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Area 51

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0 11843 volmayn 11/29/10 7:01 PM
by: volmayn

Ebola thoughts, part 2

I think the ebola story has recently reached a couple of tipping points. Last week, it became

3 107 VandyWhit Today 1:52 PM
by: FryeGuy

Officer's testimony heard about the Ferguson shooting.

The activists may not be happy.

11 280 rocketcityvol Today 1:14 PM
by: jbakes

Ancient Christianity Confronts Death and Halloween

I remember well walking the streets of our cozy steel-mill suburb of

1 52 DunkingDan Today 11:48 AM
by: volbrigade

NY Times ( consider the source)...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Says soldiers did find WMD in Iraq, but they were ordered to keep the news secret. Hmmm.

48 672 rocketcityvol Today 11:17 AM
by: highVOLtage

This explains a lot.....

Voters likely to cast ballots in the midterm elections favor a Republican-led Congress over a

5 136 HKVol Today 11:06 AM
by: highVOLtage

Sale of wine in grocery stores?

One of the issues on the ballot in many Tennessee counties and cities is is a referendum on the

3 102 VandyWhit Today 10:56 AM
by: tns56

Lee Iacocca comments

6 197 BillVol Today 10:42 AM
by: Volcohol

Extortion on Wall Street....

Op Ed

0 16 sunvol Today 10:08 AM
by: sunvol

Bahgdad Bod still schilling...well after his sex change

Fuzz's transgender family member still schilling for the team or  maybe this is fuzz, who

2 123 jbakes Today 8:54 AM
by: roadvol

I guess New Yorkers get what they deserve

I'd be voting for Astorino on this platform alone. But will he win?  Not a chance - he's 20

2 76 HKVol Today 7:14 AM
by: ATexasVol

Does Israel Have a "Divine Right" to the Land?

This will probably be of interest to precisely 2 people on this board:  me and Glen. And

3 104 volbrigade Today 12:15 AM
by: volbrigade

HotCongratulations, "patriots"

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The conservative onslaught of rightwing media, god-fathered by Rush Limbaugh and his subsequent

35 518 fuzzynavol Yesterday 11:02 PM
by: ATexasVol

How old are you?

In fitness years? I'm 20 years younger than my real age.....not bad I guess.

0 65 HKVol Yesterday 10:39 PM
by: HKVol

The Simple Life

When we look around the world we live in, we are often overwhelmed by its complexity and its

0 17 DunkingDan Yesterday 9:53 PM
by: DunkingDan

More blue government run amuck

Nice work, city of Santa Fe Springs .

6 168 ATexasVol Yesterday 7:00 PM
by: jbakes

Govt tells Christian ministers: Perform same-sex weddings or

face jail, fines COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a

1 67 DunkingDan Yesterday 6:47 PM
by: jbakes

Dead People and Why Icons Look Weird

If I say, “Hello,” it is not a stretch to think that the answer will be

0 32 DunkingDan Yesterday 11:05 AM
by: DunkingDan

SIAP: Florida deserves these gubernatorial candidates...

Nothing like political leaders arguing over whether a fan should be allowed on the stage of a

6 153 wtmvol Yesterday 9:47 AM
by: Butch84

We now have an 'Ebola Czar'......

I know I feel safer..............with Ron Klain (and no medical background) in charge.

12 336 Phantom101 Yesterday 7:51 AM
by: HKVol

The Church at the Bottom of the World

0 21 DunkingDan 10/18/14 11:09 PM
by: DunkingDan

Is CDC Hiding Enterovirus Link To Illegal Alien Kids?

Public Health: A disease that was once rare in the U.S. is killing Americans, and its rise

1 67 DunkingDan 10/18/14 11:03 PM
by: rocketcityvol

The First and Foremost Freedom, Freedom of Religion

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the Obama Administration’s relentless attempts to restrict

1 44 DunkingDan 10/18/14 11:02 PM
by: rocketcityvol

The Parenthood Religion

Interesting read:

16 419 KnoxKid 10/18/14 10:16 PM
by: cctVol

Obama’s Unholy War Against Christianity, Not Islam

The more illiberal a religion, the more liberals tend to like it. Western liberals who propose

2 87 DunkingDan 10/18/14 9:19 PM
by: highVOLtage

Don’t Proof Text the Holy Fathers

“Proof texting” is a well known problem, especially when it comes to

0 27 DunkingDan 10/18/14 9:10 PM
by: DunkingDan

“The World” – Is it Good or Bad?

One of the most confusing words in the Christian vocabulary is the

3 93 DunkingDan 10/18/14 8:07 PM
by: DunkingDan

The Bible and the Spirit of Democracy

The Bible and the Spirit of Democracy Fr. Stephen Freeman 25 Comments My

1 39 DunkingDan 10/18/14 3:02 PM
by: volbrigade

The Church and the Scriptures

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The Church and the Scriptures Fr. Stephen Freeman Leave a Comment My recent

21 383 DunkingDan 10/18/14 1:18 PM
by: DunkingDan

Pastors to mayor: Don’t mess with Texas pulpits

2 70 DunkingDan 10/18/14 1:07 PM
by: DunkingDan

Christians had better start being careful...

Their collection plates are going to end up funding more than their pastors' mansions, they're

6 223 fuzzynavol 10/18/14 11:02 AM
by: Still Old Duck

Where is Jessee an Al?

Where are the rioters? The national media? The Grifting politicians? Oh wait , this guy isn't

1 122 Nate924 10/18/14 9:46 AM
by: roadvol

Shh!! Don't let anyone know....

....until it is too late..... Obamacare website won’t reveal insurance costs for 2015

12 385 HKVol 10/18/14 1:16 AM

Welcome to 2014.....

3 157 TeeTime 10/17/14 2:30 PM
by: Phantom101

Ebola, thoughts?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Now that we've been through a series of "firsts" in the USA in relation to Ebola --

32 673 VandyWhit 10/17/14 1:02 PM
by: volbrigade

Now a Memphis shooting over toy cars

You cant make this stuff up .

5 142 TREX1 10/17/14 12:14 PM
by: TREX1

They are simply the party of the rich.....

Tim Carney: SNIP: President Obama is sometimes beyond parody — especially when he plays

4 166 HKVol 10/17/14 9:11 AM
by: TeeTime

Biden Kept Public in Dark About Son’s Cocaine Discharge

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden

3 124 DunkingDan 10/17/14 8:38 AM
by: TREX1

2019: When Williamson surpasses Hamilton

In the past 2 years, Sales Tax Revenues in Chattanooga (Hamilton County) have grown by a total

3 108 HKVol 10/17/14 8:18 AM
by: HKVol

Doc.s Confirm Fast and Furious AK47 Used in Phoenix Gang Assault

Documents obtained through a lawsuit recently issued against the City of Phoenix by

1 52 DunkingDan 10/17/14 6:55 AM
by: TREX1
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