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Re: Will Mt SAC Reign Supreme in 2013?

Posted: 02/07/2013 2:24 PM

Re: Will Mt SAC Reign Supreme in 2013? 

Ru4reo wrote:
craftsman2 wrote:
Ru4reo wrote:
Murph11 wrote: Really???? SAC fans rag on BC and Bakersfield for the past half a decade, and now you are concerned about some photo from Canada? Oh the horror. C'mon man, you gotta take it as well as give it, and I have never instigated anything about SAC, just responded. Yes the Mounties will be back and yes they will be National contenders. You don't need a crystal ball to figure that one out. Maybe you guys can use it as a recruiting tool for offended Canadian ballers.

i guess you didn't read the the whole post....eek1 

let me explain it so you can understand it...banghead

us Mt Sac fans can take it...but this board wont let us give it...eek

as soon as Mt Sac fans responds with a picture or a post ...Murph 

starts crying and yells over to Junglejim who now is ready to sound

the alarm, all the little people in the little board village goes crazy like

its the end of the world and The almighty Kev aka Papa Smurf, hears

the cry of the little board followers Murph and Junglejim " save us

from the big bad
Dawgzz " HOW PATHETIC...eek1
Didn't you guys used to have your own forum in this site??? HMM? PATHETIC HUH!
Didn't you tell everyone that RCC was going to win it all last year??? HMM? 
PATHETIC RIGHT.....tonguetonguetongue 

MT SAC had 4th string players in the 3rd qt....eek1
I didn't know Montana was a 4th stringer? get it right!!!
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