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TC post practice tweets 7/27

Posted: 7/27/2014 3:41 PM

TC post practice tweets 7/27 

  1. Kennard? "He's had some good practices" - Coughlin #Giants

  2. Coughlin said of tight ends 1 or 2 will jump out. #Giants

  3. Coughlin said offense right now is "two steps forward, one step back." #Giants

  4. Tom Coughlin says Odell Beckham's absence more than a little disappointing #giants

  5. Coughlin said there has been improvement. #Giants

  6. Trainers won't let Beckham go if he's in danger of injuring it more. Coughlin also calls it a "recurring injury" #Giants

  7. Is it a little disappointing that Beckham isn't going? "It's more than that" -Coughlin #Giants

  8. Xavier Grimble has a strained hamstring. #Giants

  9. Coughlin said it's good to have the strong legs competing against each other in McManus and Brown. #Giants

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Posted: 7/27/2014 3:51 PM

Re: TC post practice tweets 7/27 

  1. Seen this from Tom Coughlin before. He's frustrated with the injury + not having his No. 1 pick on field, not with Beckham himself #NYG

    Art Stapleton @art_stapleton

    Coughlin on OBJ: "I can stand there + fight all I want. It's not gonna happen." #NYG

  2. Coughlin on OBJ: "I can stand there + fight all I want. It's not gonna happen." #NYG

  3. Tom Coughlin on @OBJ_3: "We're not gonna let him go if he's in danger of hurting himself. That's all there is to it." #NYG

  4. Coughlin's concern, and frustration, with Beckham injury seems to be growing -- or his frustration with the questions is just growing.

  5. Trindon Holliday tweaked his leg during punt returns today. Xavier Grimble has a minor hamstring issue. #nyg

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Posted: 7/27/2014 3:56 PM

Re: TC post practice tweets 7/27 

  1. No sacks today for 1st time, but has looked very, very good this sack. RT @AbhiKaul: @Connor_J_Hughes How does Moore look?

  2. Very good. Huge hole on goal line TD run for Jennings. Manning had clean pocket RT @kierg37: @Connor_J_Hughes How did the O line look today?

  3. LB and we saw DE for the first time. .Strength RT @smithp17: @Connor_J_Hughes where is Kennard lining up and what's making him flash?

  4. Ehh. At moments good, at moments bad. RT @barney71229096: @Connor_J_Hughes TEs how are they looking?

  5. Yes. Didn’t hear JPP’s name called, so I’d say good. RT @LarrySoprano: @Connor_J_Hughes Beatty was a full go with pads? How did he look?

    1. Looked like he took all today. RT @GMEN10: @Connor_J_Hughes Mosley taking most snaps at RG?

    2. He did today. RT @GMEN10: @Connor_J_Hughes JJ taking advantage of the OBJ injury?

    3. Tom Coughlin is frustrated. What about @OBJ_3? Well, here's what #Giants rookie WR told me about his on-field absence: "It kills me." #NYG

      1. .@OBJ_3: "I don’t think coaches are losing confidence in me. It’s more of a frustrating feeling because [Coughlin] wants me out there."

      2. If he can play run, starter opposite JPP by season end. RT @AbhiKaul: @Connor_J_Hughes What role do you forsee for him this season?

      3. So because. RT @tjwell01: @Connor_J_Hughes Strained hammys take 1-2 weeks to why is Beckham being harassed for being hurt?

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Posted: 7/27/2014 4:01 PM

Re: TC post practice tweets 7/27 

  1. And @OBJ_3 provided me some clarity as to what happened Tuesday: his foot got caught in DRC's shoelace + thus the hamstring tweak. #NYG

  2. Yeah. Beat Hosley on comeback route in one-on-one. have that in notes. RT @RaptormkII: @Connor_J_Hughes Anything from Corey Washington?

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Posted: 7/27/2014 4:02 PM

Re: TC post practice tweets 7/27 

The media is just trying to create a story about OBJ. He has a tweaked hammy.  He is out there limited. Of course Coughlin wants him out there more.  Of course he's frustrated with him not being out there. 

: "I don’t think coaches are losing confidence in me. It’s more of a frustrating feeling because [Coughlin] wants me out there."

OBJ has the right attitude about it.  

Same thing going on with Nassib. They're tweeting every negative thing he does to stir the pot, IMO. 

I feel we won't know what we have in Nassib until he gets playing time in the preseason, which he barely played last year.
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Posted: 7/27/2014 4:13 PM

Re: TC post practice tweets 7/27 

The thing that concerns me about OBJ is that he had a hammy issue in the spring.  I agree about Nassib as well as a number of other players including Kennard.  It will be interesting to see how much they use a FB next Sunday.  Things I will be looking for next Sunday are:

1.  How much Robinson plays.
2.  How Paysinger and Williams play.  Like to see Paysinger improve on pass coverage and Williams improve on playing the run.
3.  I am hoping that they start the kicking competition with McManus playing next week.  
4.  How the OL plays and who plays where after the starters start to be replaced. 
5.  Who handles KR and PR will be interesting.
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Posted: 7/27/2014 4:25 PM

Re: TC post practice tweets 7/27 

Good point about Nassib,like to see him working a little in pre season with the starters who play instead of running for his life back there.TC should direct his wrath at the trainers and nutrition group, these type injuries seem to be ongoing.Maybe the team needs iv s before games Im sure someone is going to try that soon
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Posted: 7/28/2014 8:34 AM

Re: TC post practice tweets 7/27 

I understand TC's frustration with Beckham.  It is like a continuation of the Nick's always dinged up saga.  He was hoping for a healthy WR and gets this.  Frustrating for sure...banghead
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Posted: 7/28/2014 1:25 PM

Re: TC post practice tweets 7/27 

I don't like how Coughlin is putting so much pressure on Beckham, even if its just because he's a rookie and Coughlin is trying to toughen him up. None of us can question Beckham's heart. I'm sure he wants to be out there. He's not stupid, he knows that as a rookie he needs all the reps he can get, but he's hurt. Hamstrings are tricky and you can't rush it or else you can cause another injury or make it much worse.
The Giants are very deep at WR and its okay if Beckham doesn't practice for a week or two, IMO. But I'm not the head coach either.

As for Nassib, I'll wait until the preseason to make my assessment. I can't believe that a guy that was projected to be a first round pick is so bad. They make it sound like a guy off the street could do better. At the same time, if Nassib IS that bad then I hope the Giants don't flinch and go with Painter over him as Painter has done a very solid job the last two years.

Good teams rely on their stars,
Great teams rely on each other.

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