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Purple Thoughts

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PinnedReminder : Board Rules & AD Threads

Most of these AD threads are turning into straight dumpster fires and is the same thing over and

3 268 Proudhorn Today 4:38 PM
by: Proudhorn

Pinned11th Annual Wolverine End of the Year Prediction Contest

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

That's right my Viking Sisters and Brothers from other Mothers, it is that time of year again.

46 1386 Wolverine Today 11:59 AM
by: NHesterly

HotSaints fans will "boo" every Peterson carry on Sunday

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Just wait!

74 1715 IceVike Today 8:41 PM
by: BomboFett shuts down

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

In protest of reinstating a child abuser. I'm sure this board will welcome any dissenters.

45 2657 TheMongoose Today 8:34 PM
by: RipHawkins

Anything Positive that DOESN'T Involve Peterson - Post It Here!

Cassel, Patterson, Jennings, how wind affects passes, the price of beer and hot dogs,

12 352 PitbullDaddy Today 8:33 PM
by: noodles4u

HotThe stars are lining up for Teddy to start in week 4 IMO

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I think there is a good chance we fall behind on Sunday and in a come from behind effort Cassel

28 1050 dave33outlaw Today 8:31 PM
by: rowjo7

Sponsor pulling away from Peterson By Jon

18 1128 vikingspub Today 8:18 PM
by: avguy

its time for a breakout offensive performance from turner &

the saints have allowed 63 points and 892 yards through 2 games.  good for #31 & #30

0 34 drink Today 8:15 PM
by: drink

HotPeterson statement

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...5 6 7 

FROM ADRIAN PETERSON   My attorney has asked me not to discuss the facts of my pending

120 2865 vikingspub Today 8:14 PM
by: RipHawkins

HotI Miss Sports

Multiple Pages 1 2 

How many channels does ESPN have now anyway, 6? Can at least 1 be dedicated to sports? It

25 681 bongbreath Today 8:13 PM
by: royalpurple

HotHow is it in the Vikings' best interest to activate Peterson ?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

When asked why the Vikings were activating Peterson, Rick Spielman simply said the organization

81 1534 SunnyinAZ Today 8:05 PM
by: Phire

Vikings navigating 'difficult path' with Peterson By Jon

6 736 vikingspub Today 7:54 PM
by: wanderingvike

This guy is reminding me of Joey Browner - a tackling machine

• Rookie LB Anthony Barr has recorded 11 tackles in each of the 1st 2 games.

3 580 Flyingmonkeycow1 Today 7:37 PM
by: UrDelusionalAsUsual

Can Matt Asiata Really Bear the Backup Burden?

It may be odd that the Vikings—through two coaching staffs—continue to pump up Matt Asiata while

1 202 willbjammin66 Today 7:32 PM
by: drhoades

LockedHow come the Dayton ,Franken thread was pulled

no one was attacking anyone ,or bad language ,or anything

4 284 Brett10 Today 7:30 PM
by: HuffMental

Did anyone see the woman in the AP jersey holding a stick?

Multiple Pages 1 2 


23 2665 PurpleNJersey1 Today 7:30 PM
by: drhoades

Zach Line back (practice squad)

Vikings sign fullback Zach Line to the practice squad # Vikings (via the 1500 ESPN

7 581 Proudhorn Today 7:06 PM
by: LongCobra

Jerome Felton is right about everything

Multiple Pages 1 2 

The problem with the Adrian Peterson case is everybody is looking at yesterday with today's

22 2863 MrMinnesotaViking Today 7:02 PM
by: LongCobra

Simpson won't be re-instated early


3 631 Proudhorn Today 6:00 PM
by: SunnyinAZ

Game Preview: Vikings vs. Saints

Game Preview: Vikings vs. Saints

5 284 Proudhorn Today 5:14 PM
by: SkraelingHammer

HotPlaying AD is a very bad idea

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I'm not sure what the Vikings are thinking but they need to keep AD off the field until all of

76 2180 vikingjedi Today 5:14 PM
by: BomboFett

Apparently no one ever played 'Red Light, Green Light' with him

Dwight Howard is surrounded by a sea of red at the Toyota Center in Houston, but he might not

0 120 hauts81 Today 4:06 PM
by: hauts81

9/16 Wobcast - Tom Johnson Joins

9/16 Wobcast - Tom Johnson Joins  

0 126 Proudhorn Today 3:00 PM
by: Proudhorn

I feel bad for Zimmer...

The guy finally gets a head job and ends up at our garbage fire, he's gotta be saying "What

18 948 kryde Today 2:50 PM
by: nu1vikings

Any explanation given why Patterson didn't run the football?

That is a real head scratcher for me. We used him as a decoy several times, but never gave him

15 777 dave33outlaw Today 2:48 PM
by: Purple Berserker

Vikings applaud return of coordinator Priefer

Vikings applaud return of coordinator Priefer

4 454 Proudhorn Today 2:35 PM
by: BomboFett

one and one... Could

the winner of the NFC North win it with like an 8-8 record?

1 170 vikingfan52 Today 1:46 PM
by: drink

Welcome to the land of GB opponents Mr. King

NY Jets were robbed yest in GB. Only a head coach can call a TO. Why did officials let an asst

19 1588 FLVike Today 1:43 PM
by: drink

Are we just cursed as viking fans?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I feel like every time there's hope for a little optimism, there's always something to bring us

24 1009 Swampbuck2 Today 12:58 PM
by: sevendust0305

1-0 could prove significant

Multiple Pages 1 2 

With us likely beating the Rams in the opener...this could be huge...that tough first 5 games

25 1567 turnedtothepurpleside4 Today 12:38 PM
by: cacophonix

Zimmer staying focused amid controversy By John

1 326 vikingspub Today 12:06 PM
by: omyshoes

RB prospects for next draft?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I have a feeling we will get a top 10 pick next draft. I haven't been following college RBs.

28 1852 royalpurple Today 12:03 PM
by: GeorgeViking

NFL Arrests

Some data I found: (and the arrest rate of NFL players is less than the general public)

6 470 plunderingpurple Today 11:48 AM
by: sfvikes

Matt Kalil

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

There were a number of commenters on this board in the preseason that had Kalil pegged as a

42 4423 EdgeRush Today 10:11 AM
by: dave33outlaw

ESPN1500 steps into film room with PFF


0 290 Proudhorn Today 10:05 AM
by: Proudhorn

Special Teams

Through two weeks -- not so special.  I hope that Priefer can turn those units around in short

0 74 Purpleblooded Today 9:54 AM
by: Purpleblooded

Thoughts on game...

I only watched parts of the game on Sunday and wasn't especially interested in rewatching it but

2 406 funkster2 Today 9:46 AM
by: Purpleblooded

Question Is Miami's O line that good or is NE front 7 that bad?

Miami has 5 new starters on its O line after falling apart last year, a new OL coach and OC.

18 1536 sfvikes Today 8:24 AM
by: PurplePounding

right on track

This is where I said we would be after 2 games I just didn't know we would go from one extreme

3 308 toledoviking Today 4:44 AM
by: toledoviking


Our o-line constantly gets positive grades from PFF and other experts, yet they seem to rarely

7 598 Miniviking10 Today 4:38 AM
by: toledoviking
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