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Re: Southwestern, West Liberty Signing Rumors?

Posted: 01/03/2013 1:18 PM

Re: Southwestern, West Liberty Signing Rumors? 

nutcaze1 wrote:
That would be wild if all 3 OL end up at WL.  I know WL had a few OL that was on the all american list a few years ago.  I believed Tevita finish school and got his degree as well from there.  It is not a bad deal for the kids, not only you will have a chance to continue to play ball.  You can take advantage and get your degree as well for free.

WL recruited from Cali alot and it paid off so far.  I heard the QB is from Long beach poly and only a freshmen.  The strong safety is from LB poly too, a few from in land empire and the pipeline goes on.  Definitely coach Waialae has expanded his resources and you will see more kids from Cali sign with WL yearly.

Coach Dan Hopkins at WLU is a top notch OL coach who has turned several JUCOs into All-Americans.  Also turned an unrecruited HS OL out of Ohio into the Upshaw Award winner (Best DII OL) a couple of years ago.  O'lineman that goes to WLU is going to learn his craft and will get the chance to be noticed.

WLU does tend to take a few Cali JUCOs.  I count 12 on the 2012 roster.  Don't know how true this is but in an interview with Coach Waialae about two years ago, he said that they didn't send coaches on recruting trips to Cali.  Most of the players they picked up were coaches referals or just plain old the player picking up the phone and calling.

The QB is Dylan Lagarde and S Andrew Fariamo are from Los Alamitos HS and are among four Cali players signed out of HS.  Lagarde started several games this year and looked very good on a couple of occasions (one five TD game).  But as happens with true freshmen, his play was uneven.  Still, not bad for a kid who showed up a week late to fall camp.  He'll hopefully benefit from having a complete year in the program.  Fariamo is just a teeth seeking missle!  He made a couple of tackles that just made you go OHHH and cover your eyes.  Talk about violence of action!

16 Cali players on the 100 man roster so the team does have sort of a west coast vibe to it.  Funny when the Florida (we pull in a lot of players from there also) and Cali boys start woofing at each other...throw the WV Hillbillies and New York mafia (four New Yorkers on the roster) into the mix and it can be quite comical!!  Tight nit group though.

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Posted: 02/01/2013 12:04 PM

Re: Southwestern, West Liberty Signing Rumors? 

West Liberty also signed Southwestern OL Michael Chance.
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