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PinnedUT coaching candidates (updated Friday, April 18)

I've updated my list of potential candidates for the UT basketball coaching vacancy, adding a

0 1446 RandyMoore 4/16/14 6:05 PM
by: RandyMoore

Pinned and LockedSubscription Special: 3 for 1

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0 136 JoshWoodward 4/16/14 12:08 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedRECRUITING - 2014 Prospects

2014 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scout Home . .

2 8195 HKVol 3/25/14 4:20 PM
by: Black5

PinnedRECRUITING - 2015 Prospects

2015 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scouts Home .

0 7690 HKVol 6/17/13 12:27 AM
by: HKVol

PinnedRECRUITING - 2013 prospects

2013 . Composite ESPN Rivals Scout  Home . .

1 16864 HKVol 10/29/12 10:19 PM
by: OrangeZen

If the names we're hearing are the actual candidates, ...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

... it looks like Michael White from Louisiana Tech will be our next coach (once Gregg Marshall

31 3375 timmessee Today 3:14 AM
by: Volunteerhoops

If it comes to it, Michael White might be a good fit.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

First off, he's young and energetic. He coaches an energetic brand of basketball...full court

21 2077 smyrnavol Today 12:36 AM
by: loftonfor3

basketball recruiting

Was martin recruiting okorah for cal while still the  head coach at tn.? sure seems that way.

6 829 vollarry Today 12:29 AM
by: orangemel

The difference between being a winning program and a losing one

Let me start by saying, I'd back White 100%. I think he's a good coach.  However, look at the

3 199 IzzAns Today 12:25 AM
by: IzzAns

Michael White's Wiki page )

2 312 tns56 Today 12:19 AM
by: tns56

What should happen vs. what probably will..........

Once again UT Basketball is at a crossroads.  We've all seen the list of names. The real

9 1465 BNAVol Today 12:18 AM
by: UTFan1

HotIt's looking like it's Michael White.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

A whole lot of smoke and buzz from all the reputable sources*. *"sources" meaning

38 1395 smyrnavol Today 12:17 AM
by: pdlglm

Parrish - CCM left Vol roster "in bad shape"


12 721 GVT11 Today 12:07 AM
by: EVaVol

Some questions I have about Michael White

Is he in any way connected to Michael Jordan? Is he in any way connected to Karl Malone?

0 150 SGidds Yesterday 11:53 PM
by: SGidds

If it indeed ends up being White, the good news is

our roster should be ready to just get out and run for days in his style. Richardson, Armani,

2 315 RAINMAKER31 Yesterday 11:49 PM
by: tennmdvol

I hope someone with some knowledge can answer this...

According to several writers last week, UT is a top 30 BB program.  However, we are ranked 73 in

14 980 chrisvol95 Yesterday 11:15 PM
by: tennmdvol

Just got a PM from a Vol here...

If you'd enable your message box to receive messages, I could reply.  Thanks for the note

0 240 BillVol Yesterday 11:09 PM
by: BillVol

This is going exactly like the Butch search.

When the football coaching search started, it was very quiet in the beginning. I remember a lot

12 643 smyrnavol Yesterday 11:04 PM
by: HamiltonVol

I love and loved Bruce Pearl

I am not ashamed to say so - he was the perfect fit for Tennessee - the fan base absolutely

1 193 chrisvol95 Yesterday 11:02 PM
by: Black5

Location and Timing are everything

So, how much happier would Martin and Pearl be right now if the Vols had missed the NCAA

6 684 volleyman Yesterday 10:52 PM
by: dd4vols

FREE READ: An open letter to Dave Hart

I'm not the athletics director but I've been watching Tennessee play basketball a lot longer

2 214 RandyMoore Yesterday 10:44 PM
by: DunkingDan

Tennessee A Done Deal For DeShields


0 382 jacdaniels Yesterday 10:38 PM
by: jacdaniels

Why is everyone high on Chris Mack?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Don't get me wrong I think he's a good coach, but took over a Sean Miller team that was stocked

35 1977 DyrtyJ Yesterday 10:21 PM
by: smyrnavol

I'm most definitely not an insider

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

but here's some non-premium info on potential coaching candidates that I read on another message

40 4012 tns56 Yesterday 9:37 PM
by: GregAmsler

Would be interesting to see a list

of the potential coaching candidates and which 4 and 5 star prospects are considering their

3 832 tns56 Yesterday 8:05 PM
by: Glenstorm

ever wonder why Ky dominates the SEC in BB like no other team

dominates their conference? What if Ky had a season like Alabama had this yr., would they

16 1043 33wcat Yesterday 7:49 PM
by: jaggededge

Parl talks martin exit

14 1321 pdlglm Yesterday 2:02 PM
by: TuckerVol

Martin Afraid of the Future?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I think that this "horrible fan base" stuff is being overblown.  I think the real

28 1608 JuzzyVol Yesterday 1:57 PM
by: TuckerVol

I'll take Bald White Guys Who Coach in Cincinnati for $200, Alex

The answer:  The University of Tennessee's next head basketball coach Seriously, though, do

5 1246 SGidds Yesterday 1:57 PM
by: tpsdave

I think the case could be made that we are 2nd best job in SEC

The only thing Florida beats us on is history and that history is basically attributed to one

8 580 KnoxKid Yesterday 1:01 PM
by: woolfvol

Anxiously awaiting Pat Forde's latest column

Wondering his take on Haith leaving Mizzou for freaking Tulsa. I mean, if the Vols AD has a

6 1129 NYCVol Yesterday 12:47 PM
by: jaggededge

Dickey on why he didn't hire Marshall

This is from the Basilio show today.  A booster asked Dickey this.  Per Tony, Dickey replied,

15 2705 BillVol Yesterday 10:38 AM
by: homervol

Tim Miles would be a great hire

He isn't from the area so that's something to consider but he has built programs many times at

10 1434 EVaVol Yesterday 9:38 AM
by: Glenstorm

Pearl vs Howland......

I must admit, after witnessing the success of both Pittsburgh and UCLA under Ben Howland it is

2 919 jaggededge Yesterday 8:06 AM
by: volmayn

Have some very bad news to report about Udistrict

First of all, I guess I'll spill the beans.  Very few here knew that U is actually a woman!  She

19 2055 BillVol 4/18/14 11:43 PM
by: EVaVol

Coaches will look at what Pearl did when considering Tennessee..

Big time college coaches have huge egos. Any coach serious about considering Tennessee will

5 775 33wcat 4/18/14 11:01 PM
by: 33wcat

Let's have some fun with this. Prediction Thread.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

We will have have a coach in place by *blank*. And his name will be *blank*.

31 1645 RAINMAKER31 4/18/14 9:37 PM
by: volmayn

The Cinci guys

Mack & Cronin.  I'd be happy with either. They both have been to the past 4 tourneys.

8 1020 KnoxKid 4/18/14 8:37 PM
by: GothamVol

glad he is gone

I am glad that coach Martin is gone!  Hope the best for him but he was never going to get UT

6 593 hedgepath 4/18/14 8:26 PM

I'm a little surprised at how quiet the search is going

I figured this thing would move at warp speed, especially now that Mizzou has entered the

8 1158 volzwinbig 4/18/14 6:24 PM
by: smyrnavol
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