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PinnedCoaching Hot Board

Here is a list of names that Randy has put together.  Click Here

0 1019 JoshWoodward Yesterday 2:16 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedRECRUITING - 2014 Prospects

2014 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scout Home . .

2 7943 HKVol 3/25/14 4:20 PM
by: Black5

PinnedRECRUITING - 2015 Prospects

2015 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scouts Home .

0 7462 HKVol 6/17/13 12:27 AM
by: HKVol

PinnedRECRUITING - 2013 prospects

2013 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scout  Home . .

1 16600 HKVol 10/29/12 10:19 PM
by: OrangeZen

Somebody wake me up when the sermon is over

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Some thoughts. 1. I didn't lie to my governing body. 2. I didn't fire any coaches. 3. I

23 959 HamiltonVol Today 9:46 AM
by: NYCVol

How will the "We can't pay the basketball coach

as much as we pay the football coach" philosophy come into play with a new hire?

0 2 Olivaw Today 9:46 AM
by: Olivaw

May I suggest we give Kevin O'Neill a call?

Maybe he could complete the job he started before Dickey screwed him over.  I know most UT fans

9 429 BillVol Today 9:45 AM
by: HallowedHillII

HotDana Oneil trashing us on ESPN and my response-

Multiple Pages 1 2 

35 1843 volfaninbamaland Today 9:45 AM
by: WjVol

It was about money with Hart and booster support.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Thats what I have heard.

23 1886 RAINMAKER31 Today 9:37 AM
by: Olivaw

Hope Hart is Good of Lucky...

Timing is really bad and this years list of candidates was really lean to begin with.  Like

1 82 GUNTERSVOL Today 9:36 AM
by: cherokee04

Is Eric Musselman the guy for Tennessee basketball?

This dude has an impressive Pro resume and is very well thought of on the Pro ranks. He is also

3 340 Batman1948 Today 9:35 AM
by: cherokee04

Yep, it's official. Hart wanted Zo gone...

TOS had a thread that showed the new contract terms Hart put in front of Zo.  Though it did have

1 208 NYCVol Today 9:32 AM
by: volfan2002

Yep, it's official. Hart wanted Zo gone...

TOS had a thread that showed the new contract terms Hart put in front of Zo.  Though it did have

10 1188 NYCVol Today 9:30 AM
by: kckempf

The Media Reaction and Race

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I believe the national media is pissed at TN fans because they THINK we didn't embrace CM

25 827 54321GiveHimSix Today 9:29 AM
by: Olivaw

We need to embrace this kid when he gets here.

@JordanCornish5_: Good Morning America!God works in mysterious ways he closes doors to open up

1 121 RAINMAKER31 Today 9:26 AM
by: IveGotBigVols

Cornish continues to be awesome on twitter.

"Good Morning America!God works in mysterious ways he closes doors to open up new ones!New

0 121 smyrnavol Today 9:16 AM
by: smyrnavol

Who Is The Interim Coach Now during the Coaching Search?

Who is holding down the fort?

4 612 sport350 Today 9:14 AM

Bleacher Report Article About Possible Zo Replacements

options. An interesting read:

3 478 mkg5934 Today 9:02 AM
by: ZZBlueComet

Has CCM done any post-season interviews

Haven't seen anything from Randy, Rucker or Rob Lewis. For you guys who get the Sentinel, has

9 723 GVT11 Today 8:55 AM
by: ShoalCreekVol

Listening to the press conference I get the

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Impression that Hart was completely blindsided by this and we are in no way ready to hire a

22 1831 RAINMAKER31 Today 8:17 AM
by: volfan2002

Mike Decourcy was on the Sports Animal

He had some interesting comments regarding CCM. 1. He said that he thought that there was no

5 1574 drvenner Today 8:03 AM

Well I was right and I was wrong

He did get offered a 2 year extension just like I said for months. However he is going

0 136 TREX1 Today 7:52 AM
by: TREX1

Slanting the news

I read 2 national news releases criticizing UT and the basketball situation.  Both accounts

1 302 volnky Today 6:53 AM
by: tpsdave

It will be interesting to see how the future plays out @ UT,

Cal, and Auburn. The Pac 12 is considered a better basketball conference than the SEC. All new

0 188 govols85 Today 5:09 AM
by: govols85

Who saw that coming?!?!

I didn't even know Cal had a job opening. Its go time Mr. Hart....lets see what you got

14 1547 RAINMAKER31 Today 4:47 AM
by: govols85

HotMartin didn't meet with his players to tell them...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

@Ben_Fred: Confirmed with UT player that #Vols were informed of Cuonzo Martin's departure to Cal

29 2530 pdlglm Today 3:29 AM
by: VolArmy1122

Just watched Cuonzo's presser

It was the most animated I have ever seen him - smiling and completing sentences - he looked

8 1084 chrisvol95 Today 2:11 AM

HotWho is the next UT basketball coach?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Your first call is to Gregg Marshall. Hate we lost the chance to talk to Danny Manning.

28 2659 TheOrangeCrush Today 1:24 AM
by: UTFan1

How will Cuonzo be remembered at UT?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I think it's an interesting question. Obviously, he leaves with plenty of detractors and

22 1039 atlscribe Today 12:09 AM
by: egbert

Gary Parrish article on Martin's departure

Cuonzo Martin is a lot of things. Tough. Smart. Respected. Accomplished. But Cuonzo

0 444 tns56 Today 12:04 AM
by: tns56

HotInteresting from Jordy.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

@JordyMac52: Can't treat people any kind of way and expect good in return.

46 2515 RAINMAKER31 Yesterday 11:13 PM
by: UTFan1

Rumors that Cornish wants to go to Cal


17 1964 IzzAns Yesterday 11:01 PM
by: orangemel

Pat Forde, slams TN fanbase.....

Cuonzo Martin’s departure highlights Tennessee's immense level of dysfunction It is time to

1 342 Hoojang Yesterday 10:59 PM
by: RealVolFan

One thing I can't make sense of

when did Hart offer Martin the raise and extension? I would think that if Hart offered it a few

4 344 IzzAns Yesterday 10:20 PM
by: IzzAns



0 44 Batman1948 Yesterday 9:59 PM
by: Batman1948

I'm surprised Hart actually told us what he offered Cuonzo.

You don't see that from ADs in these situations, usually.  They'd just say they offered more

2 292 ChicagoVols Yesterday 9:35 PM
by: TREX1

Let's move forward, our fanbase is starting to resemble politics

Those who don't support Cuonzo just don't support him. Those who are in his camp are going to

3 70 EVaVol Yesterday 9:16 PM
by: BreatheUT

Greg Doyle of CBS: "Big time job open at UT. Big.

Big-time basketball job open at Tennessee. Big. Time. Because Cuonzo's gone - Per his

4 1802 smyrnavol Yesterday 9:12 PM
by: seavol

Well the excitement of the post season run (Revisited)

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

will soon be replaced with the perceived downturn of next season if Stokes announces he's

52 1244 tns56 Yesterday 9:02 PM
by: tns56

This won't be received well. Some truths in there though.

10 841 RAINMAKER31 Yesterday 8:04 PM
by: StallionVol
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