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Instant Cure for Delusional Seattle Fans


Posted: 07/23/2014 6:32 AM

Instant Cure for Delusional Seattle Fans Post Rating (1 vote)

You see it every day on 49er forums -- Seattle trolls.   You can identify them by their misuse of the word "dynasty", and their refusal to discuss history (they have none) other than to say that it's been 20 years since the Niners won a ring.  They are also very good at distorting reality by saying that Seattle is better since "entering the NFC" or the past several years. 

There is a book entitled NFL CENTURY which details the NFL in the 20th century during which time the 49ers won 5 Super Bowl rings, Seattle is only mentioned as an "expansion team".  There is one paragraph that mentions Steve Largent.

Seattle has 17 winning seasons since 1976!  The 49ers have 40 all told, including 16 straight seasons winning 10 games or more including 5 Super Bowls while Seattle was gathering dust. In fact, the Niners have a better record over the past 3 seasons and won the NFC West twice. They have one fluke that may not have happened if the official knew the rules on roughing the kicker and call it a dynasty.

Here are a few facts and fuel for the next time a Niner fan is faced with a DELUSIONAL. We'll be fair to Seattle and start the comparison in 1976, the year they joined the NFL.  We'll disregard the fact that the 49ers had already played in a league championship game in 1949, that they had introduced the T-formation and shotgun to pro football prior to that time (not to mention the Million Dollar Backfield, Nomellini, St. Clair, etc.).  Seattle's contribution?  Adderall and loud speakers.

San Francisco 49ers ( since 1976 )
Super Bowl Championships x5
Conference Championships x6
Division Championships x19 ( x16 )
Playoff Appearances x26 ( x21 )

Seattle Seahawks 
Superbowl Championships x1
Conference Championships x2
Division Championships x8
Playoff Appearances x13

49er GOLD
since 1946.

"It's KAP, not Kaep"-Colin Kaepernick, Twitter

Last edited 07/23/2014 7:13 AM by KezarVet

Posted: 07/26/2014 5:46 PM

Re: Instant Cure for Delusional Seattle Fans 

The Seahawks remind me of that awkward drunk guy who finally 'got lucky' at some Lake Havasu Spring Break Coors Light keg party and won't shut up about it, mostly because of the rarity and unlikelihood of such an occurrence.

Posted: 07/26/2014 7:47 PM

Re: Instant Cure for Delusional Seattle Fans 

Nothing about that Seattle team is lucky. They are stacked. Luckily, we are as well. Should be a fun season.

"No more questions for you bro!.....TROLL" - Russell Westbrook

"I don't want to be categorized." - Colin Kaepernick

Posted: 07/27/2014 10:50 AM

Re: Instant Cure for Delusional Seattle Fans 

This should be in the smack shack. I'm closing it here. Please re-open there if you'd like to continue the discussion (unfortunately, the move function is not currently working).