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PinnedUT coaching candidates (updated Wed., April 16)

I've updated my list of potential candidates for the UT basketball coaching vacancy, deleting

0 898 RandyMoore 4/16/14 6:05 PM
by: RandyMoore

PinnedFREE READ: Breaking up is hard to do

Stability is important but the departure of Cuonzo Martin after just three years as Tennessee's

3 400 RandyMoore 4/16/14 9:47 PM
by: sport350

Pinned and LockedSubscription Special: 3 for 1

Sign up today and get 3 months for the price of 1. You don't need any offer code just click

0 100 JoshWoodward 4/16/14 12:08 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedRECRUITING - 2014 Prospects

2014 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scout Home . .

2 8099 HKVol 3/25/14 4:20 PM
by: Black5

PinnedRECRUITING - 2015 Prospects

2015 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scouts Home .

0 7610 HKVol 6/17/13 12:27 AM
by: HKVol

PinnedRECRUITING - 2013 prospects

2013 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scout  Home . .

1 16742 HKVol 10/29/12 10:19 PM
by: OrangeZen

Martin Afraid of the Future?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I think that this "horrible fan base" stuff is being overblown.  I think the real

24 1298 JuzzyVol Today 7:37 AM
by: TREX1

Saw this name in another thread...

Tony Bennett? Last info I could find, makes 1.7 per and has a buyout of a million even. H/t

2 496 TheOrangeCrush Today 7:28 AM
by: ReggieJohnsonFan

Have some very bad news to report about Udistrict

First of all, I guess I'll spill the beans.  Very few here knew that U is actually a woman!  She

14 1014 BillVol Today 6:48 AM
by: drvenner

Let's have some fun with this. Prediction Thread.

We will have have a coach in place by *blank*. And his name will be *blank*.

18 1042 RAINMAKER31 Today 6:33 AM

Anxiously awaiting Pat Forde's latest column

Wondering his take on Haith leaving Mizzou for freaking Tulsa. I mean, if the Vols AD has a

2 517 NYCVol Today 12:10 AM
by: stucknbig10

Pearl was a big problem for Cuonzo

but won't be for the next guy. Even the most die-hard BP fan must see the writing on the wall

5 620 Volwhite Yesterday 11:33 PM
by: TuckerVol

Why did Missouri run off Haith?

Here was a coach who went to the NCAA 2 out of 3 years and had a .614 winning average in the

3 473 CapitalVol Yesterday 11:31 PM
by: drewdat

ESPN reporting Frank Haith to Tulsa almost done.

Well this throws a bit of a curveball at Dave Hart. Another quality job opening in the SEC.

15 967 RAINMAKER31 Yesterday 11:18 PM
by: greenwheel

What Martin faces at Cal...(link)


4 850 HallowedHillII Yesterday 10:49 PM
by: OrangeZen

HotLots of Smoke on Mack Right Now...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Not sure if that is really the case since Dave is at the Knoxville Zoo (or was).

29 2180 Bigorangeboy Yesterday 10:13 PM
by: Glenstorm

Buzz Peterson

I have no objection to hiring a young, mid-major, energetic bb coach. There are some interesting

13 829 volnky Yesterday 9:16 PM
by: GVT11

Looks like Chris Mack has got a little Pearl in him

Check out his music video

5 771 ClockworkOrange Yesterday 9:02 PM
by: i2amavol

Check out the new front page.

Ours will look similar in a few days.

0 252 JoshWoodward Yesterday 9:01 PM
by: JoshWoodward

I'll take Bald White Guys Who Coach in Cincinnati for $200, Alex

The answer:  The University of Tennessee's next head basketball coach Seriously, though, do

1 579 SGidds Yesterday 8:52 PM

Vols new coach -- better or worse than Wojo?

Better or worse than Danny Manning at Wake Forest? Which is the better job -- Marquette,

0 276 FJRman Yesterday 8:29 PM
by: FJRman

HotWhy is everyone high on Chris Mack?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Don't get me wrong I think he's a good coach, but took over a Sean Miller team that was stocked

29 1534 DyrtyJ Yesterday 8:00 PM
by: Lawrenc

Hyams said UT's top pick was Marshall

He is making $1.7 something annually

1 1050 chrisvol95 Yesterday 6:51 PM

Anybody know why so many players are transferring out of the

Xavier program. Justin Martin and Matt Stainbrook both leaving have one more year to play. They

5 666 volfan2002 Yesterday 6:42 PM
by: volfan2002

Looks like Haith to Tulsa is almost a done deal

Maybe JWIII will want to transfer from Mizzou to Tennessee.

2 279 tns56 Yesterday 6:01 PM
by: tns56

If Hart is really at the zoo today

Maybe he's holding the job interviews with Mack and Cronin in the lion's den to see if they can

2 414 tns56 Yesterday 5:47 PM
by: tns56

Has anyone considered John Thompson III?

Big East is becoming a mid major.  Is he tired of being in Pop's shadow?

8 561 cstief Yesterday 5:25 PM
by: hoyafan1

Frank Haith to Tulsa?

Per Gary Parrish: a serious candidate Jeff Borzello  ‏ Why would Frank

7 739 OrangeZen Yesterday 5:04 PM
by: AlbertBelle

Martin says petition not a factor.

10 619 volingermantown Yesterday 5:02 PM

The Cinci guys

Mack & Cronin.  I'd be happy with either. They both have been to the past 4 tourneys.

4 436 KnoxKid Yesterday 4:46 PM
by: pdlglm

Case for LA Tech's Michael White

Though he probably doesn't hit on all the marks, he hits on a ton of them- certainly enough for

2 382 volndawgville Yesterday 4:34 PM
by: atlscribe

I'm most definitely not an insider

but here's some non-premium info on potential coaching candidates that I read on another message

17 1762 tns56 Yesterday 4:13 PM
by: Volotovcocktail

How many coaching hires has Grunfeld been involved BECAUSE

according to many on here we have had only 1 good coach in the last 25 years? Devoe- OK

11 659 awinatl Yesterday 4:06 PM
by: OrangeZen

I like the idea of hiring someone who runs up-tempo...

Not just because it's fun to watch, but because it means that coach could succeed Year 1. Our

6 626 GregAmsler Yesterday 3:55 PM
by: orangemel

I just thought about who else we are probably losing

Nicodemus Christopher, UT's Strength and Conditioning coach. Hate to lose him. He's a native of

1 536 tns56 Yesterday 3:17 PM
by: IzzAns

HotIf the names we're hearing are the actual candidates, ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

... it looks like Michael White from Louisiana Tech will be our next coach (once Gregg Marshall

29 3120 timmessee Yesterday 3:15 PM
by: ShoalCreekVol

Someone finally takes up for the Vols

Here's the article for all of you that are sick of all the, Tennessee sucks, stories floating

5 1479 Hounddog4954 Yesterday 12:52 PM
by: orangemel

A big plus for the new coach

will be when UT becomes a Nike school in a little over a year. That should be a boon to

8 1012 tns56 Yesterday 12:46 PM
by: tns56

Didn't we have a discussion a while back about Derrick Clark?

Is he out of consideration, even as a long shot candidate? As a refresher, he's the head

0 306 SGidds Yesterday 12:05 PM
by: SGidds

Jay Bilas: UT a top 30 job, at least. Also weighs in on fans.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Hart isn't alone in thinking the adversity Martin encountered won't limit Tennessee's ability

23 1865 smyrnavol Yesterday 11:57 AM
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