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Area 51

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1. Please refrain from personal attacks and insults about posters.  A good rule is to remember

0 11463 volmayn 11/29/10 7:01 PM
by: volmayn

The problem with rushing to judgement....

Instapundit: REPORT:  Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye

1 23 HKVol Today 12:33 AM
by: Nate924

Looters shooting their way into Furguson business.....

Is this is the way to get justice?

3 133 Phantom101 Today 12:32 AM
by: Nate924

I Have -- Have You?

Just came across this -- one of those "quote for today" type things: "if you

9 153 volbrigade Today 12:04 AM
by: volbrigade

HotA Mother's White Privilege

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Powerful stuff:

51 417 KnoxKid Yesterday 11:39 PM
by: jgvol

New forum format...

...looks good but links don't work while they work in old format

5 94 kingsvol Yesterday 11:35 PM
by: jgvol

Isis beheads US journalist

These people are animals. They must be stopped.

0 21 LittleDipper Yesterday 11:31 PM
by: LittleDipper

and another one bites the dust

(CNN) -- St. Louis police shot and killed a young African-American man Tuesday after

3 156 indyv Yesterday 11:22 PM
by: ATexasVol

New York City confiscating rifles and shotguns

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is sending out letters telling gun owners to turn

7 209 DunkingDan Yesterday 11:22 PM
by: DunkingDan

At least one law officer has a problem

With Ferguson law enforcement:

1 68 rocketcityvol Yesterday 11:10 PM
by: TREX1

Thanks Barry

1 62 rocketcityvol Yesterday 10:53 PM
by: TREX1

In the meantime ...

seven were killed and 29 wounded in Chicago over the weekend.    This begs several questions:

11 229 ATexasVol Yesterday 10:51 PM
by: ATexasVol

Corporate tax burden.....

not what is seems? Edward D. Kleinbard, a professor at the Gould School of Law at the

0 27 sunvol Yesterday 10:28 PM
by: sunvol

For those that want more big government.....

1 41 HKVol Yesterday 9:40 PM
by: HKVol

OK the new forums are open for everyone to try

Click on the front page and go to the drop down menu on forums. Then click on Beta and try them

1 60 JoshWoodward Yesterday 9:22 PM
by: JoshWoodward

Dr Sowell's random thoughts

0 32 rocketcityvol Yesterday 8:32 PM
by: rocketcityvol

I remember when we all rioted after

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Officer Golden was killed in cold blood by an illegal alien here in Huntsville, AL. We broke

23 424 rocketcityvol Yesterday 8:21 PM
by: rocketcityvol

I think a way has been found to get rid of Nancy.....

Pelosi. Hey, it's worth a shot. 

3 91 TeeTime Yesterday 7:53 PM
by: StallionVol

HotSo What IS the answer??

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

It should be obvious by now that people harping about the poor people sucking the govt dry isn't

43 387 JollyVolly Yesterday 5:16 PM
by: Nate924

Questions about blacks for conservatives...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Do you consider all black Democrats to be liberals?   If not, what percentage would you

20 359 fuzzynavol Yesterday 2:56 PM
by: 31337

A51 favorite, John Oliver, weighs in on Police Militarization

And the situation in Ferguson.

1 72 KnoxKid Yesterday 2:27 PM
by: Volcohol

The future of employment in America...

Humans need not apply:

11 130 fuzzynavol Yesterday 2:12 PM
by: Phantom101

What's the deal with Travis County, Texas?

Seems like a place of corrupt prosecutors who utilize a jury pool of liberal LIVs to bludgeon

5 137 highVOLtage Yesterday 2:06 PM
by: roadvol


Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

Well, the opposite of hijacking, actually.  Briggie, you said something of interest to me in the

80 1021 Glenstorm Yesterday 1:43 PM
by: volbrigade

Sitting here watching the coverage of Ferguson....

Tremendous respect for the leaders of the Ferguson community taking their neighborhood back from

17 385 Vol12 Yesterday 1:02 PM
by: TeeTime

Here's a clue....(free stuff isn't free)

0 42 Phantom101 Yesterday 12:58 PM
by: Phantom101

Are all these non-teachers necessary?

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Study: A fourth of public school spending goes to salaries and

4 78 HKVol Yesterday 12:06 PM
by: TREX1

Police describe black suspect as 'Negro' in report

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

The term has been in the police database since 1994 and now it's a problem. Can't wait to see

40 632 tns56 Yesterday 11:34 AM
by: drewactual

Got a home generator?

You might need one.... Higher demand and lower supply could end up being disastrous.....

7 244 HKVol Yesterday 11:32 AM
by: TREX1

Detroit police chief: ‘No question in my mind’

legal gun ownership deters crime Detroit has experienced 37 percent fewer robberies

1 42 DunkingDan Yesterday 10:55 AM
by: TREX1

Republicans and Messaging

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Roady's comment, made in another thread, made me wonder why the Republicans are unable or

20 254 LittleDipper Yesterday 5:53 AM
by: rocketcityvol

Mark Steyn on Ferguson

Good point..... SNIP: The most basic problem is that we will never know for certain what

11 317 HKVol Yesterday 3:38 AM
by: HKVol

US citizenship renunciations

Under 32 quarters with President Bush:     1822 total,  57 per quarter Under 20 quarters with

6 201 HKVol 8/18/14 10:42 PM
by: ATexasVol

Why was the DOJ against releasing the video of

Multiple Pages 1 2 

the convenience store robbery ?

23 510 tenneddie 8/18/14 10:41 PM
by: Still Old Duck

This is what insanity looks like

I'm aghast. She makes the biggest leftist in Congress look positively right-wing radical....

13 384 HKVol 8/18/14 10:02 PM
by: volmayn

Let's look at the federal budget for cuts. Here it is!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The 2008-2013 federal budget actuals are broken down on this pie chart.

25 383 Nate924 8/18/14 7:39 PM
by: volmayn

Useful Idiots

If you get a chance read "Blood Feud" a fantastic book about the Obama's and

4 137 Nate924 8/18/14 7:35 PM
by: jbakes

The Leftovers

Anybody here watch The Leftovers? If so, can you tell me anything redeeming about it?

6 144 LittleDipper 8/18/14 7:05 PM
by: drewactual

Interesting read on the threat of Muslim extremists

interesting take on The Silent Majority, powerfully argued, and is common sense. Having studied

16 332 Nate924 8/18/14 3:21 PM
by: volbrigade

Don't ally with Libertarians

The paranoia of the Left - so deftly articulated by yours truly in the be the other side for a

19 428 StallionVol 8/18/14 1:22 PM
by: Glenstorm
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