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Preseason News & Notes


Posted: 7/28/2009 4:13 AM

Preseason News & Notes 

I was supposed to go up there today, but my girl friend was busy studying for a final exam and the kids aren't as...cooperative...when I'm not home so unfortunately I'm going to have to settle for the one practice they have on Wed. and try to get back up there once or twice more in August. But here some things going on that I have read about the last two days that may or may not be significant for you...

* NEWS FLASH: Jeremy Maclin has not signed a contract and is not present at Training Camp. Let's get this out of the way first. It's a big disappointment but nothing to fret over too much yet. The more time he misses might mean the less we can expect him to make an immediate impact in 2009.

* Oh God, I'm having a Jerome McDougle flashback...Victor Abiamiri has a strained pectoral muscle and will not be able to participate in Camp until mid-August per Andy Reid. Big Vic was poised to unseat 30+ incumbent Juqua Parker at left defensive end and this doesn't help but it doesn't kill it altogether. I'm cool with Parker starting this season but it would be nice to see the younger guy out perform him and win the job considering it would indicate a brighter future for this young Eagles defense. The odds in Vegas just slightly went up in favor of the Eagles using their first round pick on a defensive end in 2010.

* Macho Harris ran the defense as both a nickle corner (slot corner) and free safety and reportedly had the play of the day where he under cut a receiver to pick off GUESS WHO Kevin Kolb in the red zone. McDermott seems extremely high on the guy so far and has stated that he is dedicated in finding the best possible possible position for Macho to be able to use his skill set to make plays.

* In case you care, Jack Ikegwuonu lined up most of his reps at right corner..Trae Williams at nickle corner and left corner was rotated by (I think) Courtney Robinson and Dimtri Patterson.

* Donovan McNabb indicated in his press conference that Leonard Weaver could be implemented in some of the Eagles single-back sets ecspecially if there was an injury sustained to Brian Westbrook at some point in the season.

* According to Chris McPherson at, LeSean McCoy seemed to be playing at a faster speed than the rest of the players on the field. I think he copy and pasted that quote from an article he wrote last year about Lorenzo Booker in the first couple of days of Training Camp.

* In his press conference, Donovan McNabb stated that he believes Quintin Mikell has the right tools to become the new leader of the Eagles defense. He also included Stewart Bradley and Asante Samuel before mentioning Mikell again.

* Caught a shot of new coaching intern, Todd Pinkston standing next to Kevin Curtis..Pinkston looks like Andre Johnson next to Curtis. I saw Pinkston in person at the Eagles Carnival in 2005 (the year he was cut) and he looks alot bigger in person than on television. Moving on...

* It looks like Juan Castillo was doing a little experimenting along the offensive line yesterday. Only one of the 8 offensive linemen present lined up at their normal or projected positions. Stacy Andrews (who got the green light to practice) lined up at right guard while Mike McGlynn (who's listed as a guard) lined up at center, Max Jean Gilles (who played last season at right guard) at left guard, King Dunlap (who was thought to be a project left tackle) at right tackle, Paul Fanaika (who was projected to be a guard coming out of college) at left tackle. I'm not sure where they had Fenuki Tupou, Dallas Reynolds or Mike Gibson lining up, neither was with the first team offense..but it seems like the moves might have been a domino effect from Juan maybe wanting to keep Andrews in at right guard considering he's projected to start. This information is per

* Dave Spadaro considered Danny Amendola of Hard Knocks fame to be one of the stand outs in the first couple of days of camp. Amendola was also reported to have taken the most snaps at punt returner.

* Donovan McNabb believes that Todd Herremans should have been selected for the Pro Bowl last season.

* Watching the recievers run routes courtesy of's Training Camp my untrained eye, it appears that this might be the most fundamentally sound receiving group we have had compared to the guys of the past two years. I believe Brandon Robinson caught a pass on an out route going to the sideline and very naturally and quickly switched the ball from his right hand to his left hand which was closest to the side line while staying in bounds and heading up field. That impressed me. It also seems like alot of the guys  are making their cuts without chopping their feet too much or opening their hips too early which are two things that will kill your route and are keys that defensive backs read when in coverage. Very promising. Chris McPherson reported that receivers coach David Culley was preaching eye placement in their route running and not letting their eye placement tip their route off.

* Sean McDermott revealed that they have been teaching Joe Mays the WILL positon this offseason. For all you Joe Mays fans out there, this versatility will only increase his chances of having a longer career with the Eagles and and greatly betters his chances to be activated on game day. I think Mays has Special Teams potential out the ying yang. McDermott added that Mays is still primarily a MIKE which means they aren't moving him due to deficiences in his game and that the new position just expanding his knowledge of the defense and that they believe his skill set could be used there as well.

* Andy Reid seems smitten with Stacy Andrews work ethic and attitude. Andy's face lights up when he speaks about can tell this is going to be Reid's guy. Don't be suprised if he unseats his brother at right tackle next season...or part way through this season for that matter.

* The 255 lbs road grater, Marcus Mailei reportedly made some pretty impressive catches out of the backfield displaying suprisingly soft hands. With Leonard Weaver only signed through this year, look for the Eagles to try to hold on this guy via IR or Practice Squad if he continues to show this kind of upside.

* Watching Kevin Kolb throwing a slant route definitely helps you temporarily forget mistakes he's made in the past in real life games. It's a thing of beauty and might be the area that he has the clearest advantage over Donovan. This guy is pin point accurate in camp every year I've been to Camp since his rookie year. Keep the faith.

* Dave Spadaro brought up two interesting scenarios while taking phone calls yesterday. 1.) He believes Ellis Hobbs will be the Eagles kick returner in 2009-10.  Which makes sense. Hobbs is an outside corner and might only get on the field in the event of an injury or in the dime package where they might move Brown inside like in years past. Implementing him as the kick returner will better the chances of keep your starter Quintin Demps healthy through the season and get Hobbs activated and on the field on game day. 2.) He ventured to the possibilty of the Eagles only carrying two tight ends (Celek and Ingram) using Leonard Weaver or Hank Baskett as your third tight end in certain situations. This could open up an extra roster spot for a fringe player on this roster that could still have a role on this team if he can make like a Kyle Eckel or Jack Ikegwuonu.

* Brian Westbrook trotted out onto the field during the afternoon practice to continue his rehab. Westbrook did some running and reportedly looked relaxed and comfortable and showed no signs of a limp or hitch.

* Kevin Curtis was one of the veterans in attendance after coming off corrective surgery for a Sport's Herneia this past offseason. Curtis wasn't thrilled to be there but said that it felt good to get out there and practice considering he was unable to during the team's OTA period. He indicated that he feels alot better and that his "groin feels strong" but he added that he's still doesn't feel 100%. Can you believe he's 31 years old?!?

* I saw clips of Eugene Bright running routes on air during OTA's and tripping up when making the clips I saw of him yesterday, he looked alot more fluid running in space and showed some pretty good hands. He's a long shot to make the team but he is by far the largest tight end on the team weighing nearly 270 lbs. and might have the most upside in becoming that "blocking" tight end we all have been clammoring for. Since Matt Schobel is expected to drop down the depth chart with the addition of Cornelius Ingram, could Eugene Bright be a Dark Horse to make this roster as the third tight end? I wouldn't go betting the rent money on it but it's something to atleast keep your eye on.

* Andy Reid reportedly lost 75 lbs. this off-season. It's nice to see the Big Guy taking care of himself.

* At the end of the day, my 5 dangerous-way too premature predictions:

1. Marcus Mailei could be a guy the Eagles want to hold onto to some capacity off the 53 man roster. We'll see what he has when the pads go on.

2. Macho Harris makes this team.

3. Eugene Bright is the first name added to my "Dark Horse List". Side note: No one on my "Dark Horse List" has ever made the team.

4. With a crop of seemingly sound young receivers willing to play special teams, this could truly be the year where Reggie Brown's job is in jeapordy. Keep your eyes open for guys with similar body types alla Shaheer McBride, Brandon Gibson and Brian Robinson. Side note: I said the same thing last year and Reggie Brown still made the team.

5. Jervonte Jackson and Max Jean-Gilles will get into the first fight of Training Camp. Side Thought: If Jervonte Jackson gets into a fight with Stacy Andrews does Jamaal and Shawn jump in it? If Andy Reid and former Andrews' college roommate Jason Peters try to break it up, it would be the heaviest Training Camp brawl in NFL history.

Last edited 8/25/2009 8:36 AM by 1993Heel

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Posted: 7/28/2009 9:16 AM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

Great stuff Chase. I'm following Macho Harris pretty tight. I'm sure he will make the team I'm just not 100% where he will play. Maybe on a committee at one of the positions but I would really love to see him at FS
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Posted: 7/28/2009 11:14 AM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

Well, Chris McPherson has a blog right now on of this morning's practice and Macho was once again noted as a player who shined today...he has shot it sounds like. I can't wait to see him in person tomorrow.
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Posted: 7/28/2009 2:19 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

i was watching vids of morning practice and ingram is looking absolutely nasty. made a couple amazing catches and looks huge. i predict 5-6 red zone tds easyyyy
(randall cunningham + desean jackson)² ----> BOOM goes the dynamite
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Posted: 7/28/2009 2:23 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

also kolb looks like he is a little indesive out there and is holding onto to the ball a little to long for my liking. feely has looked way better than him. im also loving the young WR looking for him to make reggie brown show up and they push for the last WR spot
(randall cunningham + desean jackson)² ----> BOOM goes the dynamite
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Posted: 7/29/2009 12:33 AM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

I seen what you were talking did seem like he was spending a little too much time with the ball in his hands and his eyes down compared to the other quarterbacks. It also seemed he was checking it down more than anybody as well...which isn't a bad thing if everyone is covered, but the angles on the video didn't show whether they really were or not.

There wasn't too much new to report today from what I have read and seen...the same faces are all there and no injuries were reported. If anybody hasn't seen the coverage on yet, Cornelius Ingram really looks like something special...had a leaping grab in traffic that caught the gleeful attention of everyone in attendance.

Spadaro reported that on the very first play of 7 on 7 drills Jack Ikegwuonu had a pretty impressive pass break up in the red zone which he felt caught the notice of the coaching staff. Ike seems to be on the bubble this year so plays like that will serve him good.

LeSean McCoy is also shining in these practices. He's quick, he's smoothe and is very quick in and out of his breaks. Spadaro claims that he hasn't seen him drop a pass in the OTA's or so far in camp.

Byron Parker, former Tulane basketball and Toronto Argonaut stand out is listed as a safety on the roster on but has been lining up as a cornerback in these practices. Once the veterans get in there and the numbers even out a little bit it will be interesting to see if they keep him there or not. Probably unlikely to make the team due to numbers but any sign of versatility couldn't hurt.

Andy Reid made clear in his press conference that if Stacy Andrews is not physically able to go at the start of the season that he has absolutely no problem starting Nick Cole at right guard while he heals. This makes it clear that Cole has surpassed Max Jean-Gilles on the depth chart.

While the receivers were running "go routes" on air it was clear that Kevin Curtis showed no signs of his injury. You could have taken the name and number off the jersey and it would have still been clear who the starter was out there.

I've added Danny Amendola to my list of possible Practice Squad players along with Marcus Mailei...judging from his One one One interview, he won't be happy on the practice squad..the guy his hungry and seems to be alot more polished now than he was on the Hard Knocks.

I will be going up there in person tomorrow morning, hopefully I'll come back with more tid bits to share.
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Posted: 7/29/2009 2:11 AM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

ya kolb was mostly checking down to mccoy all day.

i really hope amendola continues to shine once the pads go on friday!!!

isnt it amazing to wake up and be able to watch some eagles football!?!?! :D
(randall cunningham + desean jackson)² ----> BOOM goes the dynamite
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Posted: 7/29/2009 2:41 AM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

I don't think Cole has moved ahead of Max; I think Max is still having problems with last year's injury, I could be wrong though. Hard to tell if one guy is hurt when camp is just starting.
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Posted: 7/29/2009 4:04 AM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

but andy's  comment went something like 'every time we bring up stacey, i feel like we are slighting nick cole. and i dont want to do that because he is a great lineman.' im to lazy to  go back and find the exact quote but u get it. so idk why he would feel like we were only hurting nick's feelings when we automatically put stacey in the starting position if nick hasnt passed up MJG
(randall cunningham + desean jackson)² ----> BOOM goes the dynamite
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Posted: 7/29/2009 5:04 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

Well it looks like I won't make it again this year! Damn viral infection a few weeks ago screwed my vacation and personal days. Anyways.....

Chase.... excellent job. Hope you do make it up. I'd love to see your analysis of how practice goes.

Some personal thoughts:

1. Love what Castillo is trying to do. I keep saying versatility is what makes our OL great. If multiple guys can play multiple positions along the line, we will have plenty of depth should someone get hurt.

2. WR..... Again one of the biggest ??????. We know Curtis and DJax are locks. As should Maclin. But the more time he misses, the more he falls behind. Avant and Baskett should be locks also, but who knows. As always the question remains do we carry 5 or 6? If it is 6, the 6th spot will be the most interesting to watch.

3. Macho ..... love the guy. If he can perform at CB and S, he has an excellent shot at making the team. And if he can play ST, it will be better.

4. McCoy .... the real deal? From all the reports I've seen so far, if Westbrook goes down (God Forbid) we may not have to worry too much. But again it's early.
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Posted: 7/29/2009 9:22 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

Well not too much went on today. I did get to go up there and there were some things that stuck out even though they only practiced for about an hour and 10 minutes.

* I personally didn't get to see Cornelius Ingram in action too much today. Pretty quiet. He was out there but  just didn't have the ball thrown his way too much. Matter of fact on one of the few passes attempted to him...AJ Feeley accidentally hit an assistant coach who was simulating a defensive back square in the back of the head. Feeley.

* Sean McDermott is extremely active during practice and takes a very personal approach.

* I counted only 4 or 5 Dawkins jerseys from my view in the bleachers which was only one more than the amount of Hugh Douglas jerseys I saw. Big difference from last year, people are finally moving on. It looks like all the #20 jerseys are being replaced by #10's and #22's.

* The play of the day I would have to say came from Byron Parker and Macho Harris. Danny Amendola was split out wide to the right ran a go route and was covered step for step by Byron Parker. Feeley throws up a beautiful pass and puts it on his spot but Byron Parker was able to making a leaping pass break up in stride. Macho Harris was able to recover the deflection for an interception...a play that just seemed to never bounce right for the Eagles during the last regular season. That Byron Parker is some athlete and given time could be a pretty good player in the NFL in my opinion. A very good mix of size, speed and athletic ability..a very intriguiging prospect.

* I was so happy to see Byron make that play. A couple plays before that, he was playing right corner...lined up across from Marcus Thigpen...I'm assuming that his job on the play was to jam the receiver at the line (which he did remarkably...dominated really) and then release and drop back in a zone...Parker got caught up a little too long on the jam...didn't drop back...a receiver snuck in behind him where he wa supposed to be...luckily the quarterback (I think Feeley) didn't see it and checked it off in the flat directly in front of where Byron was jamming Thigpen. The defense escaped only letting up a minimal gain but Byron DID blow his assignment. Brian Stewart, the new defensive backs coach humiliated him for it. He belittled him. It was on the sideline where most of the spectators were seated and even I (who chose to sit in the back row for the best view) could hear it. The crowd laughed at him. When the Eagles announced that they were hiring Brian Stewart, I groaned. If anybody was able to watch him on HBO's Hard Knocks when he was the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator you might know why. Stewart can be a very demeaning person, I dunno about his teaching skills or anything like that, but when someone doesn't do what he wants or how he likes it...he yells at them the way an alcoholic would yell at his girl friend's kids if they wrecked his car. I don't really feel a man should talk to other men the way that he does when he's trying to get their respect and have them work for him. I thought to myself, "maybe it's a Dallas thing". It's not. I really can not relate his style of correcting a player's mistakes to anyone else on that coaching staff. I remember JJ (rest his soul) at a couple camps would get mad at some guys for this and that..and he yelled...but you could tell that he was yelling because he cared and he expected more. When Stewart yells, it comes off as him just trying to humiliate the guy he's talking to. I know these guys aren't babies or anything, but to me, the way Stewart came at him in front of all those people was uncalled for. So it spoke volumes to me when a couple plays later he came up with the play of the day. Take that Brian was very gratifying for me, I can only imagine what it was like for can see everything I talk about here on Training Camp Live on though Spadaro and Hugh Douglas are talking through the part so you can't really hear what Stewart says to him but if you listen good enough to can here the people laughing...what a P.O.S. Once a Cowboy, always a Cowboy.

* Danny Amendola is all business. But he's also probably the smallest guy I have ever seen in Camp and that includes Dirk Johnson and Stephen McGee. He's not just short...the guy is significantly smaller than anyone else. But he's a worker...goes 100% everytime...runs some pretty sharp routes as well and seperated himself in that area from the other players at his position on more than one occasion. The numbers game is tight here, but him learning this system, which suits him well will do him good and give him a head start for another team in another camp down the line. He could be a player, the right situation he could catch on somewhere...I got faith in him.

* LeSean McCoy comes as advertised. Didn't drop a ball all day...very fast and extremely quick. He'll make a move on a guy in the open field that suprises everybody in the stands. He made the crowd gasp in amazment a couple times this morning...very exciting to watch.

* I know a big story line on this board is going to be if Reggie Brown can make the cut another year and if he doesn't, who is going to take his spot...I would have to say Shaheer McBride has the best chance at this point. I think the odds aren't his favor but he seems to quietly thrive in seven on seven drills and made some sound plays this morning in the red zone...but like I said, the odds are not in his favor...but if I had to say a name right now, I would say him. Of course, Jeremy Maclin could actually be the guy that takes his spot and they might look for another slot guy to back-up avant...guys running in the slot are Brandon Robinson and Brandon Gibson.

* For future reference to put things in a little bit better perspective here are where I saw guys lined up...

Wide Out: Danny Amendola, Marcus Thigpen, Shaheer McBride
Slot: Brandon Robinson, Brandon Gibson (who did not practice today due to an undisclosed injury)...I think I saw McBride playing a little slot too...I can't be certain though.

Cornerback (outside): Byron Parker, Jack Ikegwuonu

Slot Corners: Trae Williams, Macho Harris (at times)

* Courtney Robinson slipped my radar...I apologize.

Free Safety: Macho Harris
Strong Safety: Reshard Langford

MIKE: Charleston Hughes (who had a good practice yesterday afternoon from what I heard)
WILL: Moise Fokou
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Posted: 7/30/2009 1:54 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

Could it be a blessing in disguise to miss out on Knowshon Moreno and scoop up LeSean McCoy?

Chase what do you think Macho's chances are of beating out Quintin Demps and Sean Jones, and nabbing the starting FS job this season? We are just too thick and solid at corner for that to be a possibility. I'm sure he could be a dime or 5th corner.....but really Samuel, Brown, Hobbs, Hanson, Ike? It would be a log jam there. I personally feel he's too talented to be a reserve or guy who sees the field 35% of the time on defense

Last edited 7/30/2009 1:55 PM by YoungTrusion09

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Posted: 7/30/2009 4:26 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

Young T...i don't think we could have been as comfortable with our first and second round picks this year if we had gottnen Moreno in the first....if we had gotten Moreno in the first..we probably would have ended up with cornerback Sean Smith, DT Fili Moala or DE Paul Kruger in the second..Either player would have seen most of his rookie year on the bench...I'm happy with the way it panned out. Very happy.

Ikegwuonu has an uphill battle as far as I'm concerned and I don't see Macho starting the season as the starter..but I do see him making the team and his ability to play corner and safety might make the Eagles feel comfortable passing on Ike...there are a couple scenarios that involve Ike that I plan to go on in more depth once I come back from the afternoon out with the family. I got some ideas I wanna throw around on here.
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Posted: 7/30/2009 5:04 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

* Jason Peters, Asante Samuel, Trevor Laws and Macho Harris are among the players that aren't participating in practice and are off to the side apparently doing exercises with Rick Burkholder. No information on what the injuries are that are preventing them from practicing. Per Jeff McLane @

* Some conflicting reports on Shawn Andrews. McLane at reports that Shawn Andrews was mysteriously not present at practice today. Where Dave Spadaro listed Shawn Andrews as the first team right tackle in 11 on 11 drills. Hmmmmmm.

*Stacy Andrews is NOT lining up with the first team offense. Apparently he's going to be eased into the starting line.

* Per Dave Spadaro..with injuries to both Peters and Stacy Andrews, the first team offensive line is : LT Todd Herremans, LG Nick Cole, C Jamaal Jackson, RG Winston Justice and RT Shawn Andrews. The fact that Justice is playing first team guard over MJG greatly increases the chances he makes the cut being able to play both guard and tackle (arguably). I'm not sure if MJG is being limited in practicing with his rehab or not..which would mean that Justice could be 3rd team guard.

* With Asante Samuel being side lined due to an undisclosed injury...Ellis Hobbs is playing first team left corner in his place per Dave Spadaro at

* Darren Howard is in at right defensive end on the second team. Jervonte Jackson is 2nd team DT and Klecko is 2nd team RDT...keep in mind that Trevor Laws is among the maimed. Gaither, Mays and Daniels are the 2nd team linebackers. Per Dave Spadaro @

* In the first play of 11 on 11 drills with the first team defense squaring off against the second team offense, Quintin Demps picked off Kevin Kolb. The VERY FIRST PLAY. Spadaro reports that Demps is really asserting himself on the field as THEE guy to beat for the starting free safety position.

* Some very quietly significant news...LeSean McCoy is splitting time with Lorenzo Booker on the FIRST TEAM offense. McCoy appears to really have impressed coaches up to this point. McCoy said in an interview courtesy of yesterday that Lorenzo Booker is indeed that 2nd running back on the depth chart. Booker has said in the past that the #2 running back job was his job to lose and that he wasn't going to roll over. The day Booker walks into Camp the Rook appears to be right on his heels before he even takes a snap in Camp. Let's see how he (Booker) handles the pressure...this competition should make both of them better.

* According to Dave Spadaro...Rashad Baker picked off an AJ Feeley pass intended to Danny Amendola. Feeley is the third team QB and normally the 3's compete against eachother, which would lead me to believe that Baker is running free safety with the third team. With Harris sidelined, I'm curious to know who's running free safety with the 2's.

* Spadaro reports that receivers are running drills that having them practicing catching low balls around the shoe strings. Donovan McNabb would be the perfect quarterback for that drill. :D

* On a final not before I head out with the family for the evening...The helmets for all the players are adorned with a black "JJ" sticker in memory of the great one.
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Posted: 7/30/2009 5:21 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

Rashad Baker picked off an AJ Feeley pass

What else is new? AJ has been a pick machine lately.
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Posted: 7/30/2009 7:22 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

That is great news about Demps, he is one of those guys that I really hope steps up and fills his role. Did you see him much today?  Will see what he's about with the pads poppin 
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Posted: 7/30/2009 10:56 PM

Re: Training Camp News & Notes 

I actually wasn't there today. Today's practice was closed to the public so I'm relying on the media coverage for this one. I hope to get back up there for a couple days in August...

Here go some updates...

* Shawn Andrews DID NOT practice today. The original report that Shawn was out there as the team's first string right tackle were false. In his place was Winston Justice. Dave Spadaro's coverage is normally the next best thing to being there so I'll give him a pass on that misinformation. The news on Andrews is being reported by Reid as a no-big-deal-kinda-thing. After completing a conditioning drill called "half gassers" in reportedly good time...Andrews felt some tightness in his back and could not complete the day. If any other player on this team feels tightness in his back after running, I'm fine, the fact that it's Shawn Andrews' back worries me. If Justice did indeed fill in with the ones at right tackle, this is a very important time for him as a player. Opportunities like this will not come around for him often he must make the best of it. Best of luck to him.

* Spadaro reported on his blog that Chris Clemons had a nice "sack" during drills today. I dunno if this came in one on ones or 11 on 11's or what but if Clemons is running with the 2's and Justice is running with the 1's...most likely, I would think, it was Justice that gave the sack up. Normally the 1's go head to head against the 2's and the 3rd teams go against eachother.

* There were six players added to the PUP list today: Shawn Andrew (tightness in back), Victor Abiamiri (strainded pectoral), Jason Peters (quad spasms), Asante Samuel (hamstring spasm), Brian Westbrook (ankle) and Trevor Laws (hamstring). Macho Harris was also sidelined today with a slight ankle sprain that came on the last play of yesterday's practice and Byron Parker was out with a hamstring spasm but neither were added to the list. This was all from the mouth of Andy Reid.  Side note: The PUP list or the Physically Unable to Perform list is a list of players that can not practice or engage in any other physical activity with the team while they're on the list. However, they can be added to the active roster at any time. If the injuries to these players go into the regular season, the team has it's first 6 games before they have to make a decision to activate the player or put them on IR.

* Stacy Andrews DID take snaps at right guard today with the first team offense.

* SAM linebacker, Tank Daniels took some snaps at left defensive end while WILL linebacker, Moise Fokou took snaps at SAM linebacker. Daniels at defensive end is a bit of a suprise, but Heckertt said that they would try Fokou at both WILL and SAM immediately after they had drafted him.

* Les Bowen of reports that Shawn Andrews doesn't feel the injury is serious and that he should be up and at'em in a couple days. Andrews was quoted saying, "Nothing is easy in this life...nothing" when asked if he was suprised about the injury. Shawn claims he's the happiest he's ever been and that he was actually looking foward to Camp this year for the first time in his career since his rookie year. Good thing Stacy is there to keep him good spirits. Les brings up a good point...ya know...Runyan is still available if it did turn out to be something serious.

* Derrick Burgess is holding out from Raiders camp and reportedly is demanding a trade. Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network as repeatedly listed Philadelphia and New England as possibly landing places for him. It is unclear if people are just making the correlation due his previous involvement with the organziation or if there is actually some solid buzz going around the offices in Lehigh about Burgess. I don't see a spot for him here and it would probably mean Vic's injury is a little more serious than previously stated or that the Eagles plan to give the axe to one of their current aging defensive ends Juqua Parker or Darren Howard. I doubt either is a possibility.

* For some reason, news buzzing around the Raiders Camp is somehow significant to the current state of the Philadelphia Eagles today. The Raiders agreed to a 5 year $25 million contract with their first pick in the NFL Draft, wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey. Heyward-Bey was suprisingly the first receiver taken in the draft and his signing may begin to usher in  a domino effect of other first round wide receivers including, of course, Jeremy Maclin.

* Speaking of Jeremy Maclin and his current contract problem, Andy Reid is becoming more and more aggrivated as the days pass without Maclin's signature on a contract. To be honest with you, I like how the "Big Guy" is going about it in the media. J-Mac has got to be antsy as hell and he's got to be watching these press confrences on Reid is making it very clear that Maclin has already lost valuable time and his chances of being able to contribute in his first year are getting slimmer with every day that he misses. The message has been sent, "your already behind, now get your a** up here".

* Every clip I see of the guy and what I saw in becomes more and more clear that Jack Ikegwuonu is a player.
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Posted: 7/30/2009 11:44 PM

A Very Pre-Mature Look at the 53 Man Roster 

When I was a single young lad, I would try to hit a home run with a girl on the first date. If I couldn't seal the deal, I normally didn't call them the next day. So it's only fitting that I attempt to take a pre-mature peek up the skirt of this 80 man roster and try to see who the real 53 guys are after only the first day that the veteran have reported to Camp.

I believe that I have done this so much over the years and have made so many bad calls, I think I finally gotten this guessing game down to as much of a logical science as one layman could.

This is totally too early to do, but as I sit here bored while my girlfriend watches "A Haunting in Connecticut" and my kids sleep in the other room I feel compelled to pass the time in anyway I can with the Philadelphia Eagles.

There are alot of variables that have not yet factored themselves into this equation which makes this a completely inexact science that teeters on the brink of pure, obsessed foolishness.

But fools have the most fun.

What we do know is that there are 80 guys in Camp right now and when it's all said and done there will will only be 53. We also know that most of the 53 man roster is already determined. Does anyone think McNabb or Westbrook are in danger of being cut? I didn't think so. Finally, we know that every position needs a sufficient number of players on the roster to provide depth and that those "sufficient numbers" aren't written down anywhere but rosters of the past can atleast give you a blue print.

I think this exercise is the best way find out who the real "bubble" players are. What are the real significant battles in camp this year and what the storylines are that surround it. I'm going to break the steps up in a couple of different posts here to not just have one MONSTER post so I apologize in advance for my lack of brevity.
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Posted: 7/31/2009 12:15 AM

Re: A Very Pre-Mature Look at the 53 Man Roster 

Systematically, I think the most logical thing to do here is to determine who the players on this team are that are "sure-things" or "locks" to make this roster. The important thing to remember here is that there are some players on this roster that might not be viewed as "locks" to most people but they have had a role on this team for an extended period of time and aren't in much risk of losing their job this year.

This is the list of players that I think are locks to make this team, feel free to debate anything you don't agree with on this list.

1. QB McNabb
2. QB Kolb
3. QB Feeley
4. RB Westbrook
5. RB McCoy
6. RB Booker
7. FB Weaver
8. TE Celek
9. TE Ingram
10. LT Peters
11. RT Andrews
12. LG Herremans
13. RG Andrews
14. C Jackson
15. G Jean-Gilles
16. G/C Cole
17. WR Curtis
18. WR Jackson
19. WR Maclin
20. WR Avant
21. WR Baskett
22. DE Cole
23. DE Parker
24. DE Howard
25. DE Clemons
26. DE Abiamiri
27. DT Patterson
28. DT Bunkley
29. DT Laws
30. LB Bradley
31. LB Jordan
32. LB Gocong
33. CB Samuel
34. CB Brown
35. CB Hanson
36. CB Hobbs
37. S Demps
38. S Mikell
39. K Akers
40. P Rocca
41. LS Dorenbos

These are players that I feel are pretty secure might see a player on here that you don't agree with or you might NOT see a player on here that you think should be on here...I will go into explanations a little later, so keep a mental note for now and read on.

Just like that there are only 12 positions left to fill. But don't go naming names just first need to fill the positions with adequette numbers. Here are how many players I have at each position on this list followed by the number of what I think is the is a sufficient number of players for that position is or the number of players we have carried at that position in the past:

QB: 3/3    RB: 3/3   FB:1/1   TE: 2/3   OL: 7/10   WR: 5/6

DE: 5/5    DT: 3/4   LB: 3/6  CB: 4/4   S: 2/4   Specialists: 3/3

From the looks of it, of the 12 players I have to add one should be a tight end, three should be offensive linemen (atleast one of those should be an offensive tackle), one should be a wide receiver, one should be a defensive tackle and two should be a safety...which leaves only one spot left to fill after the positions are filled with sufficient numbers...So who is fighting for a job for the positions left and what are the story lines that surround the battle?
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Posted: 7/31/2009 1:01 AM

RE: A Very Pre-Mature Look at the 53 Man Roster 

I think it would be safe to add Sean Jones to that list. I doubt we signed him to not even get to at least ride the pine. I'm surprised you dont have Gaither on there though. I know hes been outplayed by Jordan but I still think they keep him on the roster. It feels like Klecko is probably gonna make it too in my eyes.

If they do go with 6 receivers I hope to god this isnt going to be another year with Reggie. Id rather they give Gibson, Mcbride or even Amendola a chance. Amendola might actually be a good option because of his return ability.
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