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Posted: Yesterday 11:10 AM

Re: #5 Auburn @ #20 Kansas State 

HawkeyeMarchingBand wrote:
hawkeye4life68 wrote:
HawkeyeMarchingBand wrote:
hawkeye4life68 wrote: 3rd and 9 a little over 2 minutes to go Auburn only up 6 not wanting to give the ball back to KSU with a chance to win.

What do they do?  Unlike Iowa they don't run a predictable off tackle run for no gain, have to punt and hope the defense holds on.  They run a double move on the outside for a big play down the sideline and go victory formation to run it out.

THAT'S..........winning football.  Jot that down in your special ed crib notes Kirk.
Do you remember the 2010 bowl game against Missouri?
That was played 41 games ago in a meaningless bowl in a season that was already in the tank?

Yeah, I do.  What's your point?
The point is obvious: contrary to what you claim, Iowa doesn't always run the predictable play in that situation. Dr. Hibbard posted a more recent example.

Auburn's play worked precisely for the same reason these plays worked for Iowa.  They were very atypical, so they caught the defense off guard.  If K-State had expected the double move, the DB would not have bitten on the fake.
Oh, I guess I stand corrected.  For every time 27 times Iowa lays on the ball and plays for overtime (OSU ring a bell?) or kneels down at the end of the half instead of attacking they might get aggressive.

Here's a little FYI.  Successful teams do it EVERY game, EVERY year.  That's why they don't get punk'd by the likes of ISU and MAC schools and have to squeak out games vs. FCS teams.
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