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Re: Final Poll (National)?


Posted: 02/11/2013 2:43 PM

Re: Final Poll (National)? 

diablos06 wrote: BC's playoff run . . . Winning by:

40 vs VC, away

9 vs Sac, away

21vs CCSF, home

How would you rank these wins?

Also, looking at their season's schedule and record, the 4 OT loss to VC must of been a hell of a game?

The game #4 4-OT loss to VC was a great football game, but left the Gades 2-2 and I’m sure most BC fans left the game wondering if we were headed for another mediocre year.  TO VENTURA!!!!  We didn’t realize then, that this was the new and improved Northern Conference Champs 10-0 Pirates. pirate  

BC 48 – VC 8 was like a triple off of the right center wall and was a definite shot across MS’s bow.

Beating MS was like a grand slam home run.  The fans were ready and the team was ready based on the big cheer that went up when the Gades stuffed MS’s first run at the line of scrimmage.  Gade fans will savor that win for many years to come.

Let’s just say CCSF knew they were playing an away game when they introduced the Gades at the CA State Championship game at Memorial Stadium.  It had been 25 years, and I think everyone there felt like this window of opportunity might not come again anytime soon – let’s not screw it up.  Beating CCSF for the CA State Championship was like a solo home run…….let’s just say a Kurt Gibson type of solo home run.  biggrin   

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