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Rocky Top Board

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PinnedKahlil McKenzie appeals for eligibility

Kahlil McKenzie continues to fight for the chance to play his final season of high school

0 324 DannyParker Today 3:09 AM
by: DannyParker

PinnedEXCLUSIVE: Vols legacy Nigel Warrior on camera with IT

InsideTennessee made its way around Atlanta on Friday night, concluding the night at Westlake

2 832 DannyParker Yesterday 7:04 PM
by: GregAmsler

PinnedHotChecker Neyland is now official.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Well looks like this is going to happen. Orange or white alternating sections. Click Here

31 2111 JoshWoodward Today 8:07 AM
by: UTK78

PinnedNeed Tickets for games?

Scout has a new ticket site, you premium members get 10% off the price of each ticket. Here is

0 336 JoshWoodward 9/28/14 5:42 PM
by: JoshWoodward

PinnedInsideTennessee College Football Pick'em

I created a pick'em on Fox Sports. The winner gets a free year subscription to InsideTennessee

11 4265 JoshWoodward 9/19/14 11:51 AM
by: RealVolFan

HELP. "We were forced to hold the ball on the tee..."

according to Jones. Is that a new rule for onside kicks, or was the ball falling off the tee?

7 602 PhantomVol Today 9:00 AM
by: wtmvol

Da'Rick can't stay out of his own way

Cut by the Colts after DUI Link

13 974 VOLuntaryCOLTSfan Today 8:57 AM
by: Scoreboard

OK the punt downed at the one call?????

I have read a lot of comments about in college whether it is the location of just the ball or

8 1133 GUNTERSVOL Today 8:54 AM
by: govols85

A sure way to spot up-and-comers....

is to watch Special Teams. The "Good Ones" will always jump out at you.....the guys

2 297 PhantomVol Today 8:52 AM
by: Voled

Who needs this game more; Gators or Vols ?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The sports talk shows here in Florida have been saying for the past two weeks that this is the

22 1425 tenneddie Today 8:50 AM
by: GhostOfArchvol


After seeing all the SEC in action, I doubt any team in the SECE would finish higher than 5th or

3 241 LAVol Today 8:34 AM
by: TuckerVol

All Orange uniforms

When was the last time we wore all Orange ?

4 734 BIGSEXYVOL Today 8:32 AM
by: LittleDipper

Freshmen class has me excited, but one more than others

The play of Ethan Wolf, especially last week, has me the most excited. he just has that

2 441 vols11 Today 8:30 AM
by: bleedingorangeinATLga

Tuesday Vol Stuff

Tough Gameday 5 road loss makes it clear to SEC that Tennessee is coming fast Time to

0 80 SmokyVol Today 8:29 AM
by: SmokyVol

Early Bets Favoring Vols vs Gators

in fact 100% of early bets picking Vols, line opened +1.5 should move quickly

18 1702 VolinJC Today 8:28 AM
by: mytallica

If the checkered Neyland idea works.....

What about expanding it next year. One home game a year, we could go with orange and gray

4 238 volleyman Today 7:46 AM
by: Hacksaw

Bad Spot?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

SIAP Did anyone hear (or see) Hyams report that the ball had been spotted 3 yards ahead of

20 2712 Ironvol Today 7:38 AM
by: volinvonore

The punt to the one yd line

I thought the GA players' heel was on the goal line, I know that in the NFL that mean touchback,

2 284 iuvol Today 7:05 AM
by: fotofes

Did Penn State Steal A Play From Florida?

Take a look at both blocking schemes and decide

0 300 VolinJC Yesterday 11:44 PM
by: VolinJC

HotOnside kick (or not)?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Should we have kicked the onside kick?   I thought we had 3 TO's and about 2:15 left on the

25 1058 Volle Yesterday 11:29 PM
by: RealVolFan

Our defense is going to be sick next year

We will lose 2 seniors off the 2-deep, AJ Johnson and Jordan Williams. We will miss both,

11 1282 wtmvol Yesterday 11:11 PM
by: vols11

What is our longest losing streak to an SEC opponent?

I remember Bama had a nine game streak against us and Fla. has nine now with a game coming up.

3 476 rbvol Yesterday 10:46 PM
by: TuckerVol

STORY: Bates' season over, seeking redshirt

Dillon Bates' freshman season is over with a torn labrum and will have surgery. Will apply for

11 1380 DannyParker Yesterday 10:46 PM
by: highspeed

A talented pair of 4* Offensive Tackles and numerous other...

Highly rated commits and prospects will be joining the fun this weekend as Tennessee defeats da

1 1308 PhantomVol Yesterday 10:38 PM
by: volsfantb

Hat's off to you guys!

Sooner fan here... I have to take my hat off to your football team for Saturday's

13 2100 BreatherBoy Yesterday 10:03 PM
by: Namorto

Has anybody else thought about

what if the fumble in the end zone that was recovered for a Georgia touchdown had instead been

11 1357 tns56 Yesterday 9:38 PM
by: GregAmsler

The Vols are still on the way to finishing......

6-6 and going to a bowl game. I don 't care who we beat or how we beat them........ Reaching a

5 644 DADDYDAV Yesterday 9:26 PM
by: KodakVol

I think we're witnessing the beginning of something special here

I know we're all down after a heart-breaking loss and bashing the OC and OL is the popular thing

15 1574 highspeed Yesterday 9:24 PM
by: HKVol

Anyone mentioned the play of----

Todd Kelley Jr. He is quite an athlete

8 1156 Hacksaw Yesterday 9:17 PM
by: HKVol

Why the struggles with OL recruitment? Commits even small

Just my observation but the guys we have committed and even the guys we are playing seem quite a

4 1308 hunglo Yesterday 9:08 PM
by: orangemel
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