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Rocky Top Board

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PinnedSome final stats

Worley was 27-38 for 273 yards and ZERO interceptions. Pig Howard had 6 catches for 37 yards

0 276 JoshWoodward Yesterday 11:25 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedGAME STORY: Worley outduels Heisman candidate, Vols win 38-7

Check out the game story of Tennessee's impressive 38-7 victory in which starting quarterback

1 418 DannyParker Today 10:52 AM
by: peterstien

PinnedINSIDER REPORT: Big Orange blitzes Aggies

Watch the discussion between Scout's Amber Pennycuff and IT's Danny Parker after taking in the

0 188 DannyParker Today 12:35 AM
by: DannyParker

PinnedIT's TAKE: Utah State

Well big win tonight by the Vols, the IT staff gives you our opinions. Click Here

0 482 JoshWoodward Today 12:12 AM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedInsideTennessee College Football Pick'em

I created a pick'em on Fox Sports. The winner gets a free year subscription to InsideTennessee

7 1770 JoshWoodward 8/28/14 9:36 PM
by: mytallica

Help Preston Williams and Lovejoy

He is asking Vol fans on  Twitter to vote to make Lovejoy one of the USAToday Games of the Week

10 861 VolinJC Today 11:12 AM
by: VolinJC

For those who don't take USU seriously..

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Watch this vid. Their O coordinator is a chess master. Keeton is a very dangerous, efficient

35 2390 PhantomVol Today 11:12 AM
by: HulaVol

Undefeated and Tied for First.....

is where we are right now Lets enjoy watching this talented young team grow and mature and

10 706 Vol81 Today 11:09 AM
by: HulaVol


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Been watching for a loooooong time, was at the 85 Miami game etc so this opine is not based on

22 1543 DicksonOrangefan Today 11:06 AM
by: expfcwintergreen

Joe tessitore calls Neyland one of the

cathedrals of college football. Nice!

4 986 LoudonVol Today 11:03 AM
by: UTK78

You know, I may be jumping the gun a bit, but ...

this team might not be quite as far from relevance as some may have you believe.  Forget

14 1260 MedellinVol Today 11:02 AM
by: 3beans

Anyone hear how many freshmen played last night?


2 288 golferman Today 10:55 AM
by: volfan2002

My take after one.

First congratulations to our Vols! We are a young team and I thought it was a good opener for

0 36 airvols Today 10:53 AM
by: airvols

Vegas odds

UT opens as a 14 pt. fave over Ark. St., who beat a not so good 2nd division Montana St. 37-10.

4 577 seavol Today 10:49 AM
by: expfcwintergreen

Pride of the Southland

Watched on TV but couldn't tell much about the band. What are everyone's opinions?

4 518 airvols Today 10:48 AM
by: UTK78

What is the deal with Saturday's game??

I live in Alabama and have DirecTV... will I get the game Saturday or do I need to start making

4 453 NorthBamaVol Today 10:48 AM
by: be69chevy

Final Stats

Reeves-Maybin with 10 tackles!

4 548 VolinJC Today 10:45 AM
by: volfan2002

Quote of the Day Concerning SEC Network

I heard this second hand from the Washington DC area:  "I can get Al Jazeera in High Def

7 815 Woody72 Today 10:33 AM
by: BillVol

Hurd got the ball in space once....

and he left two defenders grasping at air on his way to the endzone... not a lot of imaginative

3 340 GUNTERSVOL Today 10:24 AM
by: cc623

'15 DE Emmanuel Olenga Committing per Twitter

Emmanuel Olenga @Manny_TheGREAT1: I would like to thank all the colleges who recruited

4 1824 10MountainVOL Today 10:23 AM
by: volfan2002

The run game......

First of all, I was super encouraged by what I saw last night, in general. There have been some

1 156 jaggededge Today 10:20 AM
by: volfan2002

Labor Day Vol Stuff

Tennessee football program is alive and well Newfound speed and energy might have Vols

0 126 SmokyVol Today 10:18 AM
by: SmokyVol

With a new OL, should we expect a balanced offense or the

probabiliy that the Vols will throw 60% or more of the time until the OL gains some experience?

7 1041 govols85 Today 10:15 AM
by: volfan2002

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I thought the game went pretty much as expected. Good: We won, we swarmed to the ball on

6 1555 OldVol74 Today 10:13 AM
by: OldVol74

Is Darr ok? He had a good night I thought


6 1072 Paducahvol Today 10:10 AM
by: sandyspringsvol

So, how was the band tonight?


9 1125 Paducahvol Today 10:06 AM
by: kckempf

Rules question: Why were we charged a false start penalty?

I'm sorry I can't remember precisely at what point in the game this took place. But we were

7 701 ConnecticutVol Today 10:00 AM
by: Frozevol

I was disappointed I didn't hear Curt Maggit's name more often

How did he look on TV?  I wonder if he played a it tentative (which certainly was not his style

5 686 Vols2DWall Today 10:00 AM
by: smokymountains

Observant Jewish Vols enjoy tailgating

Great story. If my mom were around, she'd want one of those t-shirts. All of her friends in

3 818 BillVol Today 9:59 AM
by: tomballvol

Watching the 1997 SEC championship game with

Peyton and his crew got me to wondering. Is there anyone from that team besides Peyton still

5 496 LoudonVol Today 9:55 AM
by: Frozevol
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