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Area 51

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1. Please refrain from personal attacks and insults about posters.  A good rule is to remember

0 11909 volmayn 11/29/10 7:01 PM
by: volmayn

Remember how the Palins were cast so poorly recently

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Here is what really happened..

73 891 jbakes Today 5:25 PM
by: Nate924

Happy Reformation Day!

What is Reformation Day all about? On Friday, much of the culture will be focused on

0 32 Glenstorm Today 4:37 PM
by: Glenstorm

HotProof the POTUS does not deserve the CINC title.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The is easily the most ignorant and offensive crap I have ever heard come out of the president's

39 675 cctVol Today 4:06 PM
by: 114VOL

NY State blesses ‘incest’

The state’s highest court has toppled a cultural taboo — legalizing a degree of incest, at

3 105 DunkingDan Today 3:40 PM
by: decovol

An Election Day Homily

In our intrinsically disordered condition, how much government do we need?

3 103 volbrigade Today 3:22 PM

The ebola quarantine saga in Maine

It looks like the parties are coming to a reasonable conclusion . . .   

1 60 VandyWhit Today 2:38 PM
by: indyv

Election Prediction

I've pretty much lost all interest in politics, as being fairly irrelevant at this juncture.

13 373 volbrigade Today 2:09 PM
by: Volcohol


Anti-violence activists charged in vicious attack

2 86 VolFanByMarriage Today 2:03 PM
by: Volcohol

Race-baiting Democrats must be desperate

And just which side is being divisive?   Rangel compared some members of the GOP

4 118 ATexasVol Today 1:57 PM
by: TeeTime

Who watched "The rise of ISIS" on PBS?

It was well done and showed 'clearly' where Obama policy stands. Interested on everyone's

19 503 Phantom101 Today 1:30 PM
by: Still Old Duck

Boo yall

5 124 indyv Today 1:28 PM
by: jbakes

Ebola disease: the result of the Fall

A fantastic primer on the disease; put in the context of truth. LINK

0 37 volbrigade Today 11:37 AM
by: volbrigade

Evolution and Big Bang are real..

according to the Pope..

8 286 Volcohol Today 10:28 AM
by: Volcohol

When Indy and Fuzz go to their happy place do they see the cord?

0 63 jbakes Today 10:10 AM
by: jbakes

This one is for......well, you know...

...who you are. 

2 113 TeeTime Today 9:59 AM
by: jbakes

Monster Mash

0 38 DunkingDan Today 9:18 AM
by: DunkingDan

The short straw....

2 110 TeeTime Today 6:33 AM
by: TREX1

Remember this song? Who did you think sung it?

To me this is amazing if he can still sing this well.

0 79 TREX1 Today 6:31 AM
by: TREX1

If I was playing in the World Series...

And some numbskull started singing God Bless America, I'd be in the dugout shaking my head in

15 649 fuzzynavol Yesterday 9:37 PM
by: statueoflibertyplay

Race In America

Saw this focus group discussion hosted by Frank Luntz in Los Angeles earlier this morning. Was

3 185 tns56 Yesterday 6:44 PM
by: Hoojang

‘Lone Wolf’ terror attacks: We're sitting ducks...

Great opinion piece from Dr. Lott...he's right on the money, as usual. ‘Lone Wolf’ terror

0 58 ctd74 Yesterday 2:03 PM
by: ctd74

Mans best friend...

Man's Own Dog Helps Police Bust Him on Drug Charge

0 50 VolFanByMarriage Yesterday 12:13 PM
by: VolFanByMarriage

Finally somebody standing up to the looney toon left.

SABO for El Presidente!! Apparently he was just interviewed by the SS and the part I

1 159 jbakes Yesterday 9:46 AM
by: jbakes

Todays Darwin Award Winners

London drug dealers sentenced after being caught with boastful cellphone photos of drugs, cash

1 87 VolFanByMarriage Yesterday 9:05 AM
by: TeeTime

Obama doing what he does best:

Robbing others!!

3 104 jbakes Yesterday 8:49 AM
by: jbakes

Senate Ethics Committee "Loses" Complaint On Reid


4 203 roadvol Yesterday 8:46 AM
by: roadvol

Interesting point of view.....

...kinda hard to argue with.

1 100 TeeTime Yesterday 8:06 AM
by: rocketcityvol

Our make believe world...

0 50 rocketcityvol Yesterday 8:04 AM
by: rocketcityvol

Detroit man owes $30,000 in support for child he did not father

This is CRAZY Bull Chit.  How can this be even remotely possible?

1 108 VolFanByMarriage Yesterday 2:43 AM
by: HKVol

For Vol12 and others. 300 Blackout


7 224 TREX1 10/29/14 8:57 PM
by: jacdaniels

I'm sorry, but it's stupid to bring

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Ebola patients to the U.S.

24 444 rocketcityvol 10/29/14 6:34 PM
by: Nate924

The Generation to Come

No nation ever had such a Christian beginning as America.  But the American dream has become

9 256 volbrigade 10/29/14 4:38 PM
by: volbrigade

are all religions becoming the servant of madmen

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Attack Jerusalem Buses Over Women Of The Wall Ad

18 359 indyv 10/29/14 4:31 PM
by: volbrigade

Spell check on the beta forums

Anyway to turn it on?  I desparitlee need it...

0 34 KnoxKid 10/29/14 4:00 PM
by: KnoxKid

Hey Kid...

Is this in your neck of the woods (no pun intended)? Beheading in Long Island

1 94 highVOLtage 10/29/14 3:52 PM
by: KnoxKid

Flu VS Ebola.

What is the death rate of those getting the Flu? Ebola?

9 183 TREX1 10/29/14 12:58 PM
by: KnoxKid

Biden caught, must pay up!

2 135 TribeVol 10/29/14 11:19 AM
by: TREX1

has anyone seen this guy


1 88 jacdaniels 10/29/14 10:03 AM
by: TREX1

The Republican War on Women

Even New Yorkers don't believe it anymore....

2 157 HKVol 10/29/14 9:48 AM
by: roadvol
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