 80 yard run outside the design of the play).   If Hutch can make Butler earn their big plays they can win.  Hutch doesn't need to play the "game of their lives" to win.  They just need to avoid unforced gifts to Butler.  Don't hike the ball over the punters head, don't go down on one knee at the one when taking a kickoff, don't just blow coverage, don't fumble through the end zone, and don't let a covered play turn into an improvised  broken score.

Hutch a touchdown and three fieldgoals (best kicker in the league) and Butler 2 long scores.  Hutch 16  Butler 14.
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