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Re: Will Mt SAC Reign Supreme in 2013?


Posted: 02/05/2013 8:35 AM

Re: Will Mt SAC Reign Supreme in 2013? 

It seems to me that a couple of losses (finally) for MS might lessen that unbeatable awe factor that they have had over the last several years.  For fans, players and maybe even more so the coaches, it has to be nice that your team’s goals might finally realistically again include the possibility of a SoCal championship and maybe even to win state. Finally a CA team, carrying mostly local players, found a way around the OOS road block to win state. 

I thought it was funny when a couple years ago the Bks. Californian went around asking various Bako “celebs” what their New Year’s wishes were; coach Chudy said, “I guess figure out a way to get by Mt SAC.”  2012 must have been a relief and encouragement for him and a big feather in his cap too.

Will MS reign supreme again this next year?  Well, maybe this year we’ll only pencil their name in. wink


Last edited 02/05/2013 8:39 AM by acdad0330

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