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Rocky Top Board

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PinnedIT'S TAKE: Alabama

Click Here

0 23 JoshWoodward Today 1:15 AM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedGAME STORY: Alabama

Click Here

0 51 JoshWoodward Yesterday 11:53 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedNeed Tickets for games?

Scout has a new ticket site, you premium members get 10% off the price of each ticket. Here is

0 980 JoshWoodward 9/28/14 5:42 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedInsideTennessee College Football Pick'em

I created a pick'em on Fox Sports. The winner gets a free year subscription to InsideTennessee

11 6313 JoshWoodward 9/19/14 11:51 AM
by: RealVolFan

Another :00 time out

..benefits bamma... so obvious but nothing will be said or done about it.

4 175 Clayterman Today 1:55 AM
by: tennwaltz

Butch stayed awfully upset at the refs tonight

the way they were allowing Alabama substitute late. He really stayed in their ear and did a good

0 16 tennwaltz Today 1:46 AM
by: tennwaltz

Now the quest for a bowl begins

We really need to make a bowl game to consider this season a step forward, even if it is a small

3 276 SGidds Today 1:44 AM
by: JuzzyVol

Everyone needs to chill on the 2nd guessing

Of CBJ on the QB situation. Bama had very little, if any tape of dobbs running the ball. The

12 766 33wcat Today 1:37 AM
by: tennwaltz

has bammie ever had a holding call this year?


9 498 jacdaniels Today 1:16 AM
by: LHCVols

Luv the Tennessee Vols - We'll Fight!!!!!


6 485 PhantomVol Today 1:08 AM
by: LHCVols

For those of you who are complaining about Worley:

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I think Worley is an excellent QB that is playing his heart out.  He just has no time to pass.

35 1980 volnky Today 1:06 AM
by: JuzzyVol

Starting Qb

why did we start Peterman .. knowing we were going to Dobbs after the 2nd series ???

15 1166 slient Today 1:03 AM
by: wildorange

LSU must have a good Def Coordinator

Hugh Freeze offense only 7 points

6 442 awinatl Today 1:00 AM
by: tnphil

HotThank you

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Coach Fulmer and AD Mike Hamilton - this crap is on your shoulders

29 1479 chrisvol95 Today 12:52 AM
by: expfcwintergreen

Need a GPS tag on the football to stop bogus spots- highlights

As usual, there were several tonight against UT. Example: check 1:57 to see the awful spot on

0 146 ClockworkOrange Today 12:45 AM
by: ClockworkOrange

We spotted BAMA 20, then kicked

their ass the final 3 qtrs!!

11 999 PhantomVol Today 12:41 AM
by: cc623

So how many of you guys still

want to red shirt Josh Dobbs

14 742 slinginsammy Today 12:34 AM
by: cc623

For the first time in a long time,

I don't think you can look at any game and say Tennessee has no chance to win. Now that The

1 235 expfcwintergreen Today 12:27 AM
by: hubertsimpson

Bama smoking after beating the Vols


4 1057 BillVol Today 12:25 AM
by: tns56

So, does the play calling look better with a mobile QB?


7 678 VolPride13 Today 12:22 AM
by: GothamVol

Last Word: Coaches and Players are LEARNING...

We see it, and love every one of them! Proud of the VolNation!

4 458 PhantomVol Today 12:05 AM
by: jacdaniels

Dobbs has pocket presence.

Worley never had that in any game. Dobbs can feel the pressure and tries to make a play. Worley

4 437 volfan2002 Yesterday 11:59 PM
by: wildorange

Revised schedule prediction time..

... we can win the rest of our games with dobbs... no doubt.

6 601 Clayterman Yesterday 11:52 PM
by: cc623

If Dobbs remains the starter we will return all

11 on offense next year (plus Kamara who is dominating JUCO) and 8 on defense with a really good

6 780 UTsunwarrior Yesterday 11:50 PM
by: BriVol

Is kiffen bamas coach..

.. or are the espn announcers just metro-sexual over him??

7 576 Clayterman Yesterday 11:48 PM
by: cc623

Penn State just got screwed. The fix is in

Gave them an interception when there was none. Guess the Ohio State cheerleaders have agreed

2 426 TREX1 Yesterday 11:48 PM
by: TREX1

Post-Game analysis: Alabama.

Any time Alabama celebrates a victory over Tennessee, it is a sickening sight, especially if

0 337 GothicVolunteer13 Yesterday 11:44 PM
by: GothicVolunteer13

Some final stats

5 644 JoshWoodward Yesterday 11:43 PM
by: BriVol

Hugh Freeze...

He's found a way to look like a moron on the last play of the last two games.  Last week, he

0 280 vol9799 Yesterday 11:35 PM
by: vol9799

Joshua Dobbs - Leader, Patiently Observed, Learned and

Will Excel!

0 182 PhantomVol Yesterday 11:27 PM
by: PhantomVol
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