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Area 51

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1. Please refrain from personal attacks and insults about posters.  A good rule is to remember

0 11722 volmayn 11/29/10 7:01 PM
by: volmayn

Nutjobs march in NYC

0 0 TREX1 Today 6:13 PM
by: TREX1

Yep, simply brilliant to combine or link...

The tax code to medical care.

0 4 rocketcityvol Today 5:56 PM
by: rocketcityvol

HotUnbiased news outlets

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Are there any? If so, what are they?

46 356 VandyWhit Today 5:52 PM
by: Nate924

Most transparent Administration EVER!

Read them all......depressing.... SNIP: The fight for access to public information has

2 58 HKVol Today 5:45 PM
by: Nate924

HotIn favor of state secession

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Interesting. Approximately 24% of Americans support state secessions.

30 266 Nate924 Today 4:59 PM
by: JollyVolly

Have you ever read the Constitution?

1 28 DunkingDan Today 4:42 PM
by: rocketcityvol

Tax Quiz


1 40 sunvol Today 4:10 PM
by: TREX1

Anybody else think the media is milking...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...this Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, etc cases. Don't get me wrong I don't agree domestic or child

24 792 BreatheUT Today 2:50 PM
by: tenneddie

Clingmans Dome

I think I've asked this before, but why is Clingmans Dome considered the highest point in

4 177 BillVol Today 2:29 PM
by: FryeGuy

Continuation of volbrigade's "Hijacking" thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Posted by volbrigade: I'm going to continue sharing random items from my journey through

28 515 volmayn Today 2:01 PM
by: volbrigade

Teddy the Progressive

Roosevelt, that is.  Of course the progressive agenda back then was women's rights and labor

4 111 JollyVolly Today 1:57 PM
by: FryeGuy

Who is familiar with Project Appleseed?

I guess I have led a sheltered life.... in one week I learned of Project Appleseed and that

0 44 Vol12 Today 12:38 PM
by: Vol12

Tennessee in the top ten

in receiving more federal tax money that it gives 1. Mississippi:  Mississippi is one

0 23 indyv Today 12:35 PM
by: indyv

I'm with Martha on this

Where are the Prom King and Eric Holder on this

6 190 IMAVOL Today 9:36 AM
by: rocketcityvol

Another lunch conversation....

I attended a day long conference on Thursday. IBM served us lunch and since I was the only one

11 209 Vol12 Today 8:39 AM
by: Vol12

This Ray Rice thing

Multiple Pages 1 2 

is a gross over reaction. There are five or six guys every day in Charlotte who get arrested

22 415 JollyVolly Today 1:18 AM
by: Volcohol

Another huge riot going to play for days

Dallas police shoot unarmed man.

2 105 jbakes Today 12:36 AM

Syrian Rebels

So are we seriously going to ally ourselves with the SAME GROUP that has pledged loyalty to

8 145 VOLSAREBACK Yesterday 9:05 PM
by: ctd74

LOL! I can't believe this guy fooled so many people.

I told you I would end the war in Iraq, and I did.

5 218 ATexasVol Yesterday 6:42 PM
by: Still Old Duck

"This once great country"

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I see this quoted in reference to all kinds of subjects on the board and in the media.  Can

29 477 KnoxKid Yesterday 6:19 PM
by: volbrigade

How Democrat or Republican are you? I was slightly more Republican and

16 297 Nate924 Yesterday 6:17 PM
by: Still Old Duck

The US Postal Service in action

With no chance of shutting down or rationalizing. But we need "more government" and

4 139 HKVol Yesterday 5:51 PM
by: ctd74

Wow, it's been a good week for the good guys!

Baby steps...

18 356 fuzzynavol Yesterday 1:49 PM
by: volbrigade

Teaching children: Liberal vs Conservative

Interesting Pew Research study:

3 135 KnoxKid Yesterday 10:12 AM
by: volrage

Erased emails, destroyed docs...

It is simply amazing the lack of outrage and curiosity by the mainstream media. If a Republican

9 247 rocketcityvol Yesterday 9:49 AM
by: TuckerVol

Eric Holder a crook? Say it aint so Maw!

2 127 TREX1 Yesterday 7:12 AM
by: TREX1

How about our First Lady

Mrs.Prom King separates cancer patients from their families. Then again St Jude should have said

1 70 IMAVOL Yesterday 1:09 AM
by: HKVol

pabst blue ribbon sells out to the


2 102 jacdaniels 9/19/14 8:44 PM
by: BillVol

Hunt is on for ambush suspect...

2 81 fuzzynavol 9/19/14 7:15 PM
by: rocketcityvol

is anyone besides me getting sick and

tired of all car sales commercials? we're constantly bombarded with them.....i mean, whose

6 126 jacdaniels 9/19/14 3:34 PM
by: jacdaniels

AP & the False Gospel of Spanking

Multiple Pages 1 2

31 307 KnoxKid 9/19/14 3:15 PM
by: KnoxKid

anyone hazard a guess how much we spent on the war on poverty


14 201 TREX1 9/19/14 2:59 PM
by: KnoxKid

Monetary One-World Order

Anyone ever heard of this Dr. Zhu? Monetary One World Order Doug French, Contributing

1 69 LittleDipper 9/19/14 1:38 PM
by: HKVol

UK stays united

55.3% voted to stay; 44.7% voted for independence. Voter turnout a whopping 84.5%. Right to

7 156 VandyWhit 9/19/14 1:37 PM
by: HKVol

NV-Cup Check at Atlanta Falcons/Tampa Bay Bucs Game

Great pass!!!...btw,,,are you wearing your cup?

0 42 VolFanByMarriage 9/19/14 1:09 PM
by: VolFanByMarriage

Interesting how the Ads on the board match

exactly what I was just looking at or just purchased.  Had an occasion to buy some socks for

17 244 TREX1 9/19/14 11:16 AM
by: drewactual

How do you liberals like being led by the nose?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Obama's job approval is almost identical to GWB's in Sept 2006.    Explain this.   

33 332 ATexasVol 9/19/14 10:25 AM
by: Still Old Duck

Well, we don't know how to manage our treasury, but

Our far left government feels perfectly at ease instructing others how to. No wonder, when

0 35 Nate924 9/19/14 8:35 AM
by: Nate924

Younger generation's complete disregard for our military...

Some things never change...

0 55 fuzzynavol 9/19/14 8:30 AM
by: fuzzynavol
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