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PinnedUT coaching candidates (updated Friday, April 18)

I've updated my list of potential candidates for the UT basketball coaching vacancy, adding a

0 1584 RandyMoore 4/16/14 6:05 PM
by: RandyMoore

Pinned and LockedSubscription Special: 3 for 1

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0 182 JoshWoodward 4/16/14 12:08 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedRECRUITING - 2014 Prospects

2014 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scout Home . .

2 8261 HKVol 3/25/14 4:20 PM
by: Black5

PinnedRECRUITING - 2015 Prospects

2015 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scouts Home .

0 7746 HKVol 6/17/13 12:27 AM
by: HKVol

PinnedRECRUITING - 2013 prospects

2013 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scout  Home . .

1 16964 HKVol 10/29/12 10:19 PM
by: OrangeZen

THis mornings Sports Sources was informative and interesting

Evidently, we HAVE gone after big name coaches in the past but couldn't get them - they rejected

18 1995 chrisvol95 Today 3:59 AM

The value of an opportunity versus security

I realize it is a different era but I knew Coach Mears and I don't think he would have been the

0 66 siberiavol Today 3:08 AM
by: siberiavol

HotIf this guy turns us down...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

...then we are the most incompetently run basketball program in the history of ever.

26 2257 HamiltonVol Today 1:58 AM
by: HamiltonVol

One thing to keep in mind.

Everybody laughed when we were turned down by Gundy and Strong and hired Butch Jones, who was

9 444 smyrnavol Today 12:33 AM
by: Ironvol

Completely support Dave Hart if he is putting in contingencies

regarding the buyout. Kennedy is treading water at Ole Miss and the last thing our program needs

11 1088 EVaVol Today 12:29 AM
by: TheOrangeCrush

I have no idea how valid this is but here it is.

@TonyBasilio: RT@RichardWNFZ RT "@FanSided: Tennessee Volunteers to name Louisiana Tech’s

9 1647 RAINMAKER31 Today 12:05 AM
by: GregAmsler

The issue with White is the buyout.

Don't know if Hart will give in on that. If it's not White, then whatever. Tyndall or Howland.

11 1552 smyrnavol Yesterday 11:57 PM
by: drvenner

Hey, board functionality question...

Is anybody else having trouble posting?  I hit the 'Post' button, and I get an error screen, so

7 170 Glenstorm Yesterday 11:52 PM
by: expfcwintergreen

Whomever gets hired it will be a HOME RUN

because all of our hires are always home runs.

1 281 awinatl Yesterday 10:42 PM
by: Ironvol

Cornish not happy at all

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Tweeting that he is very impatient and the process is taking too long. Good job Hart and UT

23 1858 loftonfor3 Yesterday 9:59 PM
by: sport350

If the names we're hearing are the actual candidates, ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

... it looks like Michael White from Louisiana Tech will be our next coach (once Gregg Marshall

33 4049 timmessee Yesterday 8:25 PM
by: timmessee

If it comes to it, Michael White might be a good fit.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

First off, he's young and energetic. He coaches an energetic brand of basketball...full court

38 3009 smyrnavol Yesterday 8:23 PM
by: loftonfor3

Per Brent Dougherty on Twitter....

Brent Dougherty ‏ @ brentdougherty 1h RT @ withrowzone : A source is

3 1597 Ironvol Yesterday 8:20 PM
by: Bigorangeboy

Is Ernie G involved in the search? Bernard King? Anybody else?


6 430 BillVol Yesterday 8:16 PM
by: TuckerVol

Hart's may be well acquainted with White's father Hart and his son are AD's, and his father

1 442 FJRman Yesterday 7:51 PM
by: Ironvol

Whoever we hire, I will support

I just wish when the hire is made and the thread starts on this board, that CBP and CCM names

2 230 backdoorcutvol Yesterday 7:33 PM
by: doccholiday

What happened to the two cincy guys?

Did both of them turn us down and then we went to White or is White our first stop?  I had read

6 1033 rivervolunteer Yesterday 6:57 PM
by: VolArmy1122

Next BB coach has to compete with Butch too...

Better be high energy and ready to sell UT to fans as well as recruits...  White seems like a

5 662 GUNTERSVOL Yesterday 6:57 PM
by: wildorange

Dickey on why he didn't hire Marshall

This is from the Basilio show today.  A booster asked Dickey this.  Per Tony, Dickey replied,

17 3163 BillVol Yesterday 6:50 PM
by: wildorange

HotWhite reportedly considering job offer

Multiple Pages 1 2 

per Jeff Goodman However, sources

27 2248 OrangeZen Yesterday 6:39 PM
by: plumbervol

White and the "energy"...

Hey vols, I want to like White. I really do. Just not who I was hoping for. But I'll live and

0 475 rivervolunteer Yesterday 5:03 PM
by: rivervolunteer

I'm thinking it will be Monday at the earliest

before we hear if it's Michael White. All schools want to get the most media exposure in an

1 455 tns56 Yesterday 4:49 PM
by: i2amavol

HotIt's looking like it's Michael White.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

A whole lot of smoke and buzz from all the reputable sources*. *"sources" meaning

44 2604 smyrnavol Yesterday 2:27 PM
by: UTFan1

Parrish - CCM left Vol roster "in bad shape"

Multiple Pages 1 2 


20 1799 GVT11 Yesterday 2:20 PM
by: overact7

The difference between being a winning program and a losing one

Let me start by saying, I'd back White 100%. I think he's a good coach.  However, look at the

12 1132 IzzAns Yesterday 12:25 PM

White an offensively oriented coach? (Pomeroy)

I read a comment in another thread stating White's teams are known for offensive play, because

5 711 OrangeZen Yesterday 11:12 AM
by: OrangeZen

Two comments and Vols-what do you think about these?

1. I appreciate Hart's "silent search".  It does no good for the program to learn that

1 494 volnky Yesterday 10:50 AM
by: volinvonore

basketball recruiting

Was martin recruiting okorah for cal while still the  head coach at tn.? sure seems that way.

8 1101 vollarry Yesterday 10:06 AM
by: homervol

Poaching LA Tech for a BB coach

what's Jerry Green up to these days??

0 250 awinatl Yesterday 9:52 AM
by: awinatl

FREE READ: An open letter to Dave Hart

I'm not the athletics director but I've been watching Tennessee play basketball a lot longer

3 462 RandyMoore Yesterday 9:52 AM
by: VOLnAR

This is going exactly like the Butch search.

When the football coaching search started, it was very quiet in the beginning. I remember a lot

13 903 smyrnavol Yesterday 8:03 AM

Michael White's Wiki page )

2 762 tns56 Yesterday 12:19 AM
by: tns56

What should happen vs. what probably will..........

Once again UT Basketball is at a crossroads.  We've all seen the list of names. The real

9 1611 BNAVol Yesterday 12:18 AM
by: UTFan1

Some questions I have about Michael White

Is he in any way connected to Michael Jordan? Is he in any way connected to Karl Malone?

0 410 SGidds 4/19/14 11:53 PM
by: SGidds

If it indeed ends up being White, the good news is

our roster should be ready to just get out and run for days in his style. Richardson, Armani,

2 647 RAINMAKER31 4/19/14 11:49 PM
by: tennmdvol
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