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Rocky Top Board

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premium members. Click Here

0 136 JoshWoodward Yesterday 10:09 AM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedNeed Tickets for games?

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0 964 JoshWoodward 9/28/14 5:42 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedInsideTennessee College Football Pick'em

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11 6287 JoshWoodward 9/19/14 11:51 AM
by: RealVolFan

Starting Qb

why did we start Peterman .. knowing we were going to Dobbs after the 2nd series ???

8 408 slient Today 11:11 PM
by: WTRVol

that last running play we stacked up their

runner, the whistle should have blown...but they let the runner gain 4 yards before they vlew

2 59 jacdaniels Today 11:10 PM
by: 33wcat

has bammie ever had a holding call this year?


6 98 jacdaniels Today 11:10 PM
by: volfan2002

We spotted BAMA 21 and then kicked

their ass the final 3 qtrs!!

2 45 PhantomVol Today 11:09 PM
by: 33wcat

Ole Miss...what in the world

If you were watching the game...what in the world was Bo Wallace doing on that play. In field

5 108 volsfan72 Today 11:09 PM
by: wtmvol

Luv the Tennessee Vols - We'll Fight!!!!!


3 63 PhantomVol Today 11:08 PM
by: PhantomVol

Is kiffen bamas coach..

.. or are the espn announcers just metro-sexual over him??

3 65 Clayterman Today 11:06 PM
by: volfan2002

Vols are going to cover

Lots of people going to lose money tonight.

1 51 BillVol Today 11:05 PM
by: volfan2002

is bammie leaving their best players in?


2 79 jacdaniels Today 11:04 PM
by: Clayterman

Win or lose, we get to wear the Orange


0 24 BillVol Today 11:04 PM
by: BillVol

Ole Miss falls...

Bo Wallace is an idiot.  Just saying.

5 122 WanderingVol Today 11:04 PM
by: cc623

LSU must have a good Def Coordinator

Hugh Freeze offense only 7 points

1 47 awinatl Today 11:00 PM
by: TREX1

UT-Bama 2nd half game thread

We're having some technical difficulties with the game thread, so I'm starting a new one for the

8 319 RandyMoore Today 10:55 PM
by: ShroomytheFrog

Looks like Ole Miss is going down

Behind with 1 min left, LSU has the ball

3 81 MurphyVol Today 10:53 PM
by: 1TNMan

just think, if the d # had just came to play

in the first half..........hmmmm

9 364 jacdaniels Today 10:53 PM
by: TREX1

Dobbs most rushing yds for UT QB since '79

(Jimmy Streater).  Per Dustin Dopirak tweet.

0 64 BillVol Today 10:53 PM
by: BillVol

these refs are trying their best to make sure bammer

pulls the line  they held us on the pass interference call

1 47 jacdaniels Today 10:53 PM
by: cc623

Another :00 time out

..benefits bamma... so obvious but nothing will be said or done about it.

3 60 Clayterman Today 10:52 PM
by: Clayterman

Ball game..

.. if the defense hadn't been comatose the first quarter...

0 22 Clayterman Today 10:51 PM
by: Clayterman

3rd and Jancek

Good grief!!

7 156 awinatl Today 10:50 PM
by: cc623

So, does the play calling look better with a mobile QB?


3 118 VolPride13 Today 10:49 PM
by: BillVol

Get a Stop!!!!

We need one more touchdown before the five minute mark to make this real interesting.

5 110 volfan2002 Today 10:45 PM
by: cc623

Thank you

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Coach Fulmer and AD Mike Hamilton - this crap is on your shoulders

21 958 chrisvol95 Today 10:43 PM
by: bleedingorangeinATLga

AJ Johnson just moved past Earnest Fields...

At 3rd all time on the tackle list. Nice accomplishment. True VFL's!

0 27 BreatheUT Today 10:42 PM
by: BreatheUT

Tennessee has had some great WRs but I don't

Think we've ever had one as good as Cooper and I KNOW we've never got the ball to ours like they

6 210 33wcat Today 10:38 PM
by: Hoojang

Strange how a mobil QB makes the offensive line look better.

Dobbs has made them look a lot better than they are.

4 166 volfan2002 Today 10:37 PM
by: BillVol

Regardless of the outcome...

Anybody notice how much better this offensive line looks with a running threat at QB?

4 177 BreatheUT Today 10:37 PM
by: CavGuyMike
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