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Posted: Yesterday 12:43 PM

Re: I have just two questions... 

HickamHeel wrote:

Sarcasm aside, would you say dook has surpassed us as a program now? If yes, this wasn't always the case. In fact dook has 4 national titles in only a span of 24 years? And is a #1 seed again this year. Meanwhile, we have had three straight double digit losing seasons. When was the last time dook had one? So I'd say my concerns are legit. I'm tired of playing second fiddle to these clowns in our own state. NC State is rising, and we compete against them for recruits. Who have we recruited for next season?

So getting back to the original question, since we were so highly ranked and had nearly everyone coming back, and with a HOF coach, what went wrong? Why did we only win 11 ACC games? Why did dook and ND beat us twice? Why do we lose to teams like Butler, or even worse, Pitt? Why do we split with freaking State? What went wrong?

Obviously this message board is as suitable an outlet as any for your pain and suffering regarding UNC basketball. Certainly if your principal concern with the program is with the performance of RW, you ought to straightforwardly call for the coach’s replacement, state why, and suggest specific replacements as often as you wish. But one reason threads such as this one draw ire, is the perception they’re entirely disingenuous, Roy critiques disguised as objective discussions of other subjects.


Your argument really seems to be with reality itself, and the limits of your ability to influence larger events. I’m going to suggest too much of your identity is tied up with the perceived dominance of a basketball program. It’s as though you feel personally humiliated by the program’s perceived lack of dominance, and blame the coach and players for your humiliation. This really isn’t healthy fandom, and I say that as someone, to paraphrase Roy, who had rather win than eat.


You ask, ‘would you say dook has surpassed us as a program now?’ Yes, I would. And I don’t like it. And, it’s happened before. Between 1985 and1992 dook played in four national title games and won two, appeared in six final fours, and a sweet sixteen in their “down” year. We went to one final four during that period, lost in one regional final, and lost in the regional semifinal five times. Somehow, Coach Smith retained his employment at UNC and only a negligible number of our fans self-harmed.


Take note of the diminutive stature of some of the teams who beat us during those years. ND, Butler and Iowa are juggernauts compared to some of them.


All of us yearn for the program to be dominant every year, but many of us understand the variables with the potential to negatively impact the program, and realize the quality of coaching isn’t a persuasive one in assessing less than dominating seasons. What went wrong? This: Injuries, unexpected departures, unanticipated suspensions, and an academic scandal with potentially harmful ramifications for recruiting.


Familiarize yourself again with the gloomy years we are suffering through:


-2010 was a classic rebuilding year, worsened by the loss of Ed Davis to injury.

-The 2011 team won the regular season ACC championship with a record of 14-2.

-The 2012 team repeated as regular season champions, repeated the league record of 14-2, and compiled a 32-6 record overall.

-2013 was another classic rebuilding year, with four players off to the NBA.

-In 2014 Reggie Bullock departed unexpectedly and PJ was not permitted to play.

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