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PRACTICE QUOTES: Butch on expectations, rookies, Hurd on debut

Posted: 8/27/2014 8:00 PM

PRACTICE QUOTES: Butch on expectations, rookies, Hurd on debut 

Below are some of the best quotes following Wednesday’s Vol football practice:


Butch Jones on student tickets selling out: “First of all, I’d like to start off saying thank you to our student body. All of the student tickets are sold out for Utah State. We talk about being one Tennessee. Most places their student ticket sales are down. At Tennessee we’re selling out our student section. Now we need to make this a regularity.”


Jones on the uncertainty of openers: “The first game it’s always a new identity, a new football team, new leadership. But you always rely on your past experience. We’re going to be playing upwards of 28 true freshmen (counting walk-ons), individuals who just concluded their first week and a half of school. Communication’s going to be at a premium and understanding what they have to do. But they’re also very talented and they’re excited, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform Sunday night.”


Jones on whether he really expects to play all 28 scholarship freshmen in Game 1: “Some of them are walk-ons that are playing at a scholarship level right now.”


Jones on harnessing the emotions of Curt Maggitt, who has missed most of the past two seasons: “Curt understands. He’s mature beyond his years. He’s a very steady individual.”


Jones on what to expect in an opener with so many new faces: “You can’t assume anything – from how do they run out of the (pre-game) T to which sideline do they run to? They’ve never done it before. As a coach you can’t assume anything, so you have to put them through anything and everything. Really, when the ball’s kicked off and it’s for real you do what you do … you play football, you rely on your instincts, your training and your discipline.”


Jones on the difference between knowing what to do and doing it: “There’s a lot of smart individuals that are very smart but they can’t translate it from the classroom to the field. They can get all the answers right in a classroom setting or a walk-through setting but when you get on the field and you have to make split-second decisions – then you put the velocity of the game, the violence of the game and the physicality that’s required to play the game – that’s a whole ‘nother deal in and of itself.”


Jones on the importance of special teams in early season games: “If you watch throughout the course of the weekend how many games will be determined by turnovers, by penalties in special teams. Special teams will be the great equalizer and the difference-maker in a lot of these games this weekend.”


Jones on his 32 scholarship signees: “I was driving home last night, thinking about the 32 signees and how much they’ve progressed. They’re going to be a special class. Some are ahead of others at this particular moment – every individual is different – but I’m encouraged and excited as I’ve ever been about the future and where we’re going.”


Freshman running back Jalen Hurd on what he’s feeling with his college debut rapidly approaching: “Just excitement …to finally get to this place and not to look at the little clock in the team room and it saying ‘150 days.’ It’s game time and I’m so excited.”


Hurd on how he expects to feel Sunday night: “I’m definitely going to be nervous for my first game. But that’s for every football game. But that nervousness is really excitement.”


Sophomore linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin on how nervous he felt heading into his debut as a Vol freshman one year ago: “Nah, never. Maybe a little butterflies. At the end of the day I’ve been playing football my whole life, so it doesn’t become that big of a deal.”


Starting cornerback Cam Sutton on doubling as the chief punt-return specialist: “Now that we have more depth around the secondary it opens up more opportunities to do those things.”


Sutton on his punt-return skills: “My confidence is very high, whether it’s punt return or cornerback or just being on the field. That adds a lot of momentum to the game. I know what I can do back there with the ball in my hands, so when I get the ball in my hands I just have to make the most of it.”


Sutton on whether filling two roles might create fatigue: “No. I definitely won’t wear myself out. I don’t get tired. We preach that: We don’t get tired in our program. We just keep pushing forward.”


Linebacker/defensive end Curt Maggitt on being back after nearly a two-year injury layoff: “I’m feeling great. Today I felt fantastic. I’m running around a lot. I’m excited for Sunday.”


Maggitt on playing two positions: “I understand the game at a pretty high rate. I understand defensive end and I understand linebacker. If I have any questions they (defensive coaches) are there to answer it…. I’m comfortable with the position I’m in.”


Maggitt on how he’d describe his position: “I’d say hybrid. That sounds cool.”

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Posted: 8/27/2014 8:28 PM

Re: PRACTICE QUOTES: Butch on expectations, rookies, Hurd on 

Thanks Randy.

UT the new NFL Training Facility


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