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Higherwarrior's 'Redlife Stadium' experience from Jets game

Posted: 10/05/2012 8:56 PM

Higherwarrior's 'Redlife Stadium' experience from Jets game 

ok it's a bit late. but for those who didn't know, i was at the 49ers-jets game on sunday. i live in bermuda and watch sunday ticket obviously. so it's kind of a big deal when i get to go to a live game which happens about once a year.

first off, there was a ridiculous amount of 49er fans there, hence my nickname of calling metlife stadium REDLIFE! njninerfan was one of the niner fans there BTW- sorry we never got to link up, NJ!

i was expecting a pretty hostile environment- i've been to a few games when the niners played the giants in the old giants stadium. and, frankly, jet fans are known for being more of the working class 'rougher' type of crowd. however there were so many niner fans there to begin with, it almost set the tone that everyone was going to have to get along (for the most part- i saw a few scuffles) or else.

most games where you have a decent home team playing, they have at least 75-80% + of the crowd. i honestly would venture a guess that this was at least 45% 49er fans. it was awesome!

couple of quick observations:

- i knew akers would be 'off' as he was not accurate in warmups. there was little or no wind but yet he was short on a couple of 50 yarders (unheard of for him, especially in warmups) and then wide on a number of other kicks. even on a 40 something yarder he hit the upright. he looked frustrated and spent the longest time i've seen a kicker warmup before a game. he was even kicking during a pregame presentation. unfortunately it didn't help as he missed those 2 FGs when the game started. (BTW, lee's thumb is clearly still bothering him. i noticed that a few times in pregame)

- our offense had some clever playcalling but we probably left 20+ point on the field, easily. not sure if the TV presentation truely depicted what was happening out there. but we were 'off' on a number of plays. an early drop by c-tree that got on him real quick and was a bit high would've been a TD. it probably wouldn't have looked like it from the TV angle but the safety was taking a bad angle and he beat the corner clear. everyone in the stadium was gasping as there would've been nobody to stop c-tree if he caught it. that was a sure 6 points from about 65-70 yards.

-another long ball to manningham was a TD we missed too, he barely got a hand on it.

-several plays gore was one tackle from a TD. the way the jets were crowding the line left them completely exposed in the backend once gore worked through the first level. i'm surprised we didn't break more big plays but we seemed 'one block short' on several plays.

- we absolutely manhandled their o-line. again, i don't know what the TV presentation looked like. i'm sure it looked very convincingly in our favor. but i'm guessing it was even more obvious how badly we were beating them in person. it looked like pros versus joes out there. we easily could've had several more sacks and at least 1 or 2 more INTs- one of which would've been an easy pick 6 for somebody....forget who.

- drew rosenhaus has a smoking hot GF. i was right behind the niners bench and was hanging out in row 1 there in pregame. he was on the sideline and she was just captivating the crowd there while he spoke to some players, etc.

- LOVED the trick play where the jets were forced to call a TO. roman has been tight lipped about it and i don't know how it appeared on TV. but basically we had CK in the game and then made a bunch of subs with smith subbing back in with them. in the shuffling it was quite hectic and CK APPEARED to be coming off the field for smith. however he stood near the niner sideline and acted like he was talking to the linesman. then he quietly lined up at WR and if we had been able to snap the ball, he wasn't covered at all- nobody was within 15 yards of him and he could've caught and run for an easy, long TD. too bad they called the TO before we had the chance! harbaugh and roman TOTALLY outsmarted them on that one.biggrin

- jet fans might be the most fickle bunch of bandwagon jumpers i've ever witnessed. again, not sure if you could even notice this on TV. but it was a sellout with 78,000+.... IN ATTENDANCE. however, there were a number of people who left.....AT HALFTIME!!!!  eek

about half a dozen were sat right around me. these guys got up at halftime (when we were clearly dominating but only up 10-0) and said: "don't worry, we're not coming back. as they left in disgust.

i watched a big group in the row in front of me debating when to leave and they left at halftime too. another group left early 3rd quarter. the timing of their departure along with what they were saying truly makes me believe jets fans are the most disloyal fans around. i know NY fans in general are super tough to please. but i can't ever imagine bailing on my team at the half.

true, the blowout seemed inevitable but again- you bail on your team at 10-0 at halftime?! eekeek1 ohlord

sorry but i just can't get over it. i don't even shut off the TV if we're down 35-0 with 2 minutes left. why? because i like to see every last second of the game and see who plays their butt off to the end and what transpires. so to leave a live game and say how your team sucks and you don't want to watch anymore....when they're down 10 points is just AMAZING to me. i guess every team has fans that fickle but it was a pretty large group.

but the late 3rd quarter (still relatively early, mind you) it was a large majority 49er fans. it was surreal!

anyway, all in all a great trip and fantastic experience. it's nice to finally be on the winning end of one of these blowouts. i've been to a number of 49er games over the years (lost count now but over a dozen) but never got to see them win in a blowout. biggrin

we were incredible on defense and our o-line was as dominant as i've seen them. however i'm hoping and trusting that we will clean up some issues that still exist in the timing in the passing game. we need more in that area if we're going to continue to be successful and be the team we're capable of being.

anyway sorry for the long post fellas but just wanted to share some thoughts.

"You are either getting better or you are getting worse; you never stay the same."

Last edited 10/05/2012 8:57 PM by higherwarrior

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Posted: 10/05/2012 11:20 PM

Re: Higherwarrior's 'Redlife Stadium' experience from Jets game 

about fans walking out... its not too surprising (though halftime yeah)... i remember the last 4 years when i went to watch our games in Candlestick.. place was depressing and emptied out pretty fast... this year when i went to the lions game there was a huge difference from start to end.. i remember before getting into the stadium was quick and leaving the stadium to the parking was quick too.. this year there was a huge change.. took us forever to get past security and leaving to get on the freeway took an hour or so... success (or lack of sucess) does that to a franchise i guess

If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.


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Posted: 10/06/2012 11:24 AM

RE: Higherwarrior's 'Redlife Stadium' experience from Jets game 

That's crazy, leaving at halftime of a 10-0 game? I mean, they were right, but still...that's shameful. If you're going to leave at the half why even bother showing up? No wonder the players quit, the fans did too.

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Posted: 10/06/2012 11:44 AM

RE: Higherwarrior's 'Redlife Stadium' experience from Jets game 

exactly. it wasn't 35-0 at the half. it was 10-0!!!

"You are either getting better or you are getting worse; you never stay the same."

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