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Posted: Yesterday 6:28 PM

Re: This may be a bad question, but I can't understand 

I agree. Our University is being lambasted for this scandal, as is justified, but not lauded enough for thier internal measures to address and correct these mistakes. I think that they have gone above and beyond any other school in history to identify, clarify and correct things that had gone wrong. Since 2009, the Univeristy has had substantial turnover in administrative and coaching positions. They have created better avenues for oversight.

I would welcome any other school to do as much self-reflection before their fans can criticize.

Always a TAR HEEL
Class of 1990
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  • NCU77
  • All-American
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Posted: Yesterday 2:47 PM

Re: Thad: Honest Shame 

i get so tired of the "Leave it to Beaver" b/s of UNC., no one in the administration had the b@lls to stand up from the NCAA to the idiot secretary & counselors

maybe pi$$ed would be more fitting....esp alums
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  • davell
  • Redshirt
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Posted: Yesterday 11:34 AM

Re: Thad: Honest Shame 

At this point, I just want revenge. Good old-fashioned
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