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2014 NFL Weekly Schedule & Picks Spreadsheet - HYATT™


Posted: 07/25/2014 9:02 PM

2014 NFL Weekly Schedule & Picks Spreadsheet - HYATT™ 

It's that time of the year again, and as has been customary, HYATT™ is once again providing an opportunity to make life a little bit simpler for forum readers.

2014 NFL Weekly Schedule & Pik-'em spreadsheet - brought to you by HYATT™
Nothing to register, nothing to install - just click the big orange DOWNLOAD NOW button on the top, right-hand side, OR, just click this one to instantly open the download right now.
(Just on G.P.s, HYATT™ doesn't recommend anyone actually take my word for it, but it IS a safe download. Scan everything before opening, with your antivirus program, anyway - no matter who the source is.)

Each year HYATT™ compiles the NFL schedule into an Excel spreadsheet, which includes 4 columns for participants to enter their weekly picks of NFL games, columns to enter the final scores of each game, and in the first week's schedule, team names are provided in team colors that can be copied and pasted into each week's slate of games to make YOUR team's games quickly identifiable.

The spreadsheet is easily modifiable to add more columns for more participants, so you can use it for the office pool, your close group of weekly game buddies, or reduce the 4 pick columns provided in front of the away and home team names to a lesser number to keep the spreadsheet a little bit less cluttered.
Once altered to YOUR needs, Excel spreadsheets can be printed out on any computer printer, (may need to adjust the page demarcation points in print set-up to get the best printouts of 2 weeks per sheet), for use on paper - if that's the way your football group wants to roll.
At the HYATT™ Sporting Emporium & House of 1,000 Pleasures we fill in our weekly picks right on the computer and save them, as well as print out 2-weeks-per-sheet paper copies for each of our family members to work on away from the computer.
If nothing else it's an easier & faster way to check the weekly schedule than looking up some web site, and available on your computer without even going online.

The NFL does Flex-schedule later in the season, so a few adjustments undoubtedly will be required late in the season, but they are easily made by cutting the entire row and inserting the Flexed game into it's new proper slot for the week on the spreadsheet.

For the first time this year HYATT™ has packaged all (3) major time zones, (ET, CT, & PT - sorry, Denver), into one simple 40.9 KB Winrar file, so users in different time zones don't have to mentally convert NFL Eastern Time Zone times into their own.
(If you don't have Winrar, 7-zip is a free alternative decompression program that works quite well.

Here are a couple screen caps of what you'll be getting.

Colored team name schedule entries in the (2013 Central Time Zone version) 1st preseason week's slate of games - 3 participants shown.
(Click to open in a larger image view browser tab/window.)

Picks boxes X-ed in front of the (2014 Eastern Time Zone version shown) Week 2 picks to win each contest - 4 participants shown.
(Click to open in a larger inage view browser tab/window.)

Because these are Excel computer spreadsheets, years later you can go back and look up information about how you picked that season & data-mine them for all sorts of useful information.
Hope you enjoy! wink

Last edited 07/26/2014 2:57 PM by HYATT

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Posted: 07/25/2014 9:42 PM

Re: 2014 NFL Weekly Schedule & Picks Spreadsheet - HYATT™ 

Thanks, HYATT, nice of you to put it together.
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Posted: 07/25/2014 9:54 PM

Re: 2014 NFL Weekly Schedule & Picks Spreadsheet - HYATT™ 

2014 marks my 13th shared edition of this project, since 2002.
I started making them in Access, but switched to Excel in 2006 because of the aforementioned ability to data-mine so much more easily.
I stopped making Access databases after the 2009 edition.

I apologize if the orange button no longer pops open the download of the rar file. Scout's software seems to not like that sort of stuff.

Last edited 07/26/2014 2:58 PM by HYATT

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