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Purple Thoughts

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Pinned08 23 14 Vikings @ Chiefs game night thread

Albert Breer @AlbertBreer Vikings' plan for tonight similar to last week -- To go

0 56 Proudhorn Today 1:21 PM
by: Proudhorn

PinnedMessage board improvements on the horizon

In about a week, the message boards will be going into beta testing as part of

18 2032 vikingspub 8/20/14 11:17 AM

Pinned and LockedFantasy posts...

There have been various fantasy posts appearing. This is understandable. It's that time of year.

0 992 vikingfan52 8/9/14 4:09 PM
by: vikingfan52

Which defense will finish higher: Vikings or Tampa Bay?

It should be interesting.  Many are blaming the scheme and the coaches from last year even

1 10 formerlypurplewhizz Today 3:24 PM
by: hauts81

BJ Raji tears biceps, possibly out for season

Yikes. I'll edit it and say they are waiting for MRI for severity

12 529 nawlinsvike Today 3:22 PM
by: needalife457

I am at loss why some pundits think Gerhart will be great


12 268 Proudhorn Today 3:21 PM
by: formerlypurplewhizz

Where to watch the KC game?

NFL Network doesn't show the game til Monday at 10am. Is there a place online that will air

10 893 rowjo7 Today 3:19 PM
by: DBurzon

Only 20 runs tonight?

On 20 hits? That's it?

18 614 Proudhorn Today 3:14 PM
by: IDVikingfan

Bears looking good

19 1697 Proudhorn Today 3:11 PM
by: ugotbud222

HotAn 0-5 start wouldn't surprise me.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I have to admit, I'm excited about this team and this coaching staff. But I don't think it's

40 1855 KnowledgeVike Today 3:08 PM
by: Bolstad79


From this weekend's games: Pit vs Philly: 27 penalties Jax vs Detroit: 27 penalties Car vs

2 108 SanDiegoVike Today 2:59 PM
by: SanDiegoVike

What's the deal with the birds and new stadium?

Okay, those local to Minneapolis, I need your help......or anyone with more information about

19 486 NashvilleVikingFan Today 2:55 PM
by: boognish1

NFL teams starting to cut the fat today

Eagles waived DE Alejandro Villanueva, K Carey Spear, DE Frances Mays, TE Blake Annen, OL

2 204 Proudhorn Today 2:38 PM
by: Proudhorn

Vikes Uni's

Multiple Pages 1 2 

What is/are everybody's opinion's on the uniforms? I was hoping they would not wear the same

36 1679 VikusFanaticus Today 2:37 PM
by: formerlypurplewhizz

HotIt's official: Wiggins is a Wolf!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

hopefully the Kevin Love trade is a done deal on Saturday. Jon Krawczynski of the AP said his

74 1809 hauts81 Today 2:27 PM
by: hauts81

Vikes now 12:1 to win NFC North

I think I like it.  Thoughts?

5 236 BucksAllDayMkay Today 2:18 PM
by: BucksAllDayMkay

Remember #23 Ted Brown? (Interview)

Wanted to share an interview we did with #23 Ted Brown this past week.   If you don't recall

6 558 Purple Pain Today 2:13 PM
by: 808vikingsfan

If this is just our vanilla defense, we're in business

I know it's only the preseason and we're not showing the advanced schemes yet, but the way

8 478 DUKEofDUBUQUE Today 2:12 PM
by: DBurzon

Last hurrah for 15 Vikings vs. Kansas City

Last hurrah for 15 Vikings vs. Kansa...

0 112 Proudhorn Today 2:08 PM
by: Proudhorn

HotIce Bucket Challenge

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

anybody else bored with these stupid videos?

120 2534 hauts81 Today 2:00 PM
by: hauts81

Teddy Stands Tall Outside the Pocket As Well

Hope the Viking/Teddy fans enjoy this story from last season at Louisville.  Not only will you

3 713 Cardsnest Today 1:18 PM
by: mrflynn

Looking forward to game three

Last "real" action before the regular season begins. Hope to see some of the progress

4 268 Brewtown Today 1:16 PM
by: DBurzon

Webb leads Panthers to only score in New England

Quarterback controversy brewing in Carolina?!?!?!?

9 1058 Legion11 Today 12:57 PM
by: MindTheGap

Packers in Season form

Looks like Packers are in season form allready March down the field on offense and letting

12 828 PDXVikingFan Today 12:45 PM
by: StudioFiftyFour

Raider play taken off on a stretcher.

Green bay player looked like he tried to take the Raiders players head off hope the guys OK.

7 830 1970GTO Today 12:09 PM
by: NashvilleVikingFan

What is the status of Joseph

Multiple Pages 1 2 

How is Joseph's leg doing?

23 1448 farmac55 Today 11:57 AM
by: Vikeroo

stephen hill WR for all those experts who were heart broken

spielman didn't move up to draft WR Hill.   Bust written all over him. New York Jets WR

16 2301 ticestinks Today 11:34 AM
by: ChuckF

Interview with Rodney Smith By Eric J. Thompson

The Vikings take the field for their third and most important game of the 2014 preseason

2 278 willbjammin66 Today 10:55 AM
by: willbjammin66


2 259 noodles4u Today 10:53 AM
by: daunte

Vikings: Leaner Sharrif Floyd still fits in

One would think Sharrif Floyd spent the offseason shopping for new clothes. But Floyd said

0 256 willbjammin66 Today 10:39 AM
by: willbjammin66

NFC North Assessment

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I am no expert but I am a die hard Viking fan living in IL and working in WI I have a good feel

21 1400 JAVike Today 10:02 AM
by: godhead

Vikings increase stadium funding By Tim

19 1108 vikingspub Today 9:49 AM
by: boognish1

Meet the Vikings (and Matt Cassel): 5 questions with the enemy

Meet the Vikings (and Matt Cassel): 5 questions with the enemy

0 248 Proudhorn Today 9:18 AM
by: Proudhorn

Something seems right

I know it is not always in fashion to be an optimist, purple and gold in the preseason but there

9 1281 Inspiredvike Today 9:15 AM
by: Inspiredvike

Preview: Chiefs shuffling at OL, secondary

Preview: Chiefs shuffling at OL, sec...

0 142 Proudhorn Today 9:14 AM
by: Proudhorn


1 822 willbjammin66 Today 9:12 AM
by: Inspiredvike

Will Berger make the 53 ?

Most projections treat Berger as a lock to make the team. I think that's mostly because of his

10 819 SunnyinAZ Today 9:08 AM
by: LongCobra

:Purple Thoughts Pickem

I know that we aren't supposed to post fantasy related posts on this board, but someone, i cant

4 206 norseforce40 Today 8:13 AM
by: omyshoes

Today's baloney statement

"Percy Harvin said he actually battled with training staff to let him practice more in camp

13 1789 Proudhorn Today 7:07 AM
by: medaille

Fred Evans is gettin' cut

The 7th rounder is younger, cheaper, more versatile, and oh yeah....BETTER  

12 2444 EdgeRush Yesterday 11:34 PM
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