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Area 51

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0 11111 volmayn 11/29/10 7:01 PM
by: volmayn

Weather Channel Founder on Climate Change: It's "a

...Manufactured Crisis"     LINK

0 5 cferraro04 Today 3:06 AM
by: cferraro04

Coolest Summer since 1992...

The number of 90 degrees days has been decreasing for the past 80 years...   LINK

0 0 cferraro04 Today 3:01 AM
by: cferraro04

Americans wish they elected Romney instead of Obama 53% to 44%


0 11 cferraro04 Today 2:57 AM
by: cferraro04

Scottie Mayfield enters the fray -- slams Weston Wamp

Chattanooga Times Story Video Chuck Fleishmann ran an ad (which I think started

4 170 BillVol Today 1:44 AM
by: BillVol

HotHow can any black athlete go to Bammer?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

If I were Butch, I'd have no problem showing this video (linked below)  to anyone considering

28 2006 BillVol Today 1:36 AM
by: BillVol

Israel, Hamas, and the moral high ground...

Well known atheist Sam Harris has a worthwhile take on Israel vs. Hamas that I think

3 109 fuzzynavol Yesterday 11:44 PM
by: DunkingDan

Awesome post on Rep Mo Brooks Facebook page...

A letter to the president- Mr. Obama: I'm planning to move my family and extended family

19 311 rocketcityvol Yesterday 10:11 PM
by: VandyWhit

So anyone concerned about a war with Russia?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

And what does that do to the next election?

20 463 TREX1 Yesterday 9:53 PM

Barack Obama: coyote in chief

El Rushbo:

0 26 rocketcityvol Yesterday 9:23 PM
by: rocketcityvol

So, is this highly acclaimed economist right? "Civil rights organizations and their

7 157 Nate924 Yesterday 9:05 PM
by: rocketcityvol

John Denver & Cass Elliot - Leaving On A Jet Plane Two talented singers singing a classic song.

2 54 VolFanByMarriage Yesterday 7:09 PM
by: Nate924

So what actions would warrant impeachment?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I'm curious to hear from both sides.   What would it take for you to think impeachment is

21 311 ATexasVol Yesterday 6:37 PM
by: Still Old Duck

Turns out Romney was off by 44%...

"identifies the “officially poor” as “35 percent children, 8 percent elderly, 9 percent

9 216 fuzzynavol Yesterday 5:12 PM
by: ATexasVol

Lucy..the movie--

Premise is a woman acting as a drug mule develops super mind power when the drug leaks while

0 65 rocketcityvol Yesterday 4:39 PM
by: rocketcityvol

"Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist"...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Some pretty strong stuff in here. 

29 544 TeeTime Yesterday 4:18 PM
by: volmayn

Obama Phoning It In?

Not from FOX news but A view from  our most important allies' larger newspapers ( Great Britain)

10 225 roadvol Yesterday 2:30 PM
by: ATexasVol

Please Read -- "The American Prayer"

I hope everyone who has any love left for what this nation once was, and the promise it held;

9 225 volbrigade Yesterday 1:59 PM
by: volbrigade

Woman had sex toy stuck in vagina for 10 years

Have you seen my sex toy?  I cannot remember where I put it!

1 146 VolFanByMarriage Yesterday 10:44 AM
by: fuzzynavol

Greg gutfeld nails it...

0 87 rocketcityvol Yesterday 9:43 AM
by: rocketcityvol

Federal judge rules DC ban on handguns unconstitutional

0 76 DunkingDan 7/26/14 11:11 PM
by: DunkingDan

Woman who shot man over bad sex headed to prison

Her story made national headlines. Bell, who works for an insurance agency, had a long-term

2 158 tns56 7/26/14 7:08 PM
by: VolFanByMarriage

Massachusetts House Passes Radical Bill Prohibiting Pro-Life

Free Speech

9 233 DunkingDan 7/26/14 6:53 PM
by: kckempf

What do you do?

Multiple Pages 1 2 


39 778 rocketcityvol 7/26/14 6:35 PM
by: Glenstorm

Blue Voter in a Red State: Why I am a Democrat.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

I'm not an overly political person, but I do my best to pay attention to what is going on in our

91 974 GothicVolunteer13 7/26/14 6:12 PM
by: volmayn


We must shut down radicals that build furniture in their garage The State Must Control

5 203 ATexasVol 7/26/14 10:39 AM
by: LittleDipper

WTF ?!?!?!

Journalist on Family Vacation Assaulted by Northern Border Agent for Recording Checkpoint

2 139 vols47 7/26/14 9:57 AM
by: LittleDipper


... Is in the top 5 of most free state.

16 342 kingsvol 7/26/14 8:26 AM

Cool Beer Commercial

11 256 VolFanByMarriage 7/25/14 11:44 PM
by: Glenstorm

Area 51 Scientist Drives His Corvette for Free!

US Government Suppresses the Technology! Bob Lazar, former Area 51 Engineer has a proven

6 317 vols47 7/25/14 11:10 PM
by: vols47

Michelle Obama to backers: Write 'big fat' checks

I see Michelle continues to live the progressive Democrats' dream, "use other peoples'

6 198 tns56 7/25/14 6:20 PM
by: rocketcityvol


2 146 volbrigade 7/25/14 5:09 PM
by: jgvol

When Israel Remembers Their Covenant, They Will Change The World

When Israel Remembers Their Covenant, They Will Change The World

2 144 indyv 7/25/14 5:07 PM

Good Quiz


4 164 sunvol 7/25/14 4:43 PM

American Presidents in Uniform

4 194 sonrise7 7/25/14 3:01 PM
by: Still Old Duck

Scientist - - Atheist might not exist

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 


48 530 cferraro04 7/25/14 1:21 PM
by: Glenstorm

Isreal/Palestine...The Onion

The Onion has been really going at the situation in Gaza.

1 118 KnoxKid 7/25/14 11:13 AM
by: volmayn

Why does Palestine exist?

I know I've read before but I forget.  Why does Palestine exist?  Why do they get that strip of

2 171 jbakes 7/25/14 10:59 AM

Way to go, Howard

5 143 rocketcityvol 7/25/14 10:18 AM
by: LittleDipper

and you thought you had a tough day

Hospital Sued For Amputating Penis During Circumcision

3 142 indyv 7/25/14 7:03 AM
by: rocketcityvol
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